Acquisitio — the laws of Acquisition
Acquisitio — the laws of Acquisition

Acquisitio — the laws of Acquisition

Acquisitio is generally a good geomantic figure to get, unless you want to get rid of something from your life.

Elemental structure: Fire is Declining; Air is awakening; Water is Declining; Earth is Awakening

Astrological Jupiter in Aries

Good and Bad: Good for medicine, beginning a journey, purchasing livestock, creating discord and imprisonment. Not suitable for marriage, partnerships, or the foundation of a meaningful friendship or alliance as one individual usually tries to overpower the other. It can be good though if someone is trying to obtain a relationship  It was good for Curses, black magic, crimes of violence, overcoming depression or a lack of motivation, finishing projects, protection from abuse and during travel. He can break up couples and set friends and allies against each other.

Mansion of the Moon

Alnath (The Butting). This Mansion is dual alternating between extreme violence and murder and affirmative defence. Its power is hard to balance once invoked. When the Moon is in this Mansion, there will be much energy but be prone to outbursts of aggression. They will, however, be protective of people with whom they are attached. Alnath can show those under his protection when it is good to strike and when it is essential to defend. His soul follows the way of the warrior. According to Ptolemy, the stars which make up Alnath are Sheratan, which merges the powers of the two malefic Mars and Saturn. It causes bodily injuries, defeat, destruction by fire, war and earthquakes and Mesarthim in the opposite order of Saturn and Mars which means the power of Mars is constrained and protective by a more powerful malefic.

Astrological meaning

The Geomantic figure which is created because the stars are the same as Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter in Aries means expanding and making your luck. It has the power to control the direction of our lives. We can open opportunities, solutions, relationships, and fortune that we were blind to before. Jupiter wants us to expand and embrace our potential as individuals, but it can be a bit aggressive.


Acquisitio means in Latin, “Gain”, but in Arabic means “catch inside” which implies that you have wealth drawn into your boat (as opposed to Admissio where you are looking to find the catch is outside). Catch inside also means that you are looking to yourself rather than outside for help.

The figure has the Air and earth lines starting to begin with the fire and water lines completed and waning. This means we can expect to see change in material and spiritual (Joy) circumstances. Christopher Cattan associates the entire figure with Air.

Astrologically it is represented by Jupiter in Aries and the First Mansion of the Moon.  This Mansion emphasises Aries’ initiating nature along with its tendency to create conflict. This figure is better at starting things than finishing them, but with Jupiter, it is a promising start.

Acquisitio is all about gain and expansion and is positive so long as that is what you want. For example, if you want to lose a cold, or a person out of your life, you are not going to want Acquisitio.

Another vital thing about Acquisitio in health issues is weight problems. One reading I had was that a person was not going to get better until they lost a bit of weight. Jupiter often creates a feeling of doing too many carbs.

Acquisitio is Jupiter which is the Greater Benefic and when fortunately placed you can’t find anything better but when fused with the Mansion of the Moon Alnath (The Butting) and Aries it has some quirks.

There is one thing that Acquisitio is less  good at, and that is friendship and relationships. Its Mansion of the Moon is magically used to break-up couples and cause arguments between friends.  This is because Acquisitio is about taking and often dominating someone else. These are not suitable states for any relationship (in fact Admissio is a better figure than this). It is better in acquiring things which do not require the involvement of other people.

It is initiation-oriented in that it is better starting stuff than finishing it off.  In many questions, this does not matter.  Will I win the lottery will be okay because this is the sort of wealth which appears once anyway, but in the long term, this sort of gain does not last.  Aries is famous for not finishing, so it means that any wealth obtained is often quickly spent.

Acquistio in the first house

Acquisto enables good fortune through wit and ingenuity. It makes a person versatile, friendly, curious and put others at ease with friendliness and sincere curiosity. They are mentally adventurous, ready, and willing to learn and better themselves. It creates an impartial and open-minded person. That said, there is some steel behind all this. A person can become extremely aggressive if pushed too far, much like a bullied child who suddenly turns on his bullies in a rage. There is considerable anger and frustration if doing the right thing fails to create a good life. A person could also find themselves fighting for a cause and winning through tenacity and a cunning plan. This figure indicates luck in any endeavour, particularly relations, religion, magic, and journeys. However, there is a warning that things might not happen as quickly as one would like.

