A Golden Dawn Lingo translation guide
A Golden Dawn Lingo translation guide

A Golden Dawn Lingo translation guide

A long time ago a friend of mine Clive Harper published a list of what people in the Servants of the Light really meant when they said certain phrases.  I thought I would update it for the Golden Dawn tradition. I might add to it

What Golden Dawn people mean when they say the following things:
This is a Golden Dawn oral tradition:  I made it up.

  • This is a Golden Dawn tradition:  Don’t blame me I didn’t make it up.
  • This is a Cabbalistic tradition:  Don’t blame me, god made it up.
  • The Golden Dawn used to do it this way:  My old temple used to do it this way.
  • They are an independent order: No one wants to go near them.
  • They are an independent temple:  We only count them as members when we want to look like a big order.
  • We have a Golden Dawn lineage: Our chief once met Israel Regardie in a bar.
  • We are the only ones with a Golden Dawn lineage: We have no lineage.
  • We do not care about Golden Dawn lineage: We have no lineage.
  • We have AO lineage: We do not think you are quick enough to research that we have no Golden Dawn lineage.
  • We follow Paul Foster-Case’s approach to the Golden Dawn: We hide in the cellar when any mentions anything about Enochian.
  • We follow Anne Davies approach to the Golden Dawn:  We claim that we are the successors to the Golden Dawn in the hope that people will join us.
  • We follow Chic Cicero’s approach to the Golden Dawn:  We have the biggest and prettiest wands.
  • We take an Alchemical Approach to the Golden Dawn: We don’t know what we are doing so we cover it up with impenetrable quasi-alchemical terms which sound good and mean nothing.
  • We prefer to follow a Wiccan approach: We do not do exams and our chief adept has been arrested for indecent exposure.
  • We follow the Sun approach:  We don’t care who rules us so long as she has big tits.
  • We follow a more pagan approach:  Our meetings start two hours late.
  • We teach sex magic in the higher grades:  If you are pretty, you will go from 0=0 to 7=4 in a year and be sexually assaulted by the Chief Adept or the second Adept in the post ritual Jacuzzi.
  • We are Open Source:  We never do anything unless it has been blessed by Richard Stallman.
  • We follow the masonic approach:  Our temple members are all over 60, we don’t do godforms or magic, we have a dinner afterwards and refer to women as “the ladies.”
  • They are influenced by Crowley:  They have wife-swapping parties after temple.
  • They are overly influenced by Crowley: They have wife-swapping parties after temple and never invited me.
  • It is in the black brick edition:    I am making it up and do not want you to check.
  • It is in the doorstop edition:  I am making it up and really do not want you to check.
  • It is in Zalewski’s book: I am making it up and I really, really do not want you to check.
  • (S)He performs black magic:  He performs actual magic and it scares the shit out of us.
  • (S)He is taking a sabbatical:  He was caught poking one of his students and is having to lay low for a while.
  • (S)He has been told to practice the Abramelin method and report back: We wanted to expel him/her but we thought it was better to tell them to do this and hope they never came back.
  • I am the re-incarnation of Mathers and you are the re-incarnation of Mina: I really hope you are impressed, do not know your history and want to sleep with me.
  • We agree with what Regardie said about psychotherapy before joining:  You are nuts and need a lot of therapy before we let you in.  
  • All our new teaching is in the 6=5 and 7=4:  We are using photocopies from the Regardie book, the only people who hold 6=5 and 7=4 are the Chief adept and his mate and it will take you 20 years before you find out and by then we will have shifted all the secret teaching to the 8=3.
  • The answer to your question is above your grade:  I don’t know.
  • This ritual was above your grade: Who the hell let you do the bornless one?
  • That was a hard ritual: God I need a drink.
  • That was a heavy pathworking:  I dozed off in the middle what happened?
  • It is unusual for us to get that effect:  The candidate’s head does not normally rotate and nor does ever get hit by projectile vomit.
  • That was an unusual method of consecration: We didn’t think anyone could get the stolisties cup up there.
  • We normally don’t allow the Heirus to do the sign of the enterer on the circumambulation: The sheshkababed hegemon and Kerux was difficult to explain to the nice policeman.
  • (S)He fails to understand Golden Dawn history:  (S)He does not do what I tell him.
  • (S)he does not respect the Order: (S)He fails to see how I ever got a 7=4.
  • He is autocratic: I am autocratic.


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    X is the true inheritor of the Golden Dawn Tradition, Crowley reborn; advancing the Western Mystery Tradition into the 21st Century and probably the greatest living Magus: I am crudely fashioned from something in X’s sock draw.

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