First Video Lecture Up — what to expect from a GD Iniitation
First Video Lecture Up — what to expect from a GD Iniitation

First Video Lecture Up — what to expect from a GD Iniitation

This is my first go at this and it is mostly to test the technology.  Give me a break, I am not talking from notes which is why I “um”  a fair bit.


  1. Anonymous

    Excellent info.

    Do you feel like it is possible for a person to experience these “symptoms/side effects” as a result of pure solo work?

    I do not belong to a temple (there are none where I live), but I have been doing daily ritual work (LRP, MP, multiple daily adorations, and meditation) and studying basic occult knowledge for about 10 months now.

    About seven months ago I began experiencing exactly the “sypmtoms/side effects” you ascribe to the 1=10. Namely, I’ve had a serious focus on health and fitness and a major improvement in my job/$$ situation.

    So, again, is it possible to experience these side effects without undertaking a temple initiation?

    1. Anonymous

      Hi fellow Anon!

      If I may humbly reply,

      I myself have been on the solo mystical path for the last 4 years or so, and have experienced most if not all of the side effects up to the 4=7 grade that Nick so kindly and masterfully touches upon in this EXCELLENT video cast.

      I only recently got into Western Magical work, it’s been about a year now that I incorporated GD based Qabalah into my spiritual regimen, and I have lost 40 lbs, quit drinking alcohol, etc, etc…many many changes, including job wise, some of these changes occurred at the hand of violence and doctor visits, exactly as Nick mentioned. These are of course the least subtle changes, but there are many more.

      During this time, I also went through a probationary training with two Western Mystery schools, some Initiates contacted me privately and basically agreed with my objections, as communication progressed – I realized that they were my equals and if anything the work I have been doing in private as far as invoking the powers of Deity (I mean the real deal, the feeling like your head is going to explode, forced down into prostration type thing) and incorporating and subjugating my subconsciousness to my higher self was just as changing as their initiatory experience. I left both in the end.

      It’s a lonely road, and I am sure there are immense benefits of the fraternity and kinship that I am missing, but for me it’s worth it, because I am not subjugated to what I considered outdated beliefs, phony mythological histories, the practice of god forms, which I am weary of, and taking on and incorporating deities I am not familiar with into my subconscious mind, if the end goal is to learn from THE ONE, or your Higher Self these are things I am sure you can accomplish on your own with discipline, devotion, humility and dedication.

      In conclusion I am not so sure that it is the initiations CAUSING these side-effects, it’s that with any type of spiritual self development, your AWARENESS/CONSCIOUSNESS increases, so you become aware of your bad habits, you see the destruction or havoc you may be causing, you build confidence and self-control. You really do see things from a ‘higher plane’ – Change will then come naturally throughout life.

      Peace and Blessings,

      Brother ADY

  2. Anonymous

    Psychic surgery! Love it!
    All the rest was as clear as Sanskrit to me, but… loved that part!
    Can a side-effect be increased pheromone output and massive magnetic attraction pull to amazingly hot women?
    Just hoping…

  3. Anonymous

    The technology of responding is driving me insane!
    Thank you for the interesting video – I have recently taken my 1=10 initiation and found your comments really helpful.
    Best wishes,
    Roz Gurney

  4. Thank you for this great video! It just happened that I found it exactly when I needed it most- just another synchronicity:-)This video helped me to understand that those “side effects” are nothing but a common road signs, which indicates that initiatory process is alive and well.

    Fraternally in L.V.X.

  5. I enjoyed your video. I think the trick with youtube videos is just to be yourself, like you’re talking to somebody face-to-face, which is what you did. You spoke calmly and clearly and it was easy to follow what you were saying. I have been working on a few videos myself for youtube for my coaching business, so I know how it feels – i.e. a little strange at first, sitting in front of machine (camera) talking. Experienced youtubers say that after a few videos it starts to feel a lot more normal and becomes second-nature after a while.

  6. One point I’d like to add is that, where you mention that some drop out at Philosophus, which is true and really not surprising, but many people in my experience drop out at Practicus – which is surprising as it is not the top of the Outer Order and you’d think most would go that one further step to 4=7 to complete the cycle. The high drop-out rate at 3=8 is also something I noticed Pat (Zalewski) mentions in his Rituals and Commentaries book, and Chic and Tabatha (Cicero) mention in the Self-Initiation book in the opening section of Practicus.

  7. Anonymous

    Please excuse my intrusion as I’m a complete outsider and all of my exposure has come from this blog.

    I’m only a muggle and I am familiar with Nick as a journalist and an occasional read from this blog. My questions (and I apologize if I missed it elsewhere, or if I am simply too dense to have perceived it) is what should a person expect from magick? Why would someone willingly open the door to “symptoms/side effects”? Will a not particularly religious person who doesn’t feel a need for spirituality, such as me, get it? What tangibles will only come by practicing magick? May an atheist be a magician? Will the oaths, etc., conflict with any religious beliefs? They do say that ignorance is bliss. In many situations religiosity is a bad thing. I’m not asking for a defense/debate of anything in particular; a cursory summation might do. Thank you for any reply.

    1. Anonymous

      It’s kind of like Jesus saying you have to hate your family to follow him and take up your own cross and leave behind all riches.

      The real spiritual road is tough, opening up the gates of the subconscious can be frightening, experiencing the power of God can fry your nervous system. But if you stay the path, I am sure the benefits can be amazing, not just to yourself but to those around you, and you will realize who your real family is, “Who is my mother, where are my brothers?” This ‘stuff’ is real deal. Good luck!

    2. You came in at a very specific lecture Anon…. Magic is a spiritual path which is also a “tool.” When you start following it ends up creating a different view point. If you look at Plato’s The Cave you might get an idea what this shift sort of means. I personally dont think an athiest can be a magician, but I think that from that chance in perspective, gods have a different meaning anyway. In the 16th century I would be called an atheist because I think that gods are just badly made human masks for a bigger unknowable one who is certainly not something you can have a personal relationship with. You willingly open yourself to side effects because you know that the result will make you more YOU rather than a product of your environment. Hope that answers your questions.

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