When bad is good in geomancy relationship readings.
When bad is good in geomancy relationship readings.

When bad is good in geomancy relationship readings.

Geomancy has two terrible signs Rubus and Carcer, which on the face of it, would be terrible for a relationship. Both are malefic in astrology Rubus is seen as mars and conflict, and carcer is associated with Saturn, confinement, and death.

But while both are astrologically malefic, they had their good sides and if they were well placed, and in the right questions could produce good things and some of the reasons why these planets have such a bad press is because of cultural norms.

Let us look at Rubeus, which is Mars in Scorpio.  This is a substantial sexual and passionate force. It can also be a drive towards spirituality.   While it can be a violent relationship with arguments, it tends to show up intense partnerships (or magical partnerships, which is why they often have difficulty lasting). In ancient and medieval minds sexually, emotional relationships were not a good thing and usually the fruit of scandal. There was no logic to this sort of relation, no guarantees or property benefits.  But now it is possible to have intense sexual relationships as a couple with very little in the way of saying they are wrong.

Another possibility is that Scorpio has the concept of secrecy and therefore, they might be clandestine (for many different reasons).  It can also be part of a very energic goal-orientated couple who get stuff done both in their respective careers, lives, as well as each other.  It might be a couple which competes or who are daring and take risks.

Carcer was associated with Saturn in Capricorn.  One of the positive aspects of Saturn was the ability to endure, he provided responsibility, and he was associated with agriculture and structures.  One of the biggest ironies is that when people ask for relationship readings they usually are asking “is this person the one.” Saturn and Capricorn are saying this is a serious relationship for adults.  The idea of being married and living together is a Saturnian restriction.  Carcer can even be a wedding ring.

So let us look at example. A person is involved in a passionate and relationship. He likes the person but is worried that they will not commit to him.  He asks the question: “Is this a serious relationship?” The mothers he draws are Acquisitio, Conjuctio, Laetitia and Populus.  The Left Witness is Albus, and the Right Witness is Puella, The Judge is Carcer. So the querent is in love (Venus), and the relationship is a sharing of minds (Albus is apt because he is older than his partner).  Carcer here could mean that it is limited and cannot go further, but there is some hope Albus and Puella are positive symbols so even if Carcer usually is negative it is possible to see some form of commitment here.  In fact the reconciler is Fortuna Minor which suggests the relationship is positive.  Given the question, the answer is yes this is a serious relationship.

When projected onto a chart, The first house is Aquistio (Gain). The person gains from the relationship.  The seventh house is Rubeus which would suggest the passionate relationship he is having with this person AND showing the Mars in Scorpio signs of insecurity typical of that.  The chart completes though a translation of Fortuna Minor  in the 12th and sixth house. So the answer to the question is yes.

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  1. Mat

    Very interesting post. Personally I don’t see Carcer as that terrible, especially in questions of commitment (unless it’s a commitment you wanna get away from, in which case you’re eff’d). However, the more I study this system, the more I realize that benefics and malefics are decided more by context than by the abstract nature of the figure. For instance, in case of diet, Acquisitio is a problem, and so can be Conjunctio (getting back what you have lost). If you want some rain to water your crops, Laetitia in the tenth is very malefic, as D’Abano remarked, etc.
    It’s just that with Rubeus, there’s few contexts where I’d see it as positive

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