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Limited number of Golden Dawn Tarot Meditation sets available

I have a really limited number of A5 sized Golden Dawn Temple Deck major arcana available which I am selling on a first come first served basis.
The 23 cards (there are two versions of Temperance) are A5 size and designed for meditation, but they could be equally used for ritual or talismans. The set also comes with a book written by Harry Wendrich and I, which explains how the cards can be used.
This beautiful Golden Dawn Temple deck is the art work of Harry Wendrich and they are designed to the specifications of the Book T and the various Golden Dawn manuscripts.  Each one has a full colour version of the Secret Key of Tarot which was painted by Nicola Wendrich from Berridge’s original (which ended up in the now broken up Nisi collection) 
  In edition they are the first published deck to have the colours of the paths to aid meditation and create astral doorways. This set is a powerful magical tool and is designed for use!   The photo does not really do them justice.
We have printed only 100 sets of these and they were expensive to make.  I have 50 of them and already have sold 10. 
You can order your set by emailing me here  each set costs £50 and registered postage and packing is another £15 .Payment is by paypal.  We are currently pitching a full deck to various publishers.
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3 thoughts on “Limited number of Golden Dawn Tarot Meditation sets available

  1. Having bought and used one of these sets I can honestly say that I’m impressed. The imagery is beautiful and powerful, and the larger size is helpful for meditations, pathworkings, and for use in initiation ceremonies.

    An essential addition to any Golden Dawn initiate’s personal (or group) temple.


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