David Griffin flips his lid over King over the Water
David Griffin flips his lid over King over the Water

David Griffin flips his lid over King over the Water

King over the Water had been getting good reviews from a  large number of people who I did not know and I was feeling pretty pleased. I also had the nod from some of the more serious scholars in the occult community that it was a very good history.  Then over night three “one star”reviews appeared on Amazon. The people who made the posts were known associates from David Griffin’s AO. This was a bit of a surprise to me as one of them included his wife who he claimed had nothing to do with the AO or the Golden Dawn.  It was also strange because David and his group had been surprisingly friendly lately and I hoped that his days of bogus legal threats and online defamation where over.
 Anyway tt was clear that neither David’s wife nor one person had read the book and another one had not got passed the introduction.  The latter made a startling impassioned claim that David was the “real deal” nor is he running a personality cult. I guess a personality cult follower would order his followers to attack people online where as a spritual follower of Maat would rely on the universe to do it for him.
Now any of you who might have read King over the Water might be aware, I do not mention David Griffin and his Order anywhere in the book. That is because my book is a history of Mathers and the Golden Dawn and is not interested in modern reconstructions of it. The cult of personality thing hardly applies to David but it does apply to another group that at one time claimed to be the only descendant of the AO which he knows very well about (it is fairly obvious if you read the context).
Anyway David posted in one of his Order news letters the following order:

Carete Fratres et Sorores,

Most of you are already aware that for nearly two decades now, our order has been under nearly constant attack. We have been sued in court in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent us from continuing to even call ourselves Golden Dawn. We have been attacked with defamation on a host of websites, fora, and blogs belonging to leaders of other Golden Dawn orders nearly non-stop for 20 years.

I am sad to report that the defamation attacks have now spread to published books as well. Two years ago, at the same time that he founded a Golden Dawn order he calls the Magical Order of Aurora Aurorae, Nick Farrell published the hitherto secret Alpha et Omega initiation rituals.

The egregore of a magical order is like the roots of the plant. In the same manner that a plant depends on having its roots safely buried in the darkness where they can draw sustenance from the Earth, a Hermetic order depends on the secrecy of its practices and its rites of initiation.

Therefore, in response to Farrell’s attack, to protect the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order gave the Alpha et Omega new magick and mysteries for our Second Order to replace the material that Farrell published in attempting to destroy our order. They also assisted me to revise all of our initiation rituals so that they would be safe from Farrell’s evil as well. Of course, Nick Farrell denies that there was any attack on the Fratres et Sorores of the Alpha et Omega and pretends that he was only doing a “service to the Golden Dawn community” in publishing the A.O. rituals.

Nick Farrell, with the release of his latest book, however, can no longer hide behind this flimsy excuse for attacking every single member of our order. In the introduction to this new book, Nick Farrell writes:

“By the end of the 20th Century this availability of [Golden Dawn] information enabled various reenactment groups to be established. Some of these groups are sound… Unfortunately, other groups border on religious or political cults, typically centered on a single leader…. Typically such groups claim a link to that section of the Golden Dawn Order known as the Alpha et Omega or AO.”

With this open attack on the reputaton of each and every one of the good brothers and sisters of our order, the thousands of initiates of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, Nick Farrell has slipped up and exposed his covert attempts to destroy our order for what they are.

Let there be no doubt about it.

The above is defamation pure and simple. The Rosicrucian Order Alpha et Omega is certainly not a personality cult. In fact, I go out of my way to keep my personality out out of the forefront of our order’s teachings. In fact, I rarely even teach in our classroom to avoid this problem. Moreover, our Second Order is a true Rosicrucian College of the Adepti. Finally, none of you have ever heard me, even once, putting my own personality ahead of the teachings of our order.

In the A.O., it is the spiritual development of our members that is placed in the forefront, not the personality of any one person. For Nick Farrell to claim otherwise in a published book is an offense against every single brother and sister of the Alpha et Omega.

For Nick Farrell to falsely suggest in a printed book that our order is a political or religious cult is beyond offensive.

These flame war attacks against our order have gone on more than long enough. Nick Farrell owes a personal and public apology in book form to every single member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega.

