Murdering Moons
Murdering Moons

Murdering Moons

A large chunk of murders are committed for “emotional” reasons so your moon in your chart could give you a clue for the type of crime you might commit

Moon in Leo

A Moon in Leo needs to be told they are wonderful at least three times a day or they get sick.  They will murder anyone who have shown disrespect and expect praise from the police for how they did it.

Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer tend to be “quiet type” who suddenly snaps over a boundary dispute and chainsaws their neighbour into little pieces in their specially soundproofed basement.

Moon in Aquarius

Aquarian moon attempts to reform society, but because they don’t like people that much, they prefer to do it through sniper’s scope from a nest built a mile away.

Moon in Scorpio

A Scorpio moon means, if you kill an enemy, you sometimes have the urge to dig them up again and see if their state of decomposition is what you intended.

Moon in Capricorn

A Capricorn moon would kill someone for jumping the queue and cheerfully spend their prison sentence getting their cell precisely right.

Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces is more likely to be the murder victim. In a violent situation, a Moon in Pisces will go to pieces too much to do anything useful. Instead, they will get depressed and kill themselves to avoid making a scene.

Moon in Aries

A Moon in Aries is likely to rip out someone’s throat with their bare hands or strangle their victims to death with their own entrails.  They are usually the first person the police arrest because they are covered with blood and yet will have forgotten all about the incident within seconds.

Moon in Libra.

A Moon in Libra will spend years planning the perfect murder and then bottle out of it at the last minute due to indecision.  They tend to try to make friends with their victims and have an inbuilt desire to confess to crimes they did not commit

 Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius is more likely to kill someone by accident and come up with such a piss-poor excuse that people will assume its is murder. They have a tendency to leave their footprints at the crime scene or fingerprints, where they checked the fridge for snacks.

Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus is likely to murder someone for wearing a loud shirt in a built-up area or being too tall or thin.  A moon in Taurus will always put down plastic on the floor before killing someone to avoid a mess on the carpet.

Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo is fond of planning the crime but too neurotic to do it themselves and prefer using hired muscle.  They are likely to blow a fuse and kill a partner. This row might be about a loo seat being left up or the cap not being on the toothpaste.

Moon in Gemini

Moon in Gemini is a Jekyll and Hyde character who surprises their friends and neighbours by being wanted by the police for a grisly axe murder. Superficially friendly and chatty no one would think they have such a crime in them.