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John Dee Work

John Dee Work

I realise I have not been posting for a while, I have been writing like a mad thing and sorting out the portal Material for the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea.  Portal has required a lot of work.  Not only are the published versions of the ritual hacked about (and in my opinion unworkable) the course material for this important grade is tiny.  Much of the work appears to be writing an essay on your experiences in the Outer Order.

Frankly this is a missed opportunity as I think that the portal should be a nine month pressure cooker with the student looking for connections with their Higher Self in preparation for the 5=6 grade.  When the ritual is restored the Portal is a shadow working for the 5=6 and indeed provides the candidate with important technical information.
I have also been working with Paola to start on Enochian again after a long absence. The first thing to go has been the GD pronunciation system.  Thanks to the work done by Aaron with his Angelic Language book, she has gone through and replaced the pronunciation of the words.  These are actually a lot easier to vibrate and have a lot more grunt.  Paola is better at this stuff than I am.  I don’t think that this is an area that the GD came up with anything useful and the Dee system is a lot more natural.

I have also dusted off my Wnochian table and started to work with it using a supreme pentagram environment (I do not like Regardie’s Watchtower Ritual).  My seal is a bit knackered and needs replacing,  I also need more red silk to cover the table and the floor. The ensigns of creation are paper (they will be tin soon) and I will make four lesser seals of truth but Paper will do under the four wheels of the cubic altar.
All up, it is a good effect.  If you call angels on the quarters the crystal acts as a balance (much like a rose in the rose cross) and it does not need to be even used to scry.  The tablet of equilibrium is placed on the seal of truth and then the cloth over the top with the gold ring and the crystal.
Anyway this is just an update.


  1. Thanks for the update, Nick.

    This is all very good. It is so refreshing to see an upfront Magical Order…here you are saying you are working on specific grades, yet to write ‘higher grade’ material. It is very inspiring. If I ever reformulate the Order here I will be very tempted to do the same. I do not need to know anything of the work of the MOAA to know that it really is a new way of doing GD magic. Long overdue.

    And…in perfect agreement re the perfidious Portal grade…while I went through a very cohesive (and modified) version, what I was given was pretty much the public version (moral: don’t piss off your Praemonstrator). I lost lots of sleep and had much angst reconstructing it into something solid and magical.

    Good to see the MOAA going well…:)

  2. I have to say, I’m super excited to hear that the MOAA is coming along nicely; I’m hoping to be in a position to work with you in the next few years.

    May I ask why you don’t particularly like the Watchtower ritual? I admit I have limited exposure, but I got the impression that most people who work with it like it.

  3. Nick,

    how you see Enochian Angels: inside your crystal or in your head (while your concentrate on the crystal)?
    What you think about using imagination as a field of your Enochian visions? I was using imagination field for some time, but found it too vulnerable to self-deception. Now I switched to 100% hypnagogic imagery. It’s difficult to get such visions, but they look much more independent and trustworthy.

  4. I strongly agree with you and Paola regarding the GD pronounciations of Enochian. This was one of the things I could never accept about the GD’s variation of the Enochian system, having utilised a version much closer to Dee’s beforehand.

    I think what is important is that the original spelling of words be restored so that magicians can see the words they are trying to pronounce, as opposed to what should be solely a learning aid.

    For example, the first of the Three Holy Names of God for the Earth Tablet is MOR, but the GD system writes it as EMOR to show how it believes it should be pronounced. But this adds an extra letter to the word, destroying the 3/4/5 structure to the names, which is an important element of the system.

    While we can argue over the specifics of pronouncing each word (I have my own views, some of which concur with Aaron and others which disagree), once we have the correct spelling in place it solves a major flaw in the GD system.


  5. I am going back to source for a lot of this and then comparing it and editing alongside the GD system. I dont think that lots of it is that exclusive and incorporating more of Dee’s stuff brings in some interesting stuff which the original does not have. I don’t think the spelling is a major flaw, but I do thing the use of the calls is incorrect and not tremendously logical. But it should be pointed out that the same problem lies with Dee. Paola assures me that sometimes the pronunciation chucks logic into the wind.

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