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I have been meaning to say for a while now that I am no longer involved with Kerubim Press.  I had a peripheral involvement when the publishing house started and that mostly with layouts.  
It was the vision of Dean Wilson from the start.  It is going really well with lots of new titles and authors coming and I am not needed. I wish it well for the future.  


  1. Yeah, I saw the claim that you were self-published (several writers’ guilds would say otherwise)–I thought it was funny considering their own masterpiece has all the earmarks of being self-published, and they cite it all the time as the best book ever.

  2. Kerubim was never my company which is why it is carrying on very well without me 🙂 I have never needed to self-publish a book in my life. It must be very sad for those who can’t get their work recognised. However in modern times it is a particularly sensible option — you simply make more money on the deal. If you sell 4000 copies of a book through a recognized publisher you would be lucky to collect $4000 for your work (over six or seven years). Self published you could collect half to sixty percent of the cover price. The old vanity press did not really work because it worked out you were saddled with 1000 copies of an expensive book in your house. With print on demand you don’t have this problem. I was thinking of using it to publish course material or more specialist books which might not have a market to sell more than 600 copies and it will still be worthwhile

  3. Anonymous


    If you go to page 435 of the Commentator Biographies of Commentaries of The Golden Dawn Flying Rolls, it states:

    “Nick Farrell is one of the Chiefs of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea which emphases magical development and inner traditions within the Golden Dawn system. Having started his magical path in the 1980s, he has worked with those who were members of the last Golden Dawn Order to close its doors, Whare Ra. Has been a member of Servants of the Light, a founder member of Pharos, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the United Kingdom. A writer and journalist, he has written a large number of books on magic, the Golden pawn and its history. He is a regular contributor to Hermetic Virtues magazine and the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition.”

    On page 439 of the Commentator Biographies of Commentaries of The Golden Dawn Flying Rolls, it states:

    “Frater Yeehidah is a journalist, author, Gnostic and Golden Dawn magician. He has previously worked with the Order of the Sons and Daughters of Light, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and the Magical Order of Aurora Aurea, and is now a member of the Ancient and Honourable Order of the Golden Dawn. His first non-fiction book Enochian Magic in Theory was published in February 2012, with its sequel Enochian Magic in Practice due out in 2014. He set up the Golden Dawn Forum ( and keeps a Golden Dawn blog entitled Mishkan ha-Echad ( He also established the independent occult publisher Kerubim Press. He lives in Dublin, Ireland.”

    Notice it states that Dean Wilson not Nick Farrell established the independent occult publisher Kerubim Press. Why did you or not someone like Morgan point this out?
    This is a better defense than the blog entry you initially wrote and I am not a part of the Golden Dawn Community nor would I ever want to be. Has anyone thoroughly read Commentaries of The Golden Dawn Flying Rolls?

    Why doesn’t Dean clarify this with wikipedia so the entry can be updated?

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