Hermetic Virtues — a sign of unity in the GD
Hermetic Virtues — a sign of unity in the GD

Hermetic Virtues — a sign of unity in the GD

Hermetic Virtues was five years old this issue and I have been writing for it since issue one.  The magazine was aimed at a support for Chic Cicero but fast became a rallying point for the Golden Dawn community.  Like the recent congratulations card (which now has about a thousand signatures from all over the Golden Dawn community) HV is proof of how unified the Golden Dawn community is and how it works together to bring knowledge to those who follow the GD tradition.  HV’s mailing list is now about 900 Golden Dawn members.
  It is worthwhile noting that every significant Golden Dawn writerand a few up coming star  has put in an article in HV. There will be a few more names being added in the future and there are some exciting ideas planned.  Here is an “off the top of my head”  list of the sorts of authors who have contributed:

Aaron Leitch
Andrew Catero

Andrew J. Mortimer
Charles “Chic” Cicero
Darcy Kuntz
Dean F. Wilson
Diane Peterson
Donald Michael Kraig
Eric V. Sisco
Harry Wendrich
Ian Cowburn
James Wasserman
Jayne Gibson
John Gilbert
John Michael Greer
Joseph Max
Lauren Gardner
Lon Milo Duquette
Lyam Thomas Christopher
Mark Stavish
Melissa Seims
Nick Farrell
Paola Farrell
Nicola Wendrich
Olen Rush
Pat Zalewski
Paul A. Clarke
Peregrin Wildoak
Rachel Walker
Sam Webster
Samuel Robinson
Samuel Scarborough
Sandra Tabatha Cicero
Tim Walley
Tommy Westlund
VH Frater YShY     

The magazine has been a lot of hard work for the production team of Samuel Scarborough, Anita Hoener, the late Mark Griggs and the editor Vic Sabljic but it has managed to do a lot over last five years. It is a sign that the Golden Dawn community works In varietate concordia If you follow the Golden Dawn path it is well worth the subscription fee you can sign up here . This is the sort of thing that the Golden Dawn community is about. Articles can be sent here submissions@hermeticvirtues.org.