Doing the admin on the Hermetic Golden Dawn group on Facebook has been a real revelation for me. Although I like to keep conversation free and unedited, and let anyone who wants join, I have been prevented from doing so by the sheer arse fuckery of some people. I had to stop people joining if they were not friends of members already on the group, because we were being constantly hit by people trying to flog sunglasses. However, cases of people getting the boot have been getting more frequent and really I cannot be bothered going through the process of giving warnings.  Anyway, to help explain why I have kicked people off the group over the last year or so I am providing one of my lists. Some of these have just resulted in posts being deleted but in other cases, they have been booted. Oddly pissing me off has not been listed. I keep posts that slagged me off up there a couple of them were pulled after the poster sobered up.

Inspirational New Age posts. Usually with a nice picture of a crystal unicorn or a rainbow.  The have nothing to do with the subject matter and I do not understand what motivates people to spread this sort of shite across the internet.


CROWLEY Talking about Crowley in a GD context is OK. But pictures of Uncle Fester with a number underneath it is fundamentalist Thelemite wank which implies that you can be a true individual by signing your name with a number like all the other Thelemites. Long quotes from the channelled Book of the Law with no connection to the Golden Dawn will get you booted.  If you want to jerk off to pictures of Alistair Crowley there are tons of Thelemite groups where people gather to tell each other that Crowley is a God. Going to a site of an order where he was booted out before he got into the Second Order is not the best place to go to do that.


Conspiracy bollocks. Chemtrails, Illuminate, Papal Plots, Owl Eating, and Lizard men. David Ikye once claimed that the Golden Dawn was formed by Lizards. This should explain why we don’t want conspiracy theories talked about on a Golden Dawn group.


Incoherent posts: Now you might talk like a rapper, or think it is ok to write a post in the style of an SMS, but if people can’t work out what the hell you are banging on about it is better that you shut up.


Insanely open questions: A Facebook Golden Dawn group exists to help people answer questions they might have connected to the tradition. Some people seem to think that they can ask a question which would require a series of books to answer. “Can anyone help me.” “How does Abramerlin work?” “Can anyone tell me how to get to 5=6?” “What about Enochian?” are all questions which are too open to be answered. They do not aid discussion.


Do my homework for me posts: Many questions on a group would be better answered by someone typing in the question into Google first.

middle pillar

Telling real Golden Dawn people that they are wrong: On the group, there are many real Golden Dawn experts with a lot of experience in ritual and running groups. Telling such types that they are wrong because… er you say so… even when you have not been a member of a Golden Dawn group is going to get you into trouble.  Most of the Golden Dawn is about doing and not reading or thinking. You might have a theory about the elemental nature of the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram being “wrong” but if you were in a real GD group that view would have been kicked out of you a long time ago. Attacking people who know, often calling them New Age gurus, when it is you that are ignorant of the system will see me having to delete you.


Sock puppets. Using sock puppets to agree with you, or to gang up on other members of the group will get you and your socks booted.


TROLLS Trolls have to be clever and entertaining. I have left up trollish posts because they started a long and interesting talk. But when they are single sentence posts which don’t actually say anything, often with a claim “Do you feel like I am insulting you.. deal with it” then you are heading towards a booting.


Internet incompetence: Quite rare these days and I am not sure if the cases I have seen it have been “real” or not. A person floods a thread with multiple posts with just their name in the header… a dot… or an icon.  It takes ages to delete them all and then boot the user.

Bad Attorney

Attacking another GD group or Order. The Golden Dawn flame wars are long gone, and most of us get on rather well. However, the odd “play” golden Dawn group likes to get its followers to do the occasional attack. They are easy to spot and quickly booted.


Unrelated material: I tend to give a lot of leeway on this. The Golden Dawn covered a wide range of topics over its long history, but some things really have nothing to do with magic, let alone the GD. You might have a problem with a Black President not letting you shoot tax collectors but we do not care.

Lack of social skills: You might have convinced the rest of the world, or your mother, to put up with your lack of social skills, we are too busy to nurse you through it. If you are an arsehole too much and too often you will get enough complaints to get yourself booted. If you think that is so terrible ask yourself why you are such a tosser and people don’t like you a bit of self-hate might actually help you develop a bit.

Sexism, racism or slagging off a religion. There is no place in the 21st century for any form of racism or sexism. Analysing a religion is ok but slagging off Christians, pagans, Muslims, Jews or equating a religion with terrorism is retarded.  That belongs to the other Golden Dawn.


Asking for a spell. You really don’t get the GD do you?


Selling an unrelated product: “I am a member of the Golden Dawn but I sell butt plugs, I thought everyone would be interested.” They really are not.


Hard sell of a group or product: I promote my books on the Hermetic Golden Dawn site.  I have no problems with people advertising products just so long as they are related to the GD. I do draw the line at filling the group with multiple product adverts where there is no reason. For example if there was a discount on your book or product that would be new, but just posting every five minutes it can get a bit dull.  Hard selling of a group seems to be a US problem – Europeans are suspicious of such people. However if you claim your product will make you a living god or provide you with the secrets of magic I might allow discussion where you are proved wrong, or just delete it completely. A great adept once said, “I never trust a guy who shouts what he has found. There is no need to sell when you are homeward bound.” The more you sell the less likely are really connected to magic.


Heavy advertising of another group:  I tend to let one of these through, but I was getting bothered by multiple adverts for an AMORC fangroup.


Posting about the superiority of your group.  Saying you are the superior beings is the trademark of most TV villains and Apple PR.


Posting about the superiority of your operating system.




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  1. Patty Steele

    I think being new to the group, I have much to learn about what the Golden Dawn is,still learning.
    I love the idea of magick but some people don’t really know there own path just yet.
    I would like to thank the golden dawn for sending the ten free spells I received while thinking on it.
    It is difficult to know what subject matter wouldn’t be offensive.
    If I asked “what are some good methods of creating a spell?” Would that take to much effort to discuss.

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