Geomancy figure attributions
Geomancy figure attributions

Geomancy figure attributions

One of the parts of Cattan’s book that I did not develop in my Star and Stone book was his approach to good and bad figures. In his book, Geomancy, he identified what were good, bad and meh figures for each type of question. He also hinted at how they would influence a reading.

Lately, I have been reviewing these attributions, and while some of them are questionable or at least out-of-date, others reveal themselves with a little meditation.

What follows is a list mixing Cattan’s attributions with my own. Note that when there is a reference to a company, it means the figure transforms the one it is next to. So if the seventh house contains Rubeus and the eighth house is Albus it would mean someone who is angry but appears calm and virtuous (or their anger might be against their nature).

Figures indicating loyalty.

Acquisitio, Albus, Laetitia, Puella, Populus, Caput Draconis, Fortuna Major

Evil figures for loyalty

Amissio, Rubeus, Cauda Draconis, Tristisia, Puer, Via, Carcer Fortuna Minor

The figure which makes a good or bad company average


Figures indicating charity and innocence

(Cattan said virginity) based on the company.

Albus, Fortuna Major, Laetitia, Carcer, Caput Draconis, Tristisia, Puella

Figures indicating betrayal and treachery.

Puer, Cauda Draconis, Amissio, Rubeus, Populus, Conjuctio, Via, Aquistio, Fortuna Minor.

Figures indicating love and faithfulness.

Amissio, Acquisitio, Conjuctio, Puella, Laetitia, Fortuna Minor

Figures indicating false love

Puer, Cauda Draconis, Rubeus

Figures indicating that there is no thief

(something has just been lost or misplaced), All other figures indicate theft.

Aquistio, Fortuna Minor, Albus, Caput Draconis, Puella, Laetitia

Figures indicating a war and conflict

Amissio, Fortuna Minor, Cauda Draconis, Puer, Ruebus, Tristitia.

Figures indicating peace and reconciliation.

Fortuna Major,  Aquistio, Caput Draconis, Laetitia, Albus, Puella.

Figures indicating fame, status and recognition.

Laetitia, Aquistio, Puer, Fortuna Major, Fortuna Minor, Caput Draconis

Figures indicating loss of status, fame and recognition.

Tristitia, Carcer, Via, Cauda Draconis, Conjunctio

Figures indicating gains (of all sorts)

Acquisitio, Fortuna Major, Tristitia, Puella, Caput Draconis, Carcer, Conjunctio, Albus, Laetitia

Figures indicating losses (of all sorts)

Populus, Via, Acquisitio, Puer, Cauda Draconis, Ruebus, Fortuna Minor.

Figures indicating that someone will live

Fortuna Major, Albus, Laetitia, Puella, Populus.

Figures indicating that someone will die

(if the eighth house agrees ie if this figure moves from the first to the eighth)

Via, Tristitia, Cauda Draconis, Carcer, Ruebus, Puer, Conjunctio, Amissio, Fortuna Minor, Aquistio, Caput Draconis.

Figures indicating generosity

Amissio, Cauda Draconis, Fortuna Minor, Via

Figures indicating greed and hoarding

Tristitisa, Carcer, Conjunctio, Fortuna Major

Figure indicating Justice


Figure indicating care and preparation.


Figure indicating strength


Figure indicating moderation


Figures indicating to buy large animals and cars

Puella, Populus, Caput Draconis

Bad figures to buy large animals and cars

Tristitisa, Carcer

Figures indicating positive changes to sickness

(sixth house questions)

Via, Cauda Draconis, Amissio (however, death is Acquisitio in this house)

Figures indicating sickness

Conjuctio, Populus, Rubeus, Caput Draconis, Tristitia

Figures indicating recovery after a long illness

Fortuna Major, Carcer

Figures indicating Love

Laetitia, Tristitia, Caput Draconis, Puer (if the lover is male), Puella (if the lover is female), Fortuna Major, Fortuna Minor, Amissio.

Figures which are bad for Love

Via, Rubeus (might indicate conflict but good for sex and passion), Cauda Draconis

Figures indicating a good and quick journey

Aquistio, Caput Draconis, Fortuna Major, Fortuna Minor, Laetitia, Via

Figures indicating a slow but profitable journey


Figures indicating a good journey by land

Via and Carcer

Figures indicating a bad journey

Albus, Conjunctio, Populus, Tristisia

Good figures for moving from one country to another.

Fortuna Major, Cauda Draconis, Laetitia, Caput Draconis

Bad figures for moving from one country to another.

Amissio, Fortuna Minor, Tristitisa, Rubeus, Carcer, Populus, Via, Puella

Good figures for leaving literal or symbolic prisons

Fortuna Minor, Via, Cauda Draconis, Puella, Laetitia

Bad figures for leaving literal or symbolic prisons

Aquistio, Fortuna Major, Tristitia, Carcer

Figures which indicate that something is good for the body

Populus, Conjuctio, Fortuna Minor

Figures which indicate that something is bad for the body

Tristitia, Carcer, Rubeus

Figures which indicate that something is better than something else

Via, Cauda Draconis, Laetitia

Figures which are good for long-term relationships

Laetitia, Fortuna Major, Caput Draconis, Amissio, Fortuna Minor, Carcer

Figures which are the best for long-term relationships

Tristitia, Conjuctio

Figures which are bad for long-term relationships

Via, Rubeus, Cauda Draconis

Figures which mean a good ending even if the beginning is bad

Aquistio, Caput Draconis, Conjunctio, Fortuna Major, Puella

Figures which are bad for good luck.

Rubeus, Cauda Draconis, Tristitia, and Carcer.


Taking our “does he love me question?”

We have left Witness Amissio, Right Witness Fortuna Major and Judge Carcer.  The question is not about a long-term relationship but love, so Amissio and Fortuna Minor are positive. However, Carcer is meh (it would be better if the relationship were more serious) and cannot decide between the left and right witnesses.

If we look at the seventh house for the quested, Albus is indifferent, and it is a companion to Rubeus, which is bad for love.  Since no one is moving in the chart, one must question if there will be any differences over time.

What should be a straightforward reading has become more detailed and complicated using Cattan’s meanings.