Nick Farrell is not a member of SRIA
Nick Farrell is not a member of SRIA

Nick Farrell is not a member of SRIA

This morning I received a a specimen of  what you get when you are a chief of an order which claims to be run by a secret chief.  The rant was signed by a sock-puppet of the Imperator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn/AO called Nemesis.  For those who read David Griffin’s blog, Nemesisis David’s shadow character and can be found replying to David’s posts to give the illusion that people actually read them.  Sometimes you can see Nemesis replying to his own posts (up to 70 times)   or abusing Golden Dawn leaders on other people’s blogs. Normally I blank David Griffin completely because he rarely talks about magic.  But I think it would be handy at this point if I clear the air.  David’s post is below mine

Dear David: 
I will say this once and very clearly,  

I am not and have never been a member of SRIA.

That connection of yours always was a figment of your imagination.
If there is going to be a smoking gun you need evidence that it is true.  There is none because I am not.  So your entire fabrication which you have been running for the last few years falls flat on its face. All those hundreds of posts you made on the subject were a deluded fantasy and make you look an idiot.   If you have any proof that I am a member of this organisation, you can now trump this statement by posting it.  You can’t because there is none.

I am not a member of O+RC. 

 But what about a piece of paper with my name on it?  Well I publically made that very clear my involvement with O+RC was very short… I never took an oath or attended a meeting (ask anyone in that organization).  So that is the truth.  It is up to you to prove otherwise and you can’t because that is the truth.  You can not simply keep repeating that “nick farrell is a member of the SRIA and ORC” hoping that one day it might become true… because it isn’t and it will never be true. My dislike of the masonic approach is well documented.  You cannot say otherwise and tell people “trust me.”  
Thing is, how is it possible for me to be a spy for two orders that I am not a member of taking orders from someone I last saw at the GD conference in 1996 (Nick Tereshenko was there too… are you saying he was taking orders from John Paternoster too?)

None of my books falsify the AO history.

 It is simply that they tell the history of the *real AO*, not the one that you set up in the 1990s.  In your head you might think they are the same thing, but they are not.  My histories stop in the 1940s before you were born, just like the real AO.  When you went around vandalising references to my books on Wikipedia you were supressing facts to try and keep the truth from your members.  Just like you ordered that one star campaign of virtual book burning against King over the Water.

I am not a Christian or a Satanist

Lastly I have been open about my religious beliefs, something that is evolving and personal. They are certainly not Christian or Satanist.  (Did you ever think it was odd that for your fantasy to work I had to be both a Christian AND a Satanist?  I don’t think you thought that lie particularly well through). 

I do not make any money from my books or MOAA

I am flat broke.  I have never had a lot of cash and anything spare has gone into MOAA.  I do not charge any money for MOAA initiations or meetings.  Any cash which is made for the correspondence course (6 euro a lesson) goes directly into keeping it going. MOAA is a non-profit.  I have been mulling if I should charge for separate teaching courses, but I have so far not done so.  If I do it will not be part of MOAA.  Books make me very little cash.  I would make more money and spend less time if I wrote a couple of IT features for some magazines than I ever earnt writing a book.

King over the Water was not self published

Kerubim was formed by Dean Wilson and I just roped in a few friends to write for it and did some layouts.   I was more of an employee.  I know that your only book has been self published and therefore you think no one else can write anything which has not been.  In fact I have been published by several different publishers over the last few years.

Your lies have been outted. 

 If you want acceptance in the wider Golden Dawn Community you are going to have to stop calling people names and making up fake conspiracies and false stories.  If you are going to be accepted as a chief then you are going to have to  do something basic like teaching people rather than running around like the alcoholic on the street who thinks they are being chased by aliens.  The question is David… why do you need to lie and attack members of other orders?  When people look at the Golden Dawn they talk about the Golden Dawn wars… yet is is just you now.  Most of the time, you are ignored and left by fellow occultists screaming at your personal darkness that you really are important.

This is costing you members.  Sure you will find fruitcakes who believe you, but they are hardly adepts.  Did you ever wonder, if you claim are the head of such a big order, why so few of your own people showed up at your desert shin digs when you do have working groups?  Sure you can complain that other orders did not show up, because they were stopped (they weren’t by the way)  but what about your own people. Why were they not there?  I do know you have a few small groups.  Some of them get in touch with me to ask me questions about the Golden Dawn, which I am happy to provide.  They tell me  that while they like the Golden Dawn they are completely embarrassed by your antics.  They only have loyalty to their local groups and not to you.

I have let you rant without comment on this matter for over a year now watching you get deeper and deeper into your delusion. I will not comment again.