I have been fighting relentlessly for nearly 20 years to defend the reputation of our order. There is, however, only so much that I can do alone. The time has come for all of the good brothers and sisters of the Alpha et Omega to step up to the plate and to assist me to defend the reputation of our order as well as the reputation of each and every one of you. The time has come break your silence and speak out with our entire host of loud voices against this travesty of injustice that is being perpetrated by Nick Farrell against every single member of this order.

For nearly two decades I have born nearly the entire responsibility for the defense of the reputation of our order on my shoulders alone. In 20 years, I have never even once previously issued a general appeal for assistance to defend our order’s reputation of the members of our order.

This time, however, Nick Farrell has gone too far. Let us remember that a rose also has thorns, and that thorns also are quite necessary to protect the roots of the rose, without which there would be no beauty or perfume.

I urge you, therefore, to take the following three concrete actions:

1. First of all, I urge you to boycott purchasing any or Nick Farrell’s books until he withdraws his attacks on our order from publication.

2. More importantly, I urge you to go Amazon.Com. Look up Nick Farrell’s “King Over the Water” and “Mathers Last Secret” and give each of these books attacking our order an extremely negative review, exposing Nick Farrell’s flame war against our order and demanding that Farrell pull his defamatory statements out of print and end his attacks on the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn once and for all.

3. I further urge you also to go to each of Farrell’s other books and post reviews demanding that Farrell pull King Over the Water out of print and that he publicly apologize for his defamatory statements to each and every member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega.

In this way, we will not only make our voices heard in the true strength of our numbers. We will also punish Nick Farrell for his attacks in the place he loves most – his wallett.

After all, it is money that lies at the root of Nick Farrell’s attacks on all of the good brothers and sisters of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega and of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Isis
GH Frater Lux ex Septentrionis
Imperator, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Archon Basileus, Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega

You might wonder why the chief of an order who claims to be constantly the victim of a flame war might be ordering his members to attack me for publishing a book which records a history  stops in the 1940s with the death of the AO. Is there something in that history which shows that David’s own history is made up?
The book David Griffin is trying to ban.
You might wonder what it is about the truth in this book which has got David Griffin and his order so riled up. When you find out what it is can you tell me?
Now I should remind readers that David Griffin has on this blog threatened to take all my books, scan them and distribute them. You have to ask yourself, is this the sort of person who is showing any degree of spiritual maturity? Is this someone who would be picked by spiritual forces to lead other people to the light? The short answer is that I do not know, but I do think that if I was a member of his order I would be questioning why I was a member of group that attacks another person for writing a book he does not agree with.
No chief that asks their members to act as their personal brown shirts to take down information which should be in the hands of the wider Golden Dawn community can be take seriously.
This is not the Golden Dawn tradition nor is this magic.  


  1. Yeah, I noticed the malicious reviews this morning – what a bunch of plonkers. I think it will have the opposite effect to that which is intended though because they simply make themselves look stark raving bonkers. It’s a lot of incoherent ranting and raging and nobody will mistake it for a genuine review.

  2. Sr VL

    I thought it was understood that the flame wars were rather pointless.

    Why start this rumor mongering up again now?

    Tell me, an A+O initiate, why you are doing this?

    What is the benefit?

    If you are, as you say, not attacking the A+O, then I am sure that you can provide the answers to the questions that have been posed here and elsewhere…

  3. David the evidence shows you ordering members of your order to attack me, my company, my book and my order. You have made similar threats before publicly. This is exactly the sorts of Orders that Robert Zink used to give his troops only he had a lot more than you do.

  4. What seems to have rattled David Griffin’s chain is his assumption that I was referring to his order as a cult. He is now saying there is no cult like behaviour in the Modern Golden Dawn. Does that mean that what he said about Robert Zink running a cult was untrue? Is he forgetting that at one point Robert was calling his order the AO?

  5. David your attempt at political fudging is amateur. You keep forgetting what I do for a living and in the field of people I have dealt with you are a novice.
    So to get back to the real issue…. Did you David Griffin, a professed 7=4, order your group to attack me, my order and my book online?
    I posted the evidence online of your attack on me… it is up to you to justify your actions to the Golden Dawn community. YOu have set yourself up as an example of spiritual leader… at what point did you think it was moral to order people to attack another person?

  6. Anonymous

    “By the end of the 20th Century this availability of information enabled various reenactment groups to be established. Some of these groups are sound… Unfortunately, other groups border on religious or political cults, typically centered on a single leader…. Typically such groups claim a link to that section of the Golden Dawn Order known as the Alpha et Omega or AO.”

