The purpose of this ritual is to attain a vision of your Higher Self in the form of the God of the Sun. It is based on the so called Liturgy of Mithras and it is a tricky ritual to do. It is a really ancient ritual (which is why some of it is a difficult read) and the original can be found here. I have placed it within a Golden Dawn ritual structure because I know that can produce the right level of purification and consecration required. You should prepare carefully for the ritual beforehand with a ritual bath. The ritual should be performed on a Sunday at noon.  You should not do the ritual when the Sun in your chart is undergoing a difficult transit or on a cloudy day. It is important that you can see sunlight where you perform the ritual.

The God Mithras killing the Bull
The God Mithras killing the Bull

You should create a chart for yourself with your natal chart in an inner wheel with the transits for the  time that you will do the ritual on the outer wheel.  On top of the chart should be written THRAPSIARI MORIROK and on the bottom EORO RORE ORRI ROR ROI. This chart should be placed on top of the tablet of equilibrium on the altar. The elemental tablets should be set up as the Portal ritual. This ritual requires part pathworking and part ritual. I will describe what you are supposed to see but that was based on my own experience (and hints in the original ritual), you might see something differently. The vibration of the vowels for each of the seven main gods is long and hard. Each one will sound different, but you should not change speed midway through a vibration.  If you start one and one speed you should continue at that speed.

 The Ritual

Perform the Lesser Invoking ritual of the Pentagram and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. Finally the Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram to open the Elemental Quarters. At each of the quarters attempt to contact the elemental force and request that they help you to attain a vision of your Divine Self. Purify and consecrate the space (GD types should use the the 0=0 ceremony using the Godform of Nephysis (for water) and Isis (for Fire) ) Face the sun and say the First Invocation:

 First Invocation

Origin of my origin, AEEIOYO, first beginning of my beginning, PPP SSS PHR spirit of spirit, the first of the spirit in me, MMM, fire given by god to my mixture of the mixtures in me, the first of the fire e in me, EY EIA EE, water of water, the first of the water in me, OOO AAA EEE, earthy substance, the first of the earthy substance in me, YE YOE, my complete body I, (your name) whose mother is (your mother’s name), which was formed by a noble arm and an incorruptible right hand in a world without light and yet radiant, without soul and yet alive with soul, YEI AYI EYOIE: now if it be your will, METERTA PHOTH, YEREZATH, give me over to immortal birth and, following that, to my underlying nature, so that, after the present need which is pressing me exceedingly, I may gaze upon the immortal beginning with the immortal spirit, ANCHREPHRENESOYPHIRIGCH, with the immortal water, ERONOYI PARAKOYNETH, with the most steadfast air, EIOAE PSENABOTH; that I may be born again in thought, KRAOCHRAX R OIM ENARCHOMAI, and the sacred spirit may breathe in me, NECHTHEN APOTOY NECHTHIN ARPI ETH; so that I may wonder at the sacred fire, KYPHE; that I may gaze upon the unfathomable, awesome water of the dawn, NYO THESO ECHO OYCHIECHOA, and the vivifying ,and encircling aether may hear me, ARNOMETHPH; for today I am about to see with immortal eyes.  I who was born mortal from mortal womb, but transformed by a tremendous power and an incorruptible right hand and with immortal spirit of the immortal Aion and Master of the fiery diadems. I am sanctified through holy consecrations! While there subsists within me, holy, for a short time, my human soul-might, which I will again receive after the present bitter and relentless necessity which is pressing down upon me. I, (your name) whose mother is (your mother’s name) according to the immutable decree of god, EYE YIA EEI AO EIAY IYA IEO! Since it is impossible for me, born mortal, to rise with the golden brightnesses of the immortal brilliance, OEY AEO EYA EOE YAE SIAE, stand, 0 perishable nature of mortals, and at once me safe and sound after the inexorable and pressing need. For I am the son PSYCHON DEMOY PROCHO PROA, I am MACHARPH. N MOY PROPSYCHON PROE!” Breath in and as you do imagine that the light of the sun is being drawn into your lungs.  Do this until you feel light and imagine yourself rising up into the clouds. Slightly above you is the solar disk but in the clouds are the Gods of the planets. Below the sun you will see a vortex of power which radiates a divine power, just as the sun disk radiates light.  The Gods will notice you and might come towards you aggressively (it did not happen to me, but I am taking the ritual’s word for it.)  Put your right finger on your mouth and say: “Silence! Silence! Silence! Symbol of the living, incorruptible god! Guard me, Silence, NECHTHEIR THANMELOY!” Then make a long hissing sound, next make a popping sound, and say: PROPROPHEGGE MORIOS PROPHYR PROPHEGGE NEMETHIRE ARPSENTEN PTTETMI MEOY ENARTH PHYRKECHO PSYRIDARIO TYRE PHILBA.” The gods will looking graciously upon you and no longer rushing at you, and go about their own business.  When you see that the world above is clear and circling and that none of the gods or angels is threatening you, expect to hear a great crash of thunder (or a sudden noise) to attempt to shock you back into you body.