Nemesis has left a new comment on your post “Secret Chiefs physical or not?“:

I notice that, despite all of the bluster about Secret Chiefs this and Secret Chiefs that, the SRIA spies have still been unable to explain the Satanism of current SRIA leaders including in the Golden Dawn community. Curious that! Why are SRIA Christian segrationists obsessed with Magick and the Golden Dawn deemed Satanism by Christian churches everywhere?

The reason they are blowing up ink like an octopus trying to change the subject is that there is no good answer to this question and they SRIA leaders, both within and whthout the Golden Dawn have been exposed as Magic obsessed Satanists!

That includes the leader of the Christian segregationist Order of the Rose and Cross, Nick Farrell, too, of course. Why do you keep trying to change the subject instead of explain your Satanism, Magus007?

You still have not explained why you were listed as 3rd Grand Ancient of the Order of the Rose and Cross, Mr. “I’m not Christian” Why is the 3rd Grand Ancient of the “Trinitarian Christians only” ORC, so obsessed with Magic, the Secret Chiefs, and the Golden Dawn?

And why do you, Nick Farrell, pretend to be Pagan instead of Christian online?

In fact, why should we believe even a word you say, Magus007, now that you have been caught lying about falsifying AO history, now proven on Wikipedia?

Not to forget the other Grand Officers of the “Christians only” Order of the Rose and Cross active in GD leadership besides you, Farrell.

Why are they still hiding like cowards instead of answering legitimate questions about Satanism? That is what your Trinitarian Christian churches call Magick after all, Magus007 and Supreme Maga!

And also not to forget the SRIA Satanist-in-Chief, Supreme Magus John R. Paternoster.

Go ahead, blow more smoke. Change the subject again. You constantly falsify history anyway, even your own, Mr. “I swear I’m Christian, no I’m not.”

Here is a challenge for you Farrell. Why are you to much a coward to publish this?

Hope you are enjoying the monuments in Rome

– Nemesis


  1. Anonymous

    Many thanks for advertising for free so much our great and real Hermetical Order of the Golden Dawn, the one our are not a member but you love so much you write books and blogs about it.

    G.H. soror P.R., Imperatrix of the Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn, The temple of Ahathöor n°7 of Paris and the French HOGG community.

  2. Chris

    Re: Anonymous

    So funny 🙂 Typical Griffin’s puppet mentality. It is the first time in ages I see Nick writing anything about Griffin, it is you precious Emperor who’s advertising Nick constantly. But there you go, some people can’t see what’s straight in their face.

    Let’s face the truth. Griffin’s order is magically bankrupt, everyone with eyes open can see that. All his energy is going into writing his tabloid blog, screaming and shouting like an annoying little kid. No magic, just eternal sensationalism, hatred and propaganda. And fear. It would be much better if he took care of his little followers. Just look at his yahoo group – it consists of people who are afraid of demonic activities, their Christian husbands, ‘astral nasties’ and such. You guys should seek some professional group therapy or something.

  3. Anonymous


    I am posting this comment again because it may not have been seen on your blog about Kerubim from last week since it was posted yesterday.

    If you go to page 435 of the Commentator Biographies of Commentaries of The Golden Dawn Flying Rolls, it states:

    “Nick Farrell is one of the Chiefs of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea which emphases magical development and inner traditions within the Golden Dawn system. Having started his magical path in the 1980s, he has worked with those who were members of the last Golden Dawn Order to close its doors, Whare Ra. Has been a member of Servants of the Light, a founder member of Pharos, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the United Kingdom. A writer and journalist, he has written a large number of books on magic, the Golden Dawn and its history. He is a regular contributor to Hermetic Virtues magazine and the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition.”

    On page 439 of the Commentator Biographies of Commentaries of The Golden Dawn Flying Rolls, it states:

    “Frater Yechidah is a journalist, author, Gnostic and Golden Dawn magician. He has previously worked with the Order of the Sons and Daughters of Light, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and the Magical Order of Aurora Aurea, and is now a member of the Ancient and Honourable Order of the Golden Dawn. His first non-fiction book Enochian Magic in Theory was published in February 2012, with its sequel Enochian Magic in Practice due out in 2014. He set up the Golden Dawn Forum ( and keeps a Golden Dawn blog entitled Mishkan ha-Echad ( He also established the independent occult publisher Kerubim Press. He lives in Dublin, Ireland.”

    Notice it states that Dean Wilson not Nick Farrell established the independent occult publisher Kerubim Press.

    This is a better defense than the blog entry you initially wrote last week. Has anyone thoroughly read Commentaries of The Golden Dawn Flying Rolls? Why didn’t anyone from the Golden Dawn Community bring this up? I am not nor ever will be a member of the Golden Dawn Community.