Acquisitio creates a person who has a long prosperous life. They are usually of medium build with a slightly larger head, long nose, curly hair, and fair eyes. The Mansion would make them slightly darker or reddish face with a higher forehead. They overeat but are quietly careful about other things.

Acquistio in the Second House

Acquisitio in the second house makes a person lucky with money, gifts, or personal possessions. It is the sort of success which results in over-indulgence. Acquisitio brings an increase in self-esteem and self-worth, changes to value systems and positive adjustments to make things more in line with your life values. These changes do not have to be drastic, but Acquisitio is good for your finances, and you can be presented with or make opportunities for yourself that will increase your financial status. It suggests good purchases and investments. Although while you can make a lot of money, you are just as inclined to spend it. The Mansion means there will be a considerable drive for what you want (and you might find flashes of anger when things do not go fast enough) and you will attain it. It suggests that while you will be lucky, it will not be a comfortable ride, but one where obstacles will appear and be easily overcome.

Acquisitio in the second house can indicate a person who is medium build, attractive, beautiful eyes, and roundish plump face and voluminous hair. The Mansion’s effects will make them darker.

Acquisitio in the Third House

Acquisitio in the third house favours new financial beginnings and brings a forward-looking planning aspect. It is suitable for making good connections with others and sharing ideas. It suggests that by sharing, you will find great happiness. It suggests good advice. You are interested in others, and you quickly put people at ease in social situations. It is suitable for anything involved with religion or spiritual institutions or groups and suggests that the querant will grow from involvement with them. It is particularly favourable for initiations or other new beginnings. It indicates that a person will benefit from association with such a group. If the question is about a person, they can be trusted and that any journeys will be successful and profitable. Acquisto involves many people. The Mansion brings an edge here. It suggests that expansion or involvement with people could bring some conflict and change and that any friendships or alliances may burst over time due to friction. However, even these will be lucky in the long term. It is useful for study. You want to learn, and this aspect gives you the chance to learn as much as you can. Acquisitio makes technology essential and you could buy new equipment or a new car. There could be a lot of successful travel, but not going far.

Acquisitio in the third house can indicate the involvement of a person has sparkling, smallish, dark eyes with a pointed chin and straight nose. They are above average height with an oval face. They have a strong need to talk and communicate, and sometimes they can be forceful about their superficial views.

Acquisitio in the Fourth House

Acquisto in the Fourth House provides strong instincts that can be trusted about a matter, particularly if you are thinking of professional questions. It is a time of warm connections with others, particularly valuing your family and close loved ones. Old age is expected to be pleasant and rewarding. Strong morals were reinforced in your childhood. It is useful if you want a large or spacious home and the figure suggest you will find “happiness in the home.” A father is happy and wealthy.

Acquisitio is a good indicator of a home expansion. You could buy a new home or begin investing in real estate. It is useful if you are expecting a new member of the family. It is suitable for strengthening your inner foundation to bring more stability into your life. It is useful for getting security that will last for a long time, and that you do not have to worry about things falling apart anytime soon. It suggests encouragement and support from your family. The mansion hints that while it will bring a new beginning, it might come with conflict or the closure of something.

Acquisitio in this house could represent a moody, shorter-than-average person with dark eyes but pale skin. They will be generous, but needy and could be overweight.

Acquisitio in the Fifth House

Acquistio in the Fifth House suggests a new beginning which makes you generous, playful, and warm, particularly with children and in your romantic life. It makes creative, entertainment, children, and recreation more prosperous. It is useful for teaching, showing patience and love for the learning process and those learning. When Acquisto is in your Fifth house, you just want to have a good time and you will. You can enjoy yourself and do the things that you love most. You can spend more time on your hobbies and take up new ones. If you are creative, you can see your creativity soar, and this is an excellent symbol for artistic types. You can be inspired to create your best work yet. Gambling might be successful if you do not push your luck. You could fall in love, and if you do not, you will have fun dating. The Mansion emphasises new beginnings, but this is not the house of relationships more of pure enjoyment. It could mean the start of an affair.  It could indicate bringing sex or romance back into an existing relationship. This can be an excellent period to have a child/get pregnant, and if you have children, it can be a reasonable period for them. It signifies that rumours are true.

