Occult Conjunctions
Occult Conjunctions

Occult Conjunctions

In modern geomancy, it is possible to have a conjunction where the Querent (or the quested) moves behind or in front of the quested. These have the same positive value and are seen as helping “perfect” the chart.

However, Cattan was specific about his conjunctions. He said that either the Querent or Quested had to move into the company of the other for it to take place. This means that in the case of a relationship reading, the Querent would have to move to the eighth House, or the Quested would have to move to the second. Cattan implies that a move by the Querent to the Sixth House or the quested to the 12th would be ignored.

However, this is unlikely as a move so close to the proximity of the figure desired should indicate something. But this does not mean that modern Geomancers are entirely correct. Not moving into the company of the other figure would break some of Cattan’s rules.

I suggest that there is a new category called occult conjunction where the Querent or quested’s figure moves next to the other but does not form a company.

When this happens, the figure making the conjunction takes an action, but it is unseen by the other. It brings the same benefits as a customary conjunction (and must be understood in terms of positive and negative figures). Still, either the Querent or Quested is unaware of it happening.  

I call it an occult conjunction because occult means hidden.

It is easy to see in a relationship reading. If the question is “Does she love me?” and the Querent moves to the sixth House, the occult conjunction means that the Quested unconsciously loves the Querent. If it were the other way around, it would mean that the Quested does love the Querent, who is oblivious to what they are doing.

Other houses are a little more complex. Taken literally, if there is a “Will I pass the exam?” ninth-house question, the Querent must move to the eighth House to get an occult conjunction. If that happened, the quested (the exam) would be unaware that the Querent would pass. What is more likely is that the exam has accidentally been written with everything that the Querent has studied (which is lucky). If the occult conjunction happened the other way around (with the exam moving into the 12th House), the Querent has unconsciously gained all the information they need to pass.