    Why doesn’t Dean clarify this with wikipedia so the entry can be updated?

  4. Anonymous

    Nick, the goal of what Griffin is doing is not to attack you per se. To him, you are irrelevant. Rather, it is to create an us-vs.-them mentality among his few followers. Read his attacks, so filled with vitriol and anger. They use adjective and adverb to heighten the impact of his words, wild guesses and (hilariously false) assumptions. This is a technique of someone trying to establish and maintain a personality cult. He endlessly repeats himself, even in the same posts. Another technique of someone trying to establish and maintain a personality cult. He claims that he is under personal attack and death threat but has never produced even one iota to support the claims. This is yet another technique of someone trying to establish and maintain a personality cult. He claims vast attendance at his soirees, but where are the photos? If people don’t want their faces to show, he could take pictures of their backs or digitally obscure their faces. He doesn’t. But he does produce a picture of himself and his wife covered in mud! He accuses others of being “McGolden Dawn,” comparing them to a restaurant who advertises how many billions of burgers they’ve sold, and then repeatedly claims (with no evidence to support it) that his cult…er group…is the largest GD around.

    He keeps announcing that he’s going to produce amazing material from the Secret Chiefs. What has he provided? Nothing. Oh, he did give a communique from them which included an error in basic science. Somehow, his mighty Secret Chiefs first became stupid, and then, according to posts on the internet, they got pissed off at him and have abandoned him.

    When it comes to magic, David and his wife do make long posts about bla bla bla that say nothing, but use all the right words. This is the same technique used by past leaders of the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, North Korea, Iran, etc. It is for the development of cult followers, not independent thinkers.

    Well, here’s the thing: David will use anything he can misinterpret, lie about, or invent to keep his cult followers under his control. I have no doubt he’s going to attack you for what you wrote, as well as attacking this comment. We’re giving him fodder for more lies and misrepresentation. I’ve only written the above to show you that I’m clear on his attempted formulation of a GD cult and his willingness to destroy every other GD group in order to get his fantasy of power fulfilled. He’s going to lie no matter what. Sharing the truth is irrelevant. Presenting facts is meaningless. It’s all just words for him to misinterpret and further his ambitions. So the very worst thing you (and I) can do is bite our lips and give him all the attention his immoral and ethics-free activities deserve. That’s right, we should ignore him. And after this post, that’s just what I’m going to do.

  5. I think you are giving him too much credit for being clever. If he is trying to run a personality cult, being seen as a tin-foil hat wearing loon is anti-charisma. Anyway I have ignored him a long time. It has reached a point where I think he really believes his own rubbish, so I am setting this SRIA fantasy back into the dustbin where it belongs. The real truth is on record and now Griffin must explain to his own members why he has been obviously lying to them for so long. They might be wondering what other lies he might have told them. Anyway as far as this matter is concerned I will go back to spurning Griffin as I would any other muggle nutter.

  6. I would like to state the facts regarding Kerubim Press:

    Kerubim Press is a sole proprietorship, founded, run and owned by me (Dean Wilson). Nick did the layout work and cover designs, on a freelance basis, for King Over the Water and Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls, and only those two titles. He had no other involvement with the company and is neither co-founder, co-owner, or co-partner. He had no part in the editing, publishing, distribution or marketing process of the two titles he was involved with. King Over the Water does not meet any definitions of self-publishing, since it was authored by Nick, but published by me. There is a reason every single copy of every single Kerubim Press title has “Dublin, Ireland” on the title page, copyright page, and back cover.

    Any claims about Kerubim Press that are contrary to the above are erroneous and misleading.

    I hope this clears up any misconceptions. Please feel free to cite my comment here where necessary to clarify this matter.

    Kind regards,


  7. Anonymous


    I remember reading in Magick without Tears, Crowley claimed the Secret Chiefs chose him was because of his literal abilities. After reading Griffin’s columns with his bad spelling and mediocre grammar, I would rather believe Crowley did have contact with the Secret Chiefs. Griffin’s Rosicrucian Manifesto was pathetic and sad in terms of grammar.

    Comparing Crowley to Griffin in lifetime output in terms of developing Magical Orders, Literary Output, Magickal Techniques, Mysticism and Magickal abilities, Crowley beats Griffin in his claims without Griffin even coming close.

    When Griffin’s alter ego Nemesis appears, I see someone who got possessed by Chronozon when trying to cross the Abyss. David Griffin probably failed to cross the Abyss to get to the grade Magister Templi. His soul probably wanders across the City of Pyramids. Thus he lost his angel and is not even an Adeptus Minor. Perhaps he is even similar to Glyndon from Zanoni unable to deal with the Dweller on the Threshold.

