The Garlic Knight
The Garlic Knight

The Garlic Knight

This ritual uses a nature spirit as an astral guardian to guard and protect a home. Although it could be helpful against physical intruders, its primary use is to clear houses with toxic atmospheres or lower forms of astral entities that create a nuisance or physical harm. The spell mixes spells from the Ancient Greco-Egyptian Papyrus with some Western European techniques.

The idea is to take a nature spirit made from an entire bulb of garlic (a herb with energy-absorbing properties) and create an astral form of it used to fight and defend the house occupants from other spirits which would do them harm.


You will need a complete unbroken bulb of garlic, a jar large enough to contain the bulb and a reasonable amount of vinegar. Red wine vinegar, a safety razor or a large needle or pin, and a coin. A candle or tealight.

Before the ritual

You might light to do any banishing ritual of the pentagram or similar.  Personally, I think it is better to warn the malefic spirits to get out of the house because if they stay, life will become incredibly uncomfortable for them. The sort of spirit this spell is designed for is low-level and should not be there.  Hauntings by your angry dead aunt would be too much for this astral guardian.


Place the garlic on the altar.

I am taking you garlic with my five-fingered hand and bringing you home so that you may work for me to protect [the full names of you and your family] from any spirit that might harm them. I adjure you by the undefiled name of the Gods that if you pay no heed to me, the earth which produced you will go unwatered, and your seed will not be spread. Yet if you are this house’s astral guardian for six months, I will return you to new earth where your seed will grow.

Mouthabar [Mow tha bar]

Nach [Nark]

Barnachochar [ Bar-nark-oh-kar]

Braeo [Bra ee-oh]

Menda [Men-dah]

Laubraasse [Law-bra-ass-eh]

Phaspha [fas-far]

Bendeo [Ben-de-oh]

Make the perfect charm for me.

Visualise a white knight forming above the jar. It is tall and thin and looks more elven than human. 

Pour red wine vinegar over the garlic bulb

Blood gives you life and power to work in the astral and physical realms

By sacrifice, it becomes the blood of the god Seth

By names of power, it becomes Seth, who all gods fear.

IŌ ERBĒTH [Eh-oh er-bet]

IŌ PAKERBĒTH [Eh-oh  Pak-er-bet]

IŌ BOLCHŌSĒTH [Eh-oh  Bol-kaw-set]

IŌ PATATHNAX [Eh-oh  Pat-AT-Nax]

IŌ SŌRŌ  [Eh-Oh Saw-Raw]

IŌ NEBOUTOSOUALĒTH [Eh-oh Neb-ou-sue-al-et]

AKTIŌPHI ERESCHIGAL [Ak-Te-Aw-Fe Er-es-ke-gal]

Arming the knight

Place a razor blade and a coin into the jar. Although spirits are supposed to fear iron, the garlic spirit uses this metal as a weapon and armour against them. This might be a paradox, but if you think about it, lead is not particularly good for humans, yet lead bullets have been made as weapons since the arrival of the sling. The coin brings the metal to act as armour and is empowered with symbolic value, which can help the garlic spirit defend against anything in the house.

I give you power and dominion of the Logos in the Astral and Physical world to be an astral guardian to defend this house from all who would harm it.

Light the candle

I make you this offering, Garlic Knight, so that as an astral guardian you will always serve the light and this family. And give you form and power.

Please repeat after me spirit of garlic

Visualise the spirit saying the following after you say it. He effectively threatens every spirit in the space who has no right to be there. This spell was written nearly 4000 years ago and the “child” can be a literal child if you are putting the jar in a child’s bedroom or the residents of a house.

Run out, you who come in darkness, who enters in stealth, with his nose behind them, his face turned backwards, for you will lose that for which he came.

Run out, you who come in darkness, who enters in stealth, her nose behind her, her face turned backwards, who loses that for which she came.

Do you come to kiss this child? I will not let you kiss him.

Do you come to soothe this child? I will not let you soothe him.

Do you come to harm this child? I will not let you you him.

Do you come to take this child away? I will not let you take him away from me.

I am the protection against you who is made from garlic. I am the spirit who drains your life force. I am honey which is sweet to the living but bitter to spirits like you.

I am armed to drive you from this place never to return.

Thank the spirit and leave the jar out of reach. You should top up the vinegar when it dries out. A garlic knight tends to control one room and you can make many for your house. But generally, it is only needed for rooms where a person sleeps or spends a lot of time. When its time is up you should take it out of its jar and bury it in the earth. You should say thanks to it and leave a small offering.