Sheshat invocation
Sheshat invocation

Sheshat invocation

Sheshat is an important Egyptian goddess from a magical perspective.

Sometimes seen as Thoth’s wife, she is the goddess of writing and measurement.

Like a lot of Egyptian divine roles Sheshat’s job is more complex than at first appears. Her mundane role as head librarian rapidly becomes something more Stella and her words and writing become the basis upon which the earth is centred.

I wrote this short invocation to her based on different spells and titles I found across different sources. Have fun.


Seshat opens the portal of wisdom

She clothes me in knowledge

She builds me a mansion of light in the darkness

She sits before me and her divine perception magically protects me

My hands are those of Seshat

She is in my mouth as the dancer of ecstasy

I am crowned by Seshat’s palm

I take the measuring cord in her company.

Through her, I observe the stars’ movement and fix my eye on the seven stars of the great bear.

By Seshsat I am orientated to the pole star

Thoth the god of time stands by me, with his instrument of knowing.

I have established the four corners of the temple