    Why you approved Nemesis to post is beyond me? It is like allowing Chronozon to pollute your blogosphere with nauseating dung.

    From another cult perspective, I think of Jim Jones and Jonestown. Jim Jones wanted to filter his followers by isolating them in a “Utopia” town with his ideology being the way.

  8. Hello Nick,

    I’m glad you’re able to rise above all this bonkers spouting-off. I dunno where he finds the time – everyone I know who does any meaningful magical work is generally busy getting on with it and doesn’t have time to sit around spewing bile on the internet all day. But there will always be some who get tangled up in the glamour of mundane levels and think that running a magical order is about posting pictures of yourself prancing about with a nemyss and big shiny wand. In the absence of any real power, the only way that such people can legitimise themselves is by attacking others.

    Still, if he’s really an Adeptus Exemptus who’s reached such a state of spiritual elevation that he doesn’t need to reincarnate any more, at least the rest of us can enjoy our future incarnations without being bothered by him.

    Congratulations on your new book … a great reminder that there are positive and meaningful ways to serve the Mysteries.


    P.S. I’ve known John Paternoster for 20 years. He’s a lovely man. Peeing myself with laughter at the idea of him being a Satanist.

  9. Anonymous

    Soror SD wrote: “Anyone who talks about Golden Dawn or SRIA as being ‘Satanic’ has immediately lost any debate they attempt to raise.”

    This reminds me of Godwin’s Law, the internet concept that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.” (source: Wikipedia). More relevant is the corollary to Godwin’s Law (often considered the law itself), that “once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress.” (source: Wikipedia)

    I therefore propose Griffin’s Law: “When a claim is made that someone is a Satanist, the thread is finished and whoever accused the other of Satanism has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress.”

    I would also propose the Law of Griffin Dementia: “Whenever a claim is made without documentation that some individual or group has made death threats or put out a hit on a poster or blogger, the thread is finished and the person making the claim is to be banished with laughter.”

  10. One thing I’d like to point out although I am loathe to further the discussion of a pedantic two-bit cult leader.

    The fact that despite all the vitriol that Griffin spews regarding the publications that Mr. Farrell and the other “McGolden Dawns” have produced in the past few years, he’s certainly not above quoting from them and framing those quotes in such a way as to imply that he had some involvement with those writings, and/or cooperation with the various authors of the “Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls”. All the while using quotes from the book in a way that stretch the concept of “fair use” so as to draw search engine hits to his blog!

    When I read (yes, I read it -a guilty pleasure on my part) his book review/ copy-paste fest on the “Commentaries” I was taken aback, but not surprised by these shenanigans.

    I always expect him to rant and rave, I wasn’t expecting him to attempt to essentially appropriate the work of others in order to draw hits to his otherwise content-bankrupt website.

    Nick, I feel this “ultimatum” post is a good punctuation mark capping Griffin’s year long moronic “Golden Dawn Witch Hunt” web-diahorrhea. Thanks for posting it, and now let’s wash our hands of it once and for all.

  11. Not to labour the point any further, but is there any definitive proof that Nemesis is actually David Griffin?

    Sure, for all intents and purposes they’re identical; but is there proof positive of the relationship?

    1. Anonymous

      When he multiple posts when he talks to himself he sometimes forgets which sock puppet he is wearing. This is particularly true when he has a long discussion with himself. There are people who have been sharing cut and pastes of the cock ups because they are very funny. If it were someone important the comments would have gone viral.
      Generally the fact that they use the same language and say the same things is a bit of a give away. Nemesis is a bit nastier as he tends to say all the things David would like to say but would upset his image of being a “leader.”

    1. It seems he will continue on his current path until he is able to reframe what is going on and see other people’s positions as opinions or views supported by what they feel is adequate evidence rather than attacks.

      Until that day, I expect the tilting at windmills will continue, which is rather curious, as having the Third Order as a backstop, should render any false conclusions by others irrelevant to one’s development and presentation of the Work.

  12. Anonymous

    I have always believed that all of our orders are slightly different paths to reaching the same goal and that is to accomplish the great work. The great work includes light (which conflict does not bring forth, but it does give light an opportunity to shine). The great work includes Love (which conflict, anger, and pain cannot comprehend). The great work includes knowledge (which we can all share with one another under the bond of fraternity). And the great work also includes truth and I trust in Ma’at to reveal the truth, and I hope that we all have the ears, mind and heart to hear and understand it.

