Fire — the burning issue in Geomancy readings
Fire — the burning issue in Geomancy readings

Fire — the burning issue in Geomancy readings

Looking at elements within a geomancy reading is a bit tricky for many modern people who grew up with basic science in school. It is made more difficult by the fact that geomancy appears to throw out a lot of the rules.

One issue is the element of fire which traditionally was the senior element and the most spiritual because it was the closest to God. Yet in Geomancy the figures attributed to fire were considered “bad figures” by the likes of Christopher Cattan.

The figures attributed to fire are Fortuna Minor, Rubeus, Admissio and Cauda Draconis. All the figures have a single dot in the fire line meaning that the fire element is beginning to express itself. In my system, it means it is still chaotic and starting. Other than Rubeus they are figures which signify a loss, ending or reduction. It can be best thought of as fire in its most destructive burning something to ash. Rubeus is that fire aspect in all its infamy.

Later in the Geomancie, Cattan identifies fire figures as all ill when calculating a good or bad meaning from an occupation.

So how does the holiest of senior elements end up with such bad press in geomancy? I think it has something to do with the material nature of the figures. They are planetary forces expressed in matter elementally. Fire might be good when it is touching the feet of the Divine, or in the chart of a triple Leo, but it is less positive when it is expressed in matter and is setting fire to your sofa.

This becomes important when calculating if a court is positive as a fire figure should be negative particularly during comparisons with other figures. So if you are looking at an occupation that is considered totally positive for the question, Cattan says if you have two fire figures it will mean that the result is still positive but there will be difficulties (in a “will I win my court case” the answer would be yes, but there would be some remaining issues and anger.)


  1. Alex Scaraoschi

    There’s that Admissio of yours again. Can Fire figures be considered good in questions about conflict? Will the target of my curse get their ass kicked – would Fire figures in the reading point to possible ass kicking which alog with a Yes court would mean they might need medical care?

        1. Love and conflict tend to show up as positives with fire questions (so admissio is good in love bad for anything else). Assuming you had the target and the spell being admissio and fire in a curse you could see it as very positive and causing some damage.

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