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6 thoughts on “ takes orders for Mathers’ Last Secret

  1. Read it. Interesting rituals. Weak commentary. It’s unfortunate that an author who does not understand Freemasonry feels equipped to comment on it.

  2. So, then, why do you downplay the value of masonic initiation so much in your commentary. I do understand that it is different, but I don’t believe it is ineffectual.

  3. Because you cannot compare like with like. A masonic initiation is interesting and moving… (you can tell what is being stimulated). A magical one, done properly, hits every part of you.
    Masonic is more gentle and probably effective over a longer time. A magical initiation should be much more intense and its effects more sudden.
    It is difficult to describe if you have not been in a decent magical initiation. The book talks about how the GD started with a similar approach to masonry… then it became more magical. I think that it reached its height with Whare Ra and to a lesser extent with Brodie Innes’s AO.

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