    So by you questioning this statement David you are openly admitting that your group is a re-enactment group and not directly connected to the AO?

  7. @VL This morning I woke up to the news that David had issued orders to his troops to flame me, my order and my group online. He told his troops to flood Amazon and post one star reviews in the hope of suppressing the book. I did not seem to do anything. If you read the book it does not contain any of the things that David claims. It is a history of the GD and the AO that does not mention him that is all. I would argue that since he had not been born when the AO shut that would be a fair conclusion. The point in the both books was that no one knew anything about the AO until my book came out so it was possible to say what you like about it. Several groups existed which claimed to have connections to the original AO and yet they were using Regardie rituals and teachings. One big order was a big scam to remove money from its members claiming lineage from the American AO. Give that David had a long list of bogus outfits on his site at one point he should understand this.

  8. Answer the question David. Did you order your troops to attack me, my book, my business and order.
    Did you not start a flame war by ordering an attack on me?
    Until you start answering the questions I will start cutting off your comments

  9. Wow Nick, you hit a sore spot with them. They don’t like being called out in public with their secret orders. Griffin always assume you are talking about him and his order. I find it funny that he chose to say his is not a personality cult at the same time exhibiting a huge ego and making everything personal. If he didn’t act like such a wanker most people wouldn’t pay him any attention. And it does appear one of his supporting posters has the exact same writing style as his (wanker-ese). How many times can they continue to insult everyone else, then turn around when they dig up quotes from others that they always assume is about them and say everyone else has started the flamewar. Even if someone is just responding to their initial insults they are then accused of starting a flame war. I really can’t believe everyone can’t see through it all.

  10. You only need to explain this one, single paragraph. What is so difficult about that? Why will you not give any of us a straight answer? And since SR is here and you know him, you cant accuse us all of being trolls like your anonymous friends that keep attacking our order on this blog week after week.

    1. It has been explained several times and you are not listening. I guess that when you were caught out ordering an online defamation campaign you were ashamed and your only response is to attack.
      The fact that you refuse to answer my questions about did you order your people to smear me, my order and my business means that you agree with the evidence that I have presented that shows you are operating your wicca Golden Dawn style order in a similar manner to Zink and that you are using the Internet to re-enforce your flaccid ego. While I doubt that you are doing it all for the cash, as Zink appeared to be, I feel that you have deep need to have your fantasy of importance re-enforced by what ever means you have at your disposal. If you examine your own blog you will not find a single item of teaching, you will find lots of posts about how important you and your order is. You will also find lots of posts attacking other groups.
      As far as I am aware you invoked Maat and your emails where you order members to attack me were leaked by people in your own order. It seems that divine justice has ruled on you and your antics. Any pretense you have to status within the Golden Dawn community, if it ever existed, is now null and void.
      You will also be interested to know that since your attacks the sales of King over the Water have increased dramatically. It seems your attempts to use the internet to suppress the real history of the AO have backfired. Normally when a chief leads his group to such an embarrassing point of its history they have to do the decent thing and resign. I trust for the sake of your small, but vocal, AO/wicca group you will do the decent thing.

  11. Oh I welcome it I am doing the same thing David. I just felt your repetitive refusal to answer the question alarming particularly when you were caught threatening me, my order, book and business. Your secret chiefs must be deeply shocked at your antics.
    The fact that you were pretending to be lots of different people annoying. (BTW someone else pointed that one out for me).
    So I have to stick the whole thread on moderation until I can find some more reasoned posts. Perhaps one where you say sorry for ordering your group to attack me, my order, book and business would be a start.

  12. Sr VL

    @Nick Farrell, I see.

    So if the book was not referencing the modern A+O, then I don’t really get what you were intending in the intro.

    There you talk about late 20th Century groups.

    1. Hi VL
      I think you should read the context rather than David’s spin. The intro is fairly clear. Because there was a lack of information about the real AO it allowed various modern groups to be set up based around what ever their chiefs wanted. They could say, because no one knew what the AO really was that what ever they said it was was true. They could also pretend that the AO was the real Golden Dawn because it had Mathers who was more magical and connected to the secret chiefs.
      King over the Water and Mathers Last Secret showed the AO’s rituals and history and meant that these mythcians could no longer use the AO for their nefarious purposes.

