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For the last few weeks I have been busy on a non-occulty project called (STN)  It is a news for nerds site but it is entirely humour-based and satire.    It covers tech news, but also science and archeology.  If I am honest it covers the sort of non-occult stuff, rants and humour that interests me written in a way I find amusing.   I find it interesting that on this site I can’t stop myself making bizarre occulty references  and writing in Sci-fi references and stories.
I hope it takes off because it has been a lot of effort.  Those who have visited it like it and we are just starting to get the site onto all the search engines and get noticed.   We will be adding more made up pictures and stories as soon as we get a moment.
So pop in… if you see a story you like, comment, share it with your friends and spread the word… this could be a lot of fun 

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  1. I wonder how long before some “news” site republishes one of your stories and politicians start quoting it as fact?

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