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Invoking Jesus as a pagan god

  While many neo-pagans have a problem with Jesus and Christian symbolism they need to start applying the same rules that they do with the other religions they use. Ancient magicians tended to see all faiths as something they could use. It didn’t matter what the followers of that religious thought, rather than what that God represented the magician. We can see in ancient Alexandria the Jewish religion being borrowed by the magicians who wrote the Greek magical papyri. The divine name was a holy name; it didn’t matter if you believed in the religion that spawned it. While many modern Christians or Jews would find this offensive, it requires respect and an acknowledgement by the pagan magician that God not only existed

How Christian is the Golden Dawn?

There are a few interesting posts around at the moment about the importance of  the Christian religion within the Golden Dawn and much collective agreement that this particular religion was vital, particularly of the Second Order. The evidence appears fairly conclusive with the 5=6 being a Rosicrucian ritual and this equals being a Christian. There is also the important matter that historically Christian life was vital to many within the Golden Dawn structure. However, the devil (in this case literally) is in the detail and the conclusive evidence fails before one of the central planks of the Golden Dawn philosophy – that of syncretism.  The idea of the Golden Dawn was to take different ideas and aspects of magic which on