Concerning good Company
Concerning good Company

Concerning good Company

The Angelical Guide. BOOK III

CHAP. IX. John Case 1657

While there is not much in Case’s book on Geomancy that would be unfamiliar, there is a little about Company, which some might find helpful. Notice Case does not make too much of Company. He encourages you to take the figure and see if it is good or bad compared to the querent or quested. You should also consider the elements to see if these will make the situation bad. If there is a poor Company, it weakens BOTH figures through external forces.


Good Company is to be much desired, and ill Company is to be despised; good Company brings much happiness and sadness. Company can bring many to the Gallows.

Now we have a method in these our Lots, to know our Company or our Associates and Companions. Observe this Rule; the Ascendant and the second House are Companions; and so observe in order, the second and third House, the third and fourth House, the fourth and fifth, the fifth and sixth, the sixth and seventh, the seventh and eighth, the eighth and ninth, the ninth and tenth, the tenth and eleventh; and lastly, the eleventh and twelfth Houses. Thus, they are united in the Company.

You are now to consider the Natures and Qualities of those Lots by the foresaid Tables. If you find a Lot in the second House of an ill principle, you may fear being drawn away, trapped, and persuaded to a bad thing: if the Lot are both excellent, fear not, for good may be thy Fortune. Then again, if thou find a watery Lot in the first House, a fiery Lot in the second House, you may say, the Company is not good.

By this method, you may judge the rights of your Society in general: so, if they are of one Nature and one Triplicity, you may believe, you are upon a sure ground, &c.