Heal the Sick and that freely

There are moments when I find myself out of sync with the rest of humanity and the occult community.  I heard that Don Kraig was sick and I thought, lets rally occultists to do a regular healing ritual for him. Someone else thought raise some cash for him so he that he does not have to worry about medical costs.  A group started on Facebook and all seemed quite reasonable.  It seemed normal.  It struck me the world was better off with Don Kraig in it.
But apparently in this modern world this attitude is wrong.  The head  of the Gnostic Church of L.V.X  Paul Joseph Rovelli  said Don Kraig was a fraud.  Since Rovelli could afford expensive medical insurance, so Don Kraig should be able to.  Instead people should be giving money to his Gnostic church which was “giving money to the living.”
 A publisher of what appeared to be “right on” books Leiah Publications said that we should have been giving money and healing to Steve Hyatt who was dead a long time ago and never asked for any.
All of the above people were American and suffering is not part of the American dream. Suffering is a reminder that their system really does not work and only helps a handful of people who are lucky. At the other end of the scale you have people who think that everything is divided into race and whatever race you are not in is somehow privileged.
But what is lost here is someone is sick, help him out in whatever way you can. Magic or money it does not matter. It is what you do for a fellow human, even if they are not your friend. Now I do not know Don Kraig. In fact, I must be one of the few magicians on the planet who have not read his books. He knows a few friends of mine and has been decent when I have written to him and he asked for help generally. It seemed natural to help.
After all, you cannot claim that you do not know, because you have been told.
The Bible talks about a “sense of rightness” and that the Torah is really written on the tablets of your heart. In Ancient Egypt they talked about about the rule of Maat and “rightness.”
This is not saying “ I am right” and these “other guys are wrong.”  It is that there is a rightness in helping people when they need it. Sure, there are times when it is best not to help, and there can be some real moral dilemmas here, but when someone is physically sick and they can’t do to help themselves, which is when others HAVE to step in. 
Occultist are supposed to be developing themselves so that they can help the universe. By helping themselves they are supposed to improve live for everyone else.  They are aware of the illusion of separateness and realise that they are helping themselves by service to others.
This is not some “leftist wishy-washyness” this is obeying a law which is written on the tablet of your heart.  
It is possible that while emphasizing the individual we have lost side of the other. We have become narcissistic. In doing so we have lost the reason why we do all this. We are sparks of an infinite being and the sum is always greater than the whole.  In helping others when they are helpless we are assisting evolution. 
It was that which was the idea behind the Rosicrucian idea of “healing the sick and that for free.”  
Or maybe that is just old fashioned, maybe we should be just giving cash to occult organisations or investing in our new shallow Apple inspired consumer culture religion. Maybe we should be only doing magic for ourselves while inspiring others to join our Orders to uphold our fragile egos upon blankets of grades, and lineages.  Or maybe it is time to say, fuck it, others are a manifestation of me I will help them in what ever way I can, when I can.
I should end with a pithy quote here, and all I can think of are the words Peter Gabriel ended his Sofia concert with:
“The rest is up to you.”
That is the Magicians creed…. what do you want the story to be?  
More on Don Kraig’s illness here


  1. Anonymous

    The problem is that any doctor on earth would tell that with this kind of disease, don got only three weeks of life left. and don is not yet dead, so somewhere someone is lying and try to make profit.

  2. Sorry, Anon – Nick is right. My dear Priestess was given two years max to live with aggressive metastasized breast cancer, and survived nine. She went into a hospice and was told she had ‘three short weeks’. We began even more magic, and she walked out two weeks later, lived another 9 months and healed many relationships etc. Doctors are often doing the best they can and not wanting to get hopes up (or sued) when they make assessments.Magicians in the meantime are doing the work 🙂

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