nitaNita Hickok died yesterday. For those who didn’t know her, Nita was a self-taught eclectic magician who placed herself at the hard business-end of exorcism work and psychic self-defense work.

We worked in completely different ways but shared techniques. She correctly identified the source of some attacks when at the time I could not even believe that anyone would be bothered to attack me.  Not only that she gave some pretty good proof  and allowed me to carry out some counter measures. Indirectly these lead to the creation of MOAA.

Her skills  were in demand, particularly in the Philippines where she appears to have stirred something up in the local magic scene somewhat jealous of what she could do.  In the end her rivals  shot her, locked in her house and tortured her.

Somehow she managed to escape from that situation and survived, but she knew she was going to die and she was fated never to leave the Philippines.

“I was told by Archangel Uriel what was to be and I knew I had a bunch of crap that would happen until I was successful in doing what the divine wanted me to do in my life and for everyone else,” she told me. “If I had not stayed here they could have buried it under the rug. I finally have things sort of figured out and that is what is important.”

It did not stop after that adventure. Nita died of cancer, something she was convinced came after a nasty attack got through.

Truth is, she was exhausted after a lifetime’s service, living a magical life and doing what her contacts said took its toll.

She admits that a lot of the people around her considered her a little bit mad, but none of them could argue that lots of things had happened to her in her eventful life.

We talked about writing a screenplay about her life, but she did have one of those lives that no-one could have believed.  Her own books were simple and direct, but even they caused problems.  A couple of French kids ripped them off to sell them for themselves.

Her death was probably the first holiday she had.  My own contacts told me it was her time and she was ready to go. There were lots of people and beings who would be happy to see her.

Her magical life was not for the faint hearted, but it was certainly lived.