Nick Farrell is not a member of SRIA
Nick Farrell is not a member of SRIA

Nick Farrell is not a member of SRIA

This morning I received a a specimen of  what you get when you are a chief of an order which claims to be run by a secret chief.  The rant was signed by a sock-puppet of the Imperator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn/AO called Nemesis.  For those who read David Griffin’s blog, Nemesisis David’s shadow character and can be found replying to David’s posts to give the illusion that people actually read them.  Sometimes you can see Nemesis replying to his own posts (up to 70 times)   or abusing Golden Dawn leaders on other people’s blogs. Normally I blank David Griffin completely because he rarely talks about magic.  But I think it would be handy at this point if I clear the air.  David’s post is below mine

Dear David: 
I will say this once and very clearly,  

I am not and have never been a member of SRIA.

That connection of yours always was a figment of your imagination.
If there is going to be a smoking gun you need evidence that it is true.  There is none because I am not.  So your entire fabrication which you have been running for the last few years falls flat on its face. All those hundreds of posts you made on the subject were a deluded fantasy and make you look an idiot.   If you have any proof that I am a member of this organisation, you can now trump this statement by posting it.  You can’t because there is none.

I am not a member of O+RC. 

 But what about a piece of paper with my name on it?  Well I publically made that very clear my involvement with O+RC was very short… I never took an oath or attended a meeting (ask anyone in that organization).  So that is the truth.  It is up to you to prove otherwise and you can’t because that is the truth.  You can not simply keep repeating that “nick farrell is a member of the SRIA and ORC” hoping that one day it might become true… because it isn’t and it will never be true. My dislike of the masonic approach is well documented.  You cannot say otherwise and tell people “trust me.”  
Thing is, how is it possible for me to be a spy for two orders that I am not a member of taking orders from someone I last saw at the GD conference in 1996 (Nick Tereshenko was there too… are you saying he was taking orders from John Paternoster too?)

None of my books falsify the AO history.

 It is simply that they tell the history of the *real AO*, not the one that you set up in the 1990s.  In your head you might think they are the same thing, but they are not.  My histories stop in the 1940s before you were born, just like the real AO.  When you went around vandalising references to my books on Wikipedia you were supressing facts to try and keep the truth from your members.  Just like you ordered that one star campaign of virtual book burning against King over the Water.

I am not a Christian or a Satanist

Lastly I have been open about my religious beliefs, something that is evolving and personal. They are certainly not Christian or Satanist.  (Did you ever think it was odd that for your fantasy to work I had to be both a Christian AND a Satanist?  I don’t think you thought that lie particularly well through). 

I do not make any money from my books or MOAA

I am flat broke.  I have never had a lot of cash and anything spare has gone into MOAA.  I do not charge any money for MOAA initiations or meetings.  Any cash which is made for the correspondence course (6 euro a lesson) goes directly into keeping it going. MOAA is a non-profit.  I have been mulling if I should charge for separate teaching courses, but I have so far not done so.  If I do it will not be part of MOAA.  Books make me very little cash.  I would make more money and spend less time if I wrote a couple of IT features for some magazines than I ever earnt writing a book.

King over the Water was not self published

Kerubim was formed by Dean Wilson and I just roped in a few friends to write for it and did some layouts.   I was more of an employee.  I know that your only book has been self published and therefore you think no one else can write anything which has not been.  In fact I have been published by several different publishers over the last few years.

Your lies have been outted. 

 If you want acceptance in the wider Golden Dawn Community you are going to have to stop calling people names and making up fake conspiracies and false stories.  If you are going to be accepted as a chief then you are going to have to  do something basic like teaching people rather than running around like the alcoholic on the street who thinks they are being chased by aliens.  The question is David… why do you need to lie and attack members of other orders?  When people look at the Golden Dawn they talk about the Golden Dawn wars… yet is is just you now.  Most of the time, you are ignored and left by fellow occultists screaming at your personal darkness that you really are important.

This is costing you members.  Sure you will find fruitcakes who believe you, but they are hardly adepts.  Did you ever wonder, if you claim are the head of such a big order, why so few of your own people showed up at your desert shin digs when you do have working groups?  Sure you can complain that other orders did not show up, because they were stopped (they weren’t by the way)  but what about your own people. Why were they not there?  I do know you have a few small groups.  Some of them get in touch with me to ask me questions about the Golden Dawn, which I am happy to provide.  They tell me  that while they like the Golden Dawn they are completely embarrassed by your antics.  They only have loyalty to their local groups and not to you.

I have let you rant without comment on this matter for over a year now watching you get deeper and deeper into your delusion. I will not comment again.

Nemesis has left a new comment on your post “Secret Chiefs physical or not?“:

I notice that, despite all of the bluster about Secret Chiefs this and Secret Chiefs that, the SRIA spies have still been unable to explain the Satanism of current SRIA leaders including in the Golden Dawn community. Curious that! Why are SRIA Christian segrationists obsessed with Magick and the Golden Dawn deemed Satanism by Christian churches everywhere?

The reason they are blowing up ink like an octopus trying to change the subject is that there is no good answer to this question and they SRIA leaders, both within and whthout the Golden Dawn have been exposed as Magic obsessed Satanists!

That includes the leader of the Christian segregationist Order of the Rose and Cross, Nick Farrell, too, of course. Why do you keep trying to change the subject instead of explain your Satanism, Magus007?

You still have not explained why you were listed as 3rd Grand Ancient of the Order of the Rose and Cross, Mr. “I’m not Christian” Why is the 3rd Grand Ancient of the “Trinitarian Christians only” ORC, so obsessed with Magic, the Secret Chiefs, and the Golden Dawn?

And why do you, Nick Farrell, pretend to be Pagan instead of Christian online?

In fact, why should we believe even a word you say, Magus007, now that you have been caught lying about falsifying AO history, now proven on Wikipedia?

Not to forget the other Grand Officers of the “Christians only” Order of the Rose and Cross active in GD leadership besides you, Farrell.

Why are they still hiding like cowards instead of answering legitimate questions about Satanism? That is what your Trinitarian Christian churches call Magick after all, Magus007 and Supreme Maga!

And also not to forget the SRIA Satanist-in-Chief, Supreme Magus John R. Paternoster.

Go ahead, blow more smoke. Change the subject again. You constantly falsify history anyway, even your own, Mr. “I swear I’m Christian, no I’m not.”

Here is a challenge for you Farrell. Why are you to much a coward to publish this?

Hope you are enjoying the monuments in Rome

– Nemesis