“Silence! Silence! I am a star, wandering about with you, and shining forth out of the deep, OXYIO O XERTHEYTH.” The sun’s disk expands.  And after you have said the second prayer make a hissing sound twice and a popping sound twice, and you will see pentagrams coming forth from the disk and filling all the air. Then say again:   “Silence! Silence!” The sun disk will open and you will see the fireless circle, and the fiery doors shut tight At once close your eyes and recite the following prayer.


“Give hear me  I(your name) l whose mother is (your mother’s name), O Lord, you who have bound together with your breath the fiery bars of the fourfold root, O Fire-Walker, PENTITEROYNI, Light-Maker and Light Encloser, SEMESILAM, Fire-Breather, PSYRINPHEY, Fire-Feeler, IAO, Light-Breather, OAI, Fire-Delighter, ELOYRE, Beautiful Light, AZAI, Aion, ACHBA, Light-Master, PEPPER PREPEMPIPI, Fire-Body, PHNOYENIOCH, Light-Giver, Fire-Sower, AREI EIKITA, Fire-Driver, GALLABALBA, Light-Forcer, AIO, Fire-Whirler, PYRICHIBOOSEIA, Light-Mover, SANCHEROB, Thunder-Shaker, IE OE IOEIO, Glory-Light, BEEGENETEE Light-Increaser, SOYSINEPHIEN, Fire-Light-Maintainer, SOYSINEPHI ARENBARAZEI MARMARENTEY, Star-Tamer: open for me, PROPROPHEGGE EMETHEIRE MORIOMOTYREPHILBA, Open for me because of the pressing and bitter and inexorable necessity, I face. I invoke the Seven immortal names, of the Seven gods living and honored, which never pass into mortal nature and are not declared in articulate speech by human tongue or mortal speech or mortal sound: ËEÖ · OËEÖ · IÖÖ · OË · ËEÖ · ËEÖ · OËEÖ · IÖÖ · OËËE · ÖËE · ÖOË ·IË · ËÖ · OÖ · OË · IEÖ · OË · ÖOË · IEÖOË ·IEEÖ · EË · IÖ · OË · IOË · ÖËÖ · EOË · OEÖ · ÖIË · ÖIËEÖ · OI · III · ËOË · ÖUË · ËÖ · OËE · EÖËIA · AËAEËA · ËEEË · EEË · EEË · IEÖ · ËEÖ · OËEEOË · ËEÖ · EUÖ · OË · EIÖ · ËÖ · ÖË · ÖË · ÖË · EE · OOOUIÖË! Draw nigh, O Lord! Do the above chant seven times, one for each of the  seven immortal gods of the world When you have said these things, you will hear thundering and shaking in the surrounding realm; and you will likewise feel yourself being shaken. Then say again: “Silence! Silence! I am a star, wandering about with you, and shining forth out of the deep, OXYIO O XERTHEYTH.”  The doors open and the world of the gods which is within the doors, so that from the pleasure and joy of the sight your spirit runs ahead and ascends. Draw in  breath from the divine world into yourself several times. You will feel refreshed and restored. Then say: “Come, Lord, ARCHANDARA PHOTAZA PYRIPHOTA ZABYTHIX ETIMENMERO PHORATHEN ERIE PROTHRI PHORATHI.” When you have said this, the rays of the Sun will turn toward you; look at the centre of them. For when you have done this, you will see a youthful god, beautiful in appearance, with fiery hair, and in a white tunic and a scarlet cloak, and wearing a fiery crown. At once greet him with the fire-greeting: “Hail, O Lord, Great Power, Great Might, King, Greatest of gods, Helios, the Lord of heaven and earth, God of gods: mighty is your breath; mighty is your strength, O Lord. If it be your will, announce me to the supreme god, the one who has begotten and made you. Help me (your name) who was born from the mortal womb of (your mother’s name)  and from the fluid of semen, and who, since he has been born again from you today, has become immortal out according to the wish of god the exceedingly good.  I give you all my human power (place your hand on the horoscope.) so that I will know you. After you have said these things, Helios will come to the celestial pole, and you will see him walking as if on a road.  Look intently and make a long bellowing sound, like a horn, releasing all your breath and straining your sides.  