Second Video lecture up
Second Video lecture up


  1. Anonymous

    i invoke in the morning and banish after my night rituals, which for all intensive purpose seems to be working well. as far as banishing all the time, my impression was that most people banish and then do a qabalistic cross, which to me is invoking the yechidah, keter singulairty, higher self, etc. so if you do a lbrp, then a qc, it is a banishing then an invoking. and also the evocation of the quarters is part of lrp, which is another form of invitation, of course i may be mistaken.

    1. Anonymous

      Id like to think i know a little bit more than nothing. hahaha. i always like digging backwards to all original sources (for instance why take crowleys advice when he ripped off vivekanandi amongst others, why take mathers word on solomons key when a better translation is available, why listen to the GD when you can skip to levi and agrippa). anyhow, are these docs are online. thanks buddy.

    2. I meant most people read the GD material thinking they know what is there…. for example I looked at that paper for years and thought it was just talking about the banishing… If you read it as someone who did not know anything about the GD and Regardie you come up with different conclusions

  2. Anonymous

    Nick, thank you very much for your videos. I have also read an older post of yours about this matter. A couple of things crossed my mind wathcing this video. The way you put “Invoking in the morning and Banishing in the night” also makes sense in a yin-yang scheme, the 24 hour period being a complete day – night cycle. Another thing is that lots on “modern” GD groups have moved second order’s rituals in the first order. Keeping that it mind they has lots of things to banish, hitting the reset button between rituals.


  3. What evidence do you have that you don’t say AGLA in the north? Not heard that one anywhere.
    As far as the knowledge lecture is concerned… it is remarkably consistent and after 100 years or so you think that any oral teaching would have come out somewhere. Whare Ra did it the same way as the Knowledge lecture and the old adepts there told me I had done it correctly. Perigrin Wildoak, who trained under an elderly AO adept learnt the same thing.
    You can’t invoke while you are banishing… that is a contradiction in terms… symbolically it is like saying hello and goodbye at the same time. They create opposite charges on the sphere of sensation repelling or attracting.

  4. ian

    I always thought “banishing” was an unfortunate word for what is being done with the LBRP. A term like “making space” seems much more appropriate, considering that what we are doing is temporarily creating a “world” within which to operate ; consider the images suggested by the physical actions of the LBRP, with the horizontal gesture implying a “circle around the world”, and the vertical one implanting the operator as the “world tree”.

    1. Yeah but there is a long tradition of vibrating that name Agla… just like you vibrate Ararita with the hex… it was not traditional to vibrate it in full as I have not actually seen anyone do it in Whare Ra and Paul Case mentioned that it was vibrated as a word in the AO. Also there is a strong fringe masonry practice to vibrate it as a word too. Magic is replete with such short hand (the pentagram is one big shorthand symbol).
      So my guess there that your group has come up with a new tradition rather than discovered an old one. BTW I dont buy the “oral tradition” arguement on that score. That is used by a lot of modern groups to cover up stuff that their current leaders have made up. As far as oral tradition is concerned I was shown the pentagram by a 6=5 in Whare Ra while a 7=4 looked on. I was given some tips which I still use, but at no point did they tell me to vibrate AGLA other than as a divine name.

      The last par contained the two cardinal sins of modern magic 🙂 The first is that intention can somehow create two differences from the same ritual. This is modern myth as nowhere in any historical text does it allow for intention. How many rituals have you done which worked, but did not turn out how you intended? That is proof that intention is not everything. If you go up to someone and say fuck off when you want to say hello it is not much good to when they walk away for you to say that is not what i intended…. the same applies to the banishing and the invoking.

      The next is that you said “elemental” in association with the Lesser ritual of the Pentagram.

      The LRP was given to a candidate in the GD three years before they knew anything about which arms the pentagram were attributed to which element. Indeed the ritual was penned before the elemental pentagrams were even invented.

      You cannot have a ritual where the person does not know a key ingrediant such as its earth spirit nature. Even if you accept that intention has any influence, a person who is ignorant cannot intend to draw an earth pentagram if they dont know what one is. Therefore it is logical to conclude that the elemental nature of the pentagram was not there.

      Also the Golden Dawn was extremely specific about its elemental pentagrams…. they had to have a spirit one before hand. The reason is pivital to the 5=6 oath. Just like you cant do a pentagram ritual without a cabbalistic cross, you cannot use an elemental pentagram without a spirit pentagram. If the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram is anything to do with earth, it means the student has been breaking a cardinal rule of pentagram magic within the GD.

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