It could represent an individual with a strong and dominating personality. They take upon challenging projects with excitement and always complete the tasks they start. These individuals like to express their opinion or present well-thought arguments. They need to control their vanity and ego to communicate with others at work and in personal relationships

Acquisitio in the Sixth House

Acquisitio brings moral standards in your business dealings with others and shows others may not follow your code. This may mean missing out on business opportunities in the short term, but others tend to build faith in your honest approach eventually. You may help those less fortunate than you. Acquisto means a period where you enjoy working and are much more productive and efficient than in the past. It can bring conflict through perfectionist tendencies or a desire to bring about change. You may want more freedom at work to do things your way which does not go down that well. You could move into a bigger office or workspace. This can be an excellent period to get a new job or be offered several new job opportunities. You take great pleasure in the work you do and in being useful to others.

This is a symbol of growth that is not suitable for certain illnesses, such as cancer, which are going to get worse. If a person is already sick, they will stay so for a while and may die. However, the doctor is good, and any medication should be successful.  To shows an employer that they will benefit from new staff.

Acquisitio in the Sixth house could represent a pale analytical type with a long thin face, but off-set brows, chipmunk cheeks, squinted eyes, the split at the end of the nose, the gap in the frontal teeth a medium to large frame. They will have dark hair and eyes. They might tend towards being bombastic, but this covers typically for their insecurity. However, they can be trusted.

Acquisto in the Seventh House

Acquisto has limits when it comes to relationships. It indicates that a business partnership might be rewarding but frustrating. There might be a conflict between partners, which, while easily patched up could be annoying. It is indicative of successful negotiations and mediation. Legal work will also pay off. However, it indicates that lawsuits or court cases will get more involved and worse before they get better.

The influence of the Mansion as an initiator is not a good thing for long term romantic relationship stability. A partner might be wealthy, but previously married or older. Positively it will be a relationship with difficulties; negatively, it suggests ego-based arguments. One person will have a more persuasive personality and overpower the other resulting in more conflict. If a question is about “will this light-hearted relationship develop into something more?” the answer would be yes. If the question is about the relationship being good, the answer would be probably not in the long term. The symbol could represent obtaining a relationship or working to get it. In this situation the information is presented unemotionally and is probably a decision.

Acquisto in the seventh house could represent a person with a charming appearance, high forehead, bow-shaped mouth, and curly or wavy hair. The Mansion might make them darker or rosy-cheeked, and the planet will make them slightly overweight and a little more authoritarian. Acquisto in the seventh is a person that always needs to be well-dressed and well-behaved. They will avoid anger and constructive conflict.

Acquisitio in the Eighth House

Acquisitio in the Eighth House is suitable for strategy, research, and investigation. It shows the beginning of the unravelling of mysteries and solving complex problems. It could indicate that you can do some digging into your past and your deeply held issues and come to terms with problems. This can also be good for your wealth through investments or a partnership. You could settle a debt, loan, tax issue, inheritance, or problem with joint finances. Financial gains may come through a business, or there may be an increase in a spouse’s income. If a person is dying, they will be dead soon and any sickness to last but a few days. It indicates favourable insurance settlements, tax rebate legacies and inheritances, although these might have to be fought, they will be won eventually.

It indicates that an invoked magical ritual performed was successful will grow in power over time. However, if the rite was a banishing or exorcism, then the ritual has failed, and the spirit is still in control and might be even more powerful.

Acquisitio in the eighth house could represent a person. These individuals have a muscular physique, large facial features, and fierce look in their eyes. They can generate strong emotional responses from people they communicate. They radiate sexual energy and take emotional pleasure in knowing that other people are attracted to them. The Mansion means that they are more likely to create conflict.

