Invocation to Mercury
Invocation to Mercury

Invocation to Mercury

Written to fulfil a vow to Mercury for intervening for me. Feel free to attract his attention with it. 

Invocation to Mercury 

I call upon the great translator of the word from which all creation was formed. Mind of the One Thing

Come forth from you home in Of Mount Kyllene in Arkadia. Be present amongst your sheep, of which you are the great shepherd. 

 Come forth Champion of Akakesion who rules the marketplace and the crafts. Who teaches the way of business, and upon whom all fortune rests.

 Guide, Minister, Messenger who brings the highest to the lowest, and the lowest to the throne of the One Thing. 

Messenger of the Blessed Ones who holds the map of the universe in your caduceus and knows the all the ways, even to the darkest Hades. 

Guardian of the three-fold cross-roads, Slayer of Argos, the Trickster, Contriver whose mind and tongue can destroy all. Wily, Shifting, Many-Turning, is your name, patron of writers and magicians. 

 I will invoke thee by thy name ERINNES, the giver of good fortune for that is what you have done, and I will tell others of your powers so that they shall lean upon thee as I have.

 For you are a god amongst gods, one of the seven mighty ones.

 Come forth Pronaos and lead us into the portico of your Mysteries.