Don’t make the same mistakes
Don’t make the same mistakes

Don’t make the same mistakes

Esoteric groups ultimately fail. Historically the great groups like BOTA and the Golden Dawn died because they did not evolve to consider the new needs of society.

The Golden Dawn survived in New Zealand because the country was isolated rural and disconnected from the rest of the world.  When New Zealand broke out of that mindset, Whare Ra closed. BOTA failed when it tried to become a religion and decided that there would be no more teachers, writings and instead it should be based entirely on the work of Paul Case and Anne Davies (as if voices from the 30s and 60s could speak to the 21st century with clarity).

Those who seek to re-enact such groups will repeat the same mistakes which caused that failure unless they significantly change the teaching and structure to avoid it. The egregore of a Golden Dawn group will cause it to collapse into apathy, or acrimony. A  BOTA clone will fragment into competing groups of untrained, self-righteous adepts focused on preserving their egos.

The person that shouts that they are better because they are the “most traditional” or “closest to the original”, is no different from the person who believes in the use of leeches to cure all medical illnesses.

Sure, older groups have systems, structures and teachings which are useful but these have to carefully mined and evaluated by those who know the system if such adepts are not present then the danger of forming a “re-enactment order” is almost certain.


    1. Yep… It was not going strong when I was in it and it has since schismed several times. None of those who I knew who were in it are still there. Being still open for business does not necessarily mean it is carrying out its function as a magical order.

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