Geomancy magical questions
Geomancy magical questions

Geomancy magical questions

There has been a long running problem in using Geomancy to work out the results of rituals and magic.  I have been playing around with Hellenic astrology for a while now and I think I have found the answer.

The Hellenic system has two houses for magic the House of the Goddess (third) and the House of the God (ninth). The house of the Goddess is more about the structures of religion, priesthoods, temples etc while the God is more ideas, spirit etc. It occurred to me that the house of the Goddess is the form and the God is that of spiritual force.

So a geomancy question about how will this initiation work? will be answered in the ninth house but if you want to know about how the person will fit into your group it will be the third house.

The same applies to other magical geomancy questions.  The third house will tell you about the ritual itself (Is this ritual written well enough to turn my boss into a pig?) the nineth will tell you about its effects (will this ritual turn my boss into a pig?).

The Geomancy symbols Albus and Conjunctio are important in magical questions Albus is connected to the house of the Goddess (theory of magic) while Conjunctio is the house of the God (Practical magic).  Via and Populus are connected to the house of the goddess and Fortuna Major and Minor are connected to the house of the God.

This means that you should watch if those symbols turn up in a reading and where.  Albus will be a hard worker in a third house reading and will fit in, they will be less useful in a 10th house reading. Conjuncto will be a good practical magican in a 10th house reading but will be more inclined to follow their own star in a third house reading.  Populus and Via will be good in third house readings (populus means they will follow the traditions, Via says they will go through the process) Fortuna Major and Minor in the 10th show the degree of success.

Need to do some more testing on it but so far it appears to work

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