Acquisitio in the Ninth House

Acquisto is entirely good in the Ninth House. It is good for knowledge and wisdom. It indicates philosophical or religious success, a natural teacher or student, success in travel, education, teaching, sports, publishing, and foreign cultures. It allows long and profitable journeys, and if anyone is missing, or overseas he shall soon return. The trip itself will be problematic, and there might he delays and inconveniences.  But traditionally there is nothing wrong with this figure.

It indicates that a person will benefit spiritually from a spiritual course of action.  If they are experiencing any spiritual problems, they will be increased for a while, but in the long term, it will be okay.  Any ritual magic will work, but those which favour an increase of some sort will do better. An exorcism will have failed.

Acquisitio in the ninth provides life expansion. It is an excellent oracle to start a course or anything that will acquire you more knowledge or experience. Dealings with the law go smoother. In business, you could deal with people from other places who help you and promoting your work can be beneficial. You can see the big picture now, and because of this, you are a lot less stressed over the smaller things that come up daily.

Acquisitio in the ninth could indicate a charming person of Science and knowledge who is optimistic and light-hearted and do not want to focus on anything too serious. These individuals are lucky and attractive. They like to express themselves as energetic and positive people but avoid showing strong emotions to others. They are quite strong and tend to be tall. Their face is open and welcoming; they have a broad face and tend to get overweight as they get older.

Acquisitio in the Tenth house

Acquisto means you can take charge and win.  It creates luck for careers and business opportunities. It has a robust ethical streak for business decisions which should be followed even if this causes conflict. It indicates that a person will be a good manager or business leader.  It can also suggest that now is an excellent time to expand your business or start a new one. It is especially useful if you are attempting something new for yourself that is bigger and more daring than you would have previously thought possible.

A Judge will be favourable if your legal team does not anger them. A mother is rich and happy.

It indicates success for anyone who is putting forward a “positive image” however, if a person is in disgrace, they will find that their situation is unchanged by any public relations campaign.  A popular politician shall grow in popularity, but an unpopular one shall fall further.

Acquisitio in the Tenth could represent an authority figure who needs recognition and certainly cannot be ignored. They usually have a long nose and deep-set eyes. The forehead is on the narrow side. The will be stocky and dark and have noticeable cheekbones.

Acquisitio in the Eleventh house

Acquisitio is suitable for any expansion of your social life and connecting with your friends. Team projects and community groups a favoured. You might benefit through friends who are influential or merely helpful. It works both ways, and you will feel better by working with people. It is favourable for those who are seeking to make changes in the world outside their universe.

It signifies support from authorities and authority figures. You may be sure of trusting any friend, and this figure is suitable for hopes and promises being fulfilled.  Any question about your friends shall be decisive unless there is a hope that a faithless friend is removed from your universe. If anything, this friend is not going away any time soon.

Acquisitio in the Eleventh could represent an unconventional person who finds it difficult to blend into a group. Their clothes and possessions are strange designs, and their personality often seems edgy. But they nevertheless harbour a desire to fit in and will be useful to any group who gets past their appearance. They will have a slender body with a candid face. Their head will droop, and they will appear genial look in their eyes. They will have some small features such as the ears and thin lips

Acquisitio in the Twelfth house

Acquisto in this house suggests an increase of solitude, working alone, and meditation. If a person is in prison or hospital, they are not going to leave anytime soon.  On the plus side, a person will still feel happy and okay.

Acquisitio magnifies the concepts of mystery that surround you and any limitations you might have set yourself. This might make things difficult for you if you are trying to see the wood for the trees.

It is favourable for acts of spiritual sacrifice and selfless acts of service.  You will receive good luck and blessings each time you make a sacrifice for others.  The more you give to others, the more you earn.  It is also suitable for those who what to know if their visions or astral scrying are real or not.

It confirms that a person has many powerful or potent enemies and that these are increasing in power (and might be making some magical attacks).  Employees who have left the company shall return, stolen cars shall be found or returned.

Acquisto in the Twelfth house could represent a person with dimples on their face and light blue eyes but dark hair. They will have a womanly physique with stocky legs and thighs.