Then kiss your horoscope and say to your right hand: “Protect me, PROSTMERE” After saying this, you will see the doors thrown open, and seven women coming from deep within, dressed in linen garments, and with the faces of asps. They are the Fates of heaven, and wield golden wands. When you see them, greet them in this manner: “Hail, Oh seven Fates of heaven, You who are noble and good, Oh sacred ones and companions of MINIMIRROPHOR, Ohmost holy guardians of the four pillars! Hail to you, the first, CHREPSENTHAES! Hail to you, the second, MENESCHEES! Hail to you, the third, MECHRAN! Hail to you, the fourth, ARARMACHES! Hail to you, the fifth, ECHOMMIE! Hail to you, the sixth, TICHNONDAES! Hail to you, the seventh, EROY ROMBRIES! Then there will come seven other gods, who have the faces of black bulls, in linen loin-cloths, and in possession of seven golden diadems. They are the so-called Pole-Lords of heaven, whom you must greet in the same manner, each of them with his own name: “Hail, 0 guardians of the pivot, Oh sacred and brave youths, who turn at one command the revolving axis of the vault of heaven, who send out thunder and lightning and jolts of earthquakes and thunderbolts against the nations of impious people, but to me, who am pious and god-fearin you send health and soundness of body, and acuteness of hearing and see  and calmness in the present good hours of this day, Oh my Lords you are the ruling Gods! Hail to you, the first, AIERONTHI! Hail to you, the second, MERCHEIMEROS! Hail to you, the third, ACHRICHIOYR! Hail to you, the fourth, MESARGILTO! Hail to you, the fifth, CHICHROALITHO! Hail to you, the sixth, ERMICHTHATHOPS! Hail to you, the seventh, EORASICHE!” Now when they take their place look in the air and you will see lightning-bolts going down, and lights flashing, and the earth shaking, and a god descending, a god immensely great, having a bright appearance youthful, golden-haired, with a white tunic and a golden crown and trousers and holding in his right hand a golden shoulder of a young bull: this is the Bear which moves and turns heaven around, moving upward and downward in accordance with the hour. Then you will see lightning-bolts leaping from his eyes and stars from his body. And at once produce a long bellowing sound, straining your belly, that you may excite the five senses: bellow long until the conclusion, say: “MOKRIMO PHERIMOPHERERI, life of me, (your name)  stay! Dwell in my soul! Do not abandon me, for one entreats you, ENTHO PHENEN THROPIOTH.” And gaze upon the god while bellowing long; and greet him in this manner: “Hail, Oh Lord, Oh Master of the water! Hail, Oh Founder of the earth! Hail, Oh  Ruler of the wind! O Bright Lightener , PROPROPHEGGE EMETHIRI ARTENTEPI THETH MIMEO YENARO PHYRCHECHO PSERI DARIO PHRE PHRELBA! O Lord, while being born again, I am passing away; while growing and having grown, I am dying; while being born from a life-generating birth, I am passing on, released to death– as you have founded, as you have decreed, and have established the mystery. I am PHEROYRA MIOYRI. Now is the time that you talk to your Higher Self. What happens will be up to you and it.  In my experience he talks in visions and fragments which have a deep effect but do not provide “intellectual” information as such… just transformation.   When you have finished thank him and allow yourself to return to Earth.

Helios in one of Paola's early works (with Nicola Wendrich)
Helios in one of Paola’s early works (with Nicola Wendrich)

As you would expect the results of my version of the ritual are extremely personal.  I tried to stick to the rite as it was written and it took a long time.  It was however worth it.  Even as I am writing this images from the working pop into my head and bring different understandings.  I found that at one point although I could clearly see the “god” he was as if he was projected onto the clouds.  When I asked that the clouds be removed, he said that it was me that put them there.  There were other moments where I found myself inexplicably in the darkness of a void. And the God would suddenly appear.  There was one moment halfway through the ritual where the shadow of the God approached and hit me with an energy so strong I nearly fell over.   In fact the revelations of this ritual have been coming over a few days and were not isolated to this ritual.  The God appeared to give me visions of what was supposed to be and not what it was, or what I felt it to be.