Book of the Tomb
Book of the Tomb

Book of the Tomb

The Book of the Tomb, which was an AO collection of documents about the vault is now down-loadable on my site.
It is previously unpublished and appears to come from the British AO around 1921. It has a lot of interesting stuff in it. A paper from Westcott which was badly hacked in Regardie’s GD and some writings and artwork from Brodie-Innes.
I have laid it out with the original diagrams and retyped it so it is readable. It is now an open source document which means that you can share it about but if you use it you have to quote me… and you are not allowed to use it to make any cash on your own. 🙂


  1. Hi Nick,

    thanks for this. It is very interesting for many reasons. Great decision.

    It is such a shame that you have been painted as a devil for this – still you have the right name 🙂


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