The MOAA Oath

In the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea, you must take an Oath before the 42 Assessors and the God Orcus who rules the underworld.  Most of the clauses of this oath are typical for magical orders, such as secrecy, fellowship, and an agreement to study etc.  But there is one clause which in this period of history might be considered “liberal, radical and dangerous.”

“I will strive to see all humans, of whatever country, race, sex, sexual orientation, or religion as a unique expression of the One Thing and work to overcome hate and discrimination wherever I find it.”

One of our inspirations is Ancient Rome and Alexandria which did not care what race or religion you were, simply that you acknowledged Rome. This tolerant process started during Hellenic times where all religions accepted as manifestations of your own.  The Jewish god was considered an aspect of Jupiter (or Saturn).  The Spiritual Roman empire collapsed because Christianity decided that there could be only one way of seeing the universe (and then could not agree what that meaning was).

If you were to take a God’s eye view of the world, you would see nothing but a vison of unity.  There are no boundaries, no countries, no religions, just humans doing human things.  No human is better or more important than the next; no God worshipped by these humans anything less than a mask of central unity.  All divisions have been placed there by the minds of humans as an illusion which enshrines their separateness and an insecure belief in their superiority.

As magicians, we cannot help to create divisions in humanity. Occultism thrives when people come together as it did in more egalitarian societies such as Hellenistic Egypt and Rome. We believe that those who would divide people into “us and them” are creating the same illusion of separateness which we are fighting to overcome in our magical lives.  The person who says “homosexuality is an abomination” is banishing a part of God which has as much right to exist as any other. Ancient Greeks and Romans were much more tolerant than the Christians and Muslims on this matter.  In-fact modern “homophobia” is a relic of a Christian past. We attempt to tackle these issues in the same way that the Golden Dawn did to Misogyny 160 years ago.

Issues like immigration, nationalism and the rise of the Right Wing have made it acceptable to declare these divisive views publicly and insist on them being right. There are even magicians who are working magic to ban Muslims from their country believing this is “spiritual.”

It is the view of this order that it is time to consign these divisive views to the dust bin of history and we can make the Magical Order of the Arora Aurea a safe place for everyone. We accept any members who are here to learn the path of magic and have members in the highest level of our order who are ethnic and sexual minorities.

However, we cannot open the doors of our mysteries to those who cannot make such an oath with their hearts, surrender any treasured divisive thoughts, and work for the unity of humanity.


GH L:.I:.V:. & GH  D:.P:.A:.L:.