  13. Anonymous

    Dear David

    If I may address you as such, as I am not sure which persona I am dealing with. I am deeply sorry that Nick’s study of the AO does not include you but he was hamstrung in this case due to the fact you have provided no proof by way of documentation as to what you received, your history in studying the AO, from your AO antecedents and the lineage of your antecedents. You have been asked to provide this many times but so far you have not done so and without proof you could not be included. This is the only way any evaluation can be ascertained.

    Placing the quality of documentation received as proof does not really go in any direction as the question would have to be asked as to who wrote it, check them out and how it came into your hands. For example, you could have picked any documents up from a library. So this prevents any accusations such as this occurring.

    It could argued that you are lining up Italian Wiccan priest Bosco Sacro as your Third Order contact Frater LET? This would make Wicca as the GD Third Order with fantasized lineage from Egypt and Rome. The jewel in the crown being the sexual act of the Great Rite as your Third Order link.

    I am sure Nick and many others would gladly include you in any lineage once your bona fides have been established. Consider this an invitation to place this information on your website.

  14. Fairly childish of you both to attack each other. I welcome you both as my friends and I take no side. If you do not like each other, or what the other one of you do, then simply ignore each other and focus on your own work. Time is precious, use it wisely, not foolishly.

    -Frater Maggador

  15. Hi Nick, I am uncertain what the benefit or profit is in your posting, regarding the Golden Dawn Order i am associated with is? or even tired old David Griffin saga !? I once heard a question: ‘who is more foolish, the fool or the person who agrues with a fool?’ Not that I am applying that either your nor David are fools, but I think their is a wisdom in the question somewhere 🙂 Nevertheless I enjoyed your book ‘King over Water’ which I purchased, only kicked myself for not waiting for the reprint. Thanks for making the book and your options available. Cheers – Lenny.

    1. Hi Lenny
      I did not attack David at all. Yesterday someone in his group leaked me a secret instruction he made to attack King over the Water online and sure enough three one star reviews appeared from people who had not read the book.
      You have Mathers Last Secret which is the ritual. King over the Water is the history of the AO and Mathers. I wrote King about five years ago and updated at the beginning of the year with new information which came to hand from the various GD scholars out there who supported my researches. I think you will like it. It is the only history of the GD which looks at Mathers and his decisions as a magician. Howe and that tend to wade into him as an autocratic nutcase. I do not think Mathers was stable, but I think his inability to create new material was for magical and not psychological reasons.

  16. Anonymous


    I really enjoyed the book immensely. Very informative. I’m sure you knew you’d take some flak. So thanks. The majority
    of us truly appreciate your efforts. Dave antics are a page put of the Bob Zink playbook.


  17. Anonymous

    Look, I was a member of Zink’s order for a long time, and Zink was a twit. He used people and kept us from advancing in the Golden Dawn. Now that I’m out, I thank God that there are materials to study on my own.

    Griffin acts EXACTLY like Zink. They could be spiritual twins. I salute you for writing the book, Nick, because at very least maybe some of Griffin’s order’s members will read it and start to think for themselves.

    But don’t get yourself in knots about Griffin. He’s not worth it. He’s a small man with a huge ego getting off on trying to enslave the minds of others — you can only do that for so long before people start to wake up, and when they do, Griffin will find himself in the same place Zink is now.

    You should just feel proud of yourself because you’re trying to advance the truth, Nick, and just stop listening to Griffin. Nothing he says can ever add value or life, not until he grows up.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, I knew Zink for a long time too. He was and is just like Griffin. That is *exactly* why they fought like a married couple for over a decade! In fact, a great idea comes to mind: Why don’t David Griffin and Robert Zink go somewhere like Massachusetts and get married? They could then take a nice little romantic trip to Paris and work things out in a hotel near Mather’s old place. Who knows? They might just mellow out and settle in together and not have so much time to bother everyone else.

      Just a thought… Maybe David’s real tensions are about something else entirely…

  18. Anonymous

    This is ridiculous. Let the buffoon scan and distribute your books and you’ll have a very good way to get rid of him. “Imperator”… bah…

  19. Note how Farrell even here attacked the Alpha et Omega by leaving all of the comments attacking our order and removing all of the responses. This is par for the course for this tabloid journalist rumor mongering sutter sniping slime bag.

