Tiphareth consciousness in daily life
Tiphareth consciousness in daily life

Tiphareth consciousness in daily life

Tree of LifeLiving from Tiphareth and communicating with your Higher Emotions is a useful skill which can have physical benefits.

One of the aspects of the Golden Dawn technique of placing the tree of life into the sphere of sensation is that Tiphareth has a connection to the physical heart. It is not one we need to worry about too much unless we are plagued with high blood pressure or heart issues. These are often caused by a failure to express our higher emotions or have a clear dialogue with our higher self. Blocking this channel comes about more commonly when we are stressed or failing to do what we want due to life circumstances.

We can repair this problem by re-opening a conversation with our higher emotions and allow our life to be placed into perspective. The perspective will always be a Tiphareth centred, High Emotions view.

The technique is simple and I am putting it out there so that people can practice it and make it part of their life experience. It is best carried out as a catch exercise which you do when you need it. It takes practice but it you should notice that by allowing an expression of the  side of yourself you should see a reduction of stress and the slow alleviation of psychological issues and anxiety. These should have knock-on physical effects.

The Technique.

1. When you start to feel a situation of crisis developing, stop whatever you are doing and walk away for a moment. This will later be unnecessary but for now you need to put some distance between you and the crisis. Sit and use the four fold breathing technique. Do not think about the stressful situation, just allow yourself to relax, Breathe to your Tiphareth centre and slowly shift your consciousness until you are there. See a golden chalice. As you breathe in, you see the breath coming from above you and fills this chalice. As you breathe out you are expelling all the thoughts and stress. This will take a minute or so but the goal is to clear your head and dis from whatever is bothering you.

2. Drag up a memory where you were truly and deeply emotionally happy. It can be anything, but you must allow yourself to feel how you felt then. This activates the Tiphareth centre in a powerful way and cases you to start feeling and thinking in the correct way.

3. Now focus on the golden chalice again and ask it for an insight into your current crisis and listen for an answer. The answer will always be the first rational sentence you get. You will instinctively know if this is right or not. It will not be as easy as you think, particularly as your intellectual lower self will try to disrupt the message. It may also not be the answer you want. However it will be the sort of answer that comes with a measure of peace. You might need to process the answer, perhaps with a follow through question, but be aware that the answer is not going to be obsessed with detail – it is going to provide you with a general policy or overview.

4. When you are finished allow yourself to return to this time and this reality. You should feel calmer. If you did get a clear message to resolve the situation you might try testing it first (habits of a life-time do not disappear overnight).

The more you use this exercise, the more often you will start to depend on your Tiphareth consciousness. When that happens you will find that dealing with stressful or difficult situations will become clearer.


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