    Love and Light to all fraters and sorors of all the Orders.
    -a Soror in California

  13. Chris

    I posted that reply on Griffin’s blog, not sure whether they will let it through, so I’d like to make this statement here too:

    I am the person who used the words ‘magically bankrupt’ in a comment to Nick’s post. I would like to sincerely apologise the AO members. I was angry at Dave’s behaviour and I let my anger to project my feelings towards his attitude and actions at the whole AO community. I am sure that there are many fantastic magicians in the Order who did not deserve those words. Once again my deep apologies. And if I may be allow an additional comment: despite HPS Leslie McQuade’s words not to engage in any flame war those pictures with brave soldiers marching to fight for their freedom and numerous usage of the phrase ‘British tyrants’ might urge some patriotic souls to engage in such behaviour nevertheless. Before you do I would like you to read Nicks post. All he did was to reply to Dave’s accusations. I would also like to add that I’m not a member of Nick’s order or indeed any other GD order.

  14. Anonymous

    The issue is black and white. For the last two years Griffin has been claiming he is being attacked by SRIA.
    For his claim to work, Nick Farrell had to be a member of SRIA and its principle agent.
    If Nick Farrell is not a member of SRIA then all that Griffin has said over the last two years has been a lie or a paranoiac delusion.

  15. Pat Zalewski

    Hi Nick

    With all these accusations about you and I acting on behalf of the SRIA is like an episode of the Twilight Zone which is all based on a delusional brain fart that needs more than one to tango. I’ll bet the Great Pretender think he has people following him in the day time while trying to figure out if they are supposed satanists after him who are trying to convert him to Christianity just so they can steal his soul back again. One the other hand it could be the Nazi’s who want their uniform back they lent him at lodge night. If it is the SRIA they might be writ servers. My money is the men in black who think he is an escaped aliens who read his emails and monitored his phone calls as he claimed to be agents for a Third Order which is suspected to be an alien Grey Council operating under a Third Order guise. Just imagine living in a world like that where everyone is out to get him while he looks for the yellow brick road to the emerald city. These posts of the GP are getting more nuttier by the day and he does all this with supposed authority of his Third Order. Ruggiu said a month or two ago on his face book page that the SC’s were unhappy with with the GP. Frankly I’d say they would be very embarrassed having him as a flag waver for them. If they want to solve the problem then all they have to do is come clean on their connection to the old GD, that the GP claims on their behalf. The GP appears to be a real whack job who behaves as if he escaped the funny farm and trying to find his way back in (due to confused directions form the astral) with a group he met along the way and convinced them the funny farm was a Third Order.

    To try and shorten all this down. The GP is in the OP doing KP and a PP so the MIB’s are after AO and GD’s whioh the SS and the DB (devils Brigade) all think are the G’s who are in reality are the SC’s.
    Man you could not make this stuff up!


  16. It’s not only Nemesis. Griffin also uses Aletheia, Ad Astra, Terry and some other aliases especially on Amazon, so he can give a handful of bad reviews on books whose authors he dislikes (like Nick, Pat Zalewski, etc.). Most of the bad reviews on Nick’s newest book were made by Griffin with different accounts

  17. Someone should report Griffin to Amazon. I don’t think creating a dozen sockpuppets simply to trash books is allowed on there. One of his sockpuppets, “Rubz” has given 1 star reviews to all of Nick’s books, and that’s the only reviews he has on there.

  18. Pat Zalewski

    I would like to echo Nick denials that I am an SRIA member as called by the Great Pretender. In fact I am not a mason nor have ever been one, which is a necessity to join the SRIA. I cannot possibly imagine how I could be enticed to act on behalf of them nor would they ask if I was. These pathological posts on the SRIA indicate to my mind a deeply disturbed soul who is pushing his postmodernist and restructured AO into an area that I doubt they would wish to enter. The name of del Bosco Sacro (DBS) has rightly or wrongly been put forward as a suggested SC’s simply because the GP once said he was. If he is, then it would be nice to get some feedback from Sacro to either confirm this or deny this. Though frankly somehow I doubt it, as the GP’s adopted Third Order requires the GP to do basic alchemmical work he has not yet done. Something very strange from person who is labled a master alchemcst.

    Ruggiu could sort out this whole mess very easily (and has nearly done so)with a post explaining if the GP is connected to an order that claims to have taught Mathers and was considered by Mathers as a Third Order to the GD. He could do this very easily without naming an order he is a member of and the ball is in his court.

  19. Anonymous

    I met a Brother Mason last night at my Mark Lodge meeting who has been in the SRIA. He’s a very devout individual and a serious Mason. While I am not a member I would find it very unusual that there would be any Left Hand Path activity

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