    So, Farrell, when will you give us a straight answer?

    What “political or religious Alpha et Omega cult” and the end ot the 20th Century are you talking about on page 15 of your book where you attack thousands of of your Golden Dawn brothers and sisters in the AO?

    1. You keep repeating page 15 paragraph two which says

      “By the tail end of the 20th Century this availability of information
      enabled various re-enactment groups to be established. Some of
      these groups are sound, with membership dedicated to performing
      the laudable goals of self-development and spiritual awakening.
      Unfortunately, other groups border on religious or political cults,
      typically centred upon a single leader.”

      By what deranged logic do you think that means you and your order?

    2. Anonymous

      You don’t specifically call out Griffin and his order in the text. It does say a lot of David that he responds to the statement as if you do specifically mention him. What has happened is that you have unintentionally placed a mirror in front of David, and he doesn’t like what he sees.

    3. Anonymous

      If you are not a reconstructionist why take offence? and even if you are why take offence anyways? who really cares? You delete any posts from your blog that you feel inappropriate, i know because you have deleted many of mine. Are you not the pot calling the kettle black. Get over yourself!.

  20. Hi Nick,

    I go away to the country for a couple of days and miss all this. 39 comments and most having to be removed, what fun is that?

    Seriously though, I am flabbergasted. I am assuming, because of your past accuracy, your source for the newsletter quoted above is sound. If so, these tactics of consciously asking members to create bad reviews are lower than snake poop. I actually, cannot believe a 7=4 leader would do such a thing. It boggles me mind.

    Anyway, as one reviewer on Amazon whose motives were questioned, I just want to point out, that my review was based totally on the material alone. As you know. I am not a personal friend, we do not belong to the same orders and most of our interaction has been in the public forums. When you talked about certain modern groups being dysfunctional and claiming lineage to the original AO I did assume it was David’s group. There are many groups I could think of that would fit your description. Why David would assume you talked about his group specifically is interesting to say the least.

    I do hope this attack upon your work and yourself has not unduly upset you. There is no call for such actions, from anyone, let alone a emissary of the Secret Chiefs.

  21. whoops, as often happens in a rush… i should have written “When you talked about certain modern groups being dysfunctional and claiming lineage to the original AO I did NOT assume it was David’s group.” The context of the following sentence should make it clear, as comments on other forums. Sorry 🙂

  22. This is reminiscent of of Robert Zink back in 2000, he CONSTANTLY talked about being under attacked and told his troops (I was one) to “defend” the order….now I am reading the same vitriol from David Griffen…it is upsetting and embarrassing for ALL members and practitioners of the GD system. We look to the adepts to guide and shape us as we travel along this path, to see such online antics gives us an idea of what lies up the path if being an adept results in petty disputes such as this. The Ego should be dissolving as we evolve on the path…not inflating.
    En Pax Fraters et Sorors,
    Puer Aeternus

  23. Anonymous

    Looks to me like a conspiracy to defame you, Nick. It’s reprehensible, IMHO.

    Interesting to read the ‘review’ (sic) contributed by Leslie ‘as an academic and trained anthropologist’ McQuade repeating her tired mantra. Still wondering at my apparent inability to find any contribution by a person of that name to the peer-reviewed journals listed in Anthropology Plus or AnthroSource. I must be doing something wrong.

  24. Anonymous

    My Dear SR

    You really must bring the comprehension factor into reading my posts, especially Bourke not being a temple officer who participated in rituals in either Serapis or Bourkon’s temple. The point being was not that he issued certificates but he did not initiate through AO rituals or teachings.

    One cannot be distracted like a stroll through the Reeperbahn. You refer to Serapis as having AO lineage yet your own diagram shows this to be through Bourkon. Here your hand has been caught in the proverbial imaginative cookie jar as all the AO chiefs were long dead by while Bourkon was in the US. dropping Bourkon, like Alice down the hole, is a wise decision but one really must remove all literature by your comrades in arms on your links. Your danger is following the white rabbit who will lead you anywhere, especially to the Queen of Hearts, who stands at the top of your pyramid.

