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Paypal security glitch might kill off my Lulu books

locked-up-money (1)For a while now I have been selling my books on Lulu which pays me through Paypal.

Unfortunately since Paypal split from Ebay there has been a security glitch which stops me spending any of the money raised.

Paypal are refusing to talk about it or fix it.  Even its press office is fobbing off inquires.

You can read about it here

Lulu does not use any other payment system, so going to Paypal’s rivals will not help.

Obviously I can’t write for Lulu any more until Paypal sees that there is a problem and fixes it.  If there are any Paypal users out there I would test to see that you have not been blocked as you do not get an error message you are just told to “try again later.”


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