    1. Anonymous

      That was a conference paper rather than research presented in a peer-reviewed academic journal. I graduated from university in 1983 but within the last ten years or so have presented two papers at academic conferences in my professional capacity, a field quite unrelated to the subject of my degree, and that doesn’t make me an ‘academic’. I know Ms McQuade received a BA and carried out some post-grad work in the ‘nineties. But as she frequently states she is an academic and derides those researching the GD for their lack of academic rigour, I’m surprised I haven’t found her on the teaching or research staff of any university or college. Equally, I’m curious that I haven’t been able to find any contributions from Ms McQuade in the peer-reviewed journals dealing with her chosen field. If I’ve missed something I’m happy to be proved wrong.

  25. billy Paul Ashford-Webb

    Wow, you can tell what they did becaus it was all done on the same date…That really is pathetic, so much for Griffin being a “Adept”…

  26. If you click on “See all my reviews” next to the names on the malicious postings, the majority have only written one or two reviews, including cut ‘n’ paste duplications of the same vitriolic drivel. It looks like some of these accounts were set up solely for the purpose of attacking Nick’s books and lowering their ratings (though some have been used before to attack Pat Zalewski). Who knows whether this is really a rallying of the outraged troops or just the work of one person who had a bit too much NEW MAGICK with their Wheaties this morning. I can only reiterate what I said earlier, Nick, and say that this kind of deluded raging is only going to make most people far more interested in reading your book!

    1. This is the sort of thing we see from those that have some political axe to grind or that have some sort of personal agenda. And this is something that goes on all too frequently, especially in the Esoteric Community as a whole.

      The truth speaks for itself, and is rather evident to those that are willing and able to see it. Same applies to the actions of those more concerned with suppressing an opinion or history as it does not meet with their delicate sensibilities.

      In LVX,

  27. Hi, just to make it clear. When I did the review on MOTO, I ended by saying how important it was to have this info out cos as a youngster I assumed all sorts of stuff about the AO and could have fallen prey to con artists. When Nick discussed modern Orders I thought firstly of a dodgy guy I met in Sydney as a young magician who looked like a slimy Arthur Daley. When discussing the GD he literally winked at me and whispered, “not the GD me son, the AO”. He had obviously read Howe and ran a shonky group where he tried to bonk anyone that took his fancy wearing only a photocopy of a Rose Cross. He got away with this to the extent he did because there was no AO material and history as such.

    So, David, I think you would have to agree that Nicks’s book is very useful if it stops such abuse. With the history out there, no one can pretend anymore. You have on Morgan’s blog evoked the concept of ‘libel per quod’, one of inference. However, for both Morgan and I this was not the case- we were NOT sure the book talked about your version of the AO. There were and are several versions of the AO that fit this description. In any case, I would REALLY like for you to deny or confirm if the leaked newsletter was written by you or not. It does make a difference. Thanks 🙂


    1. This is sound logic and comes from experience. I too have encountered those that have utilized the myth and lack of knowledge of the AO for more nefarious schemes to set up shady organizations. Having a warning out there helps all potential members to any and all GD organizations.

      In essence, Nick’s warning is nothing more than a bit pointed and direct version of Manly P. Hall’s famous quote about knowing what you are getting into within the esoteric community:

      “Students of a mind to affiliate with an occult organization should examine with the greatest of care the merits and demerits of the movement. It is the height of folly to impulsively link oneself with any organization which has not been thoroughly examined and analyzed with all discrimination. Fantastically named organizations should, of course, be entirely avoided. Any group claiming to be the only possessor of most ancient and profound secrets should be avoided at all costs.”

      This quote can be found in “Words to the Wise” by Manly P. Hall, and is most appropriate in this particular case as there have been and there continue to be shady individuals in and on the fringes of the GD Community willing to exploit the unwary.

      Like Peregrin and Morgan, I did not particularly take Nick’s verbiage in the Introduction to “King Over the Water” to be directed at a particular organization, being that there are several that fit the remarks both past and present.

      In LVX,

  28. I have not read your book and I do not plan to. But I do know reviewing, and writing a review as a part of slandering a book you know nothing about is not ethical – regardless the instance that you may actually dislike it and find all kinds of faults if you did your homework.

    That part of the process is what you should find out for yourselves by actually reading/doing the work yourself. Nuff said’

  29. Anonymous

    Regarding the liber per quod thing — I’m a law student, and I want to comment that you usually won’t find legal professionals giving legal advice on the internet, because in order to give an actual opinion, you need to actually delve into the facts. Almost every time someone gives a legal opinion on the internet, they are i) not a lawyer, and ii) just blowing smoke. Lawyers know they can be held accountable for giving legal advice, and show more care.

    I doubt Griffin is a lawyer… and I’m almost certain that he’s wrong about the libel action. Generally speaking, legal threats on the internet are not worth the paper they’re not written on (BUT PLEASE SEEK GENUINE LEGAL COUNSEL IF YOU ARE CONCERNED).

    1. Anonymous

      No Griffin doesn’t have to claim to be a lawyer. He gets free legal counsel from his “preamonstrator” Jorge Hevia. Jorge was originally in Robert Zink’s order (then HOMSI). They threw him out for, among other things, sexually harassing female correspondence members who lived around him in the Miami-Dade area in Florida. You can look him up in the Florida Bar website, his father, also named Jorge Hevia, is a lawyer too. Jorge has certainly needed counsel himself, it’s public record that he has at least two DUI’s down there, and a few other things as well.

      If anyone wants to see just what kind of legal counsel David is getting for little more than conferring a free 7=4 grade on Jorge, check out this link, here. It’s a real hoot. Especially the part about Jorge’s court briefs smelling like cigarette smoke. This isn’t libelous at all, it’s the God’s honest truth! Enjoy.

  30. Anonymous

    I am a member of David Griffin’s group, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, and I can vouch that I received the same newsletter email about Nick Farrell and his books. There was an addendum email that also states:

    “PS – Please be sure to give the attack books only 1 Star on Amazon.”

    Because of these developments I have decided to resign from the order. I found it absolutely horrific for a leader of a Spiritual & Magical Group in this day to give such an order. I’m quitting this cult.

  31. Anonymous

    According to the GD Neophyte initiation ritual, if you so much as reveal any of the knowledge of the Order–such as members’ names or the location of meetings–you’ll face the “awful penalty of voluntarily submitting … to a deadly and hostile current of will set in motion by the chiefs of the Order, by which [you] should fall slain and paralyzed without visible weapon as if slain by the lightning flash.” Now, those same (?) chiefs have become so weakened they can’t do a thing to protect David’s personality cult and require him to order people to attack you. I guess David’s chiefs have somehow become weak and powerless.

    “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” A Midsummer Nights Dream Act 3, scene 2

    By the way, telling people to commit fraud by misrepresenting their reviews of your book is not only “restraint of trade,” which will allow you to sue for damages, but also a conspiracy to commit restraint of trade, a Felony which could result in imprisonment. Do what thou wilt.

  32. Anonymous

    Does anyone know why Griffin doesn’t claim an 8=3 or 9=2 instead of a measly 7=4?
    (He really should do something about that photo – it’s begging to become a greetings card.)

  33. Frater OVD

    Nick, I laud your efforts! Perhaps the “logic” Griffin is using to connect your innocuous comments with his “order” is a guilty conscience.

    Of course, if Griffin does scan and distribute your works in PDF format, you could (and should) hit him with a copyright infringement lawsuit!

  34. A Martini

    David, for someone that should be on a spiritual path of self growth, betterment and refinement, do you consider your 10 year long attacks on Nick and otheres with similar views something when you look back on your life to be proud about?
    i do hope you have time for some deep self introspection, I am sure THe GD was not a place or method by which the purpose was to grow ones ego to tyranical proportions, neither I am sure should followers or potential folowers of this system be condoning the dictatorial heavy handed approach you seem to relish to employ when dealing with anyone outside of yor group.
    I believe Nick has stated enough times that he is NOT attacking you personaly nor your group, and when I read his book, I have to concur that i did not see anything inferring an attack on you
    What disapppints me about you David, is that deep down I am sure you know you are in the wrong, the question is are you big enough to drop it and make peace and live and let live?
    Because you are not coming across in a very good light so far David.

    1. Anonymous

      David Griffin demanding Nick Farrell to apologize reminds me to a lesser degree of the Salman Rushdie incident with the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran.(Correction)

  35. Anonymous

    Griffins a nut. Him and all his supposed “Secret Cheifs” – he most likely is just jealous of peoples sucess, he always has all kinds of nasty things to say about anyone big into Hermetic practices and studies- about Nick as well as many others who actually did the Work part of The Great Work, and earned their place.

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