Creating your own Angels
Creating your own Angels

Creating your own Angels

The Angels of Conga  who doth dance in a line for many hours

 In my new book the Shem Grimoire I hinted that using Kabbalistic techniques it was possible to create the names of Angels which no-one who has ever heard of which are personal to you.
This is possible thanks to a flexible view of the Kabbalists that each Hebrew letter represents a different energy and when these are mixed you can create another form of energy
For example you can look at your chart and mix the name of the Shem angel which rules the decan that a planet is found and create your own unique angel for that planet.
Say you have the moon in the first Decan of Gemini. The Shem Angel for that decan is YMB the Lord of Words. The Moon is ruled by Gabriel. GBRIEL גַּבְרִיאֵל. If we were to mix these two beings, we would get GYBMRBIEL. This would be pronounced (using the mystical method in the book) as GiYoBeMeReBeYoAeLa. This then would be your personal moon angel, as it would take on the nature of both the decan and the planet. It would not take much to realise how useful that would be magically. 
Now there will be those who will say that an angel cannot exist simply because you came up with a name for it, but the thing is that the energy was there all along. It just had not been identified. You were working with it through either Gabriel or YMBEL but never encompassing it completely.
But this method is also interesting if you want to find out an Shem angel for a specific function.  For example:  Say you wanted to do a ritual so that you could express your feelings of love for your partner better.  You could YMB the Lord of Words and mix it with AYO the Lord of Love
This would give you an Angel YAMYBO (Yo, Ae, Me, Yo, Be, Ea) since this is an act of mercy he would take the EL to become Yamyboel. (If he were an angel of pu

nishment you would use iah at the end).

There is no end to this as you can build more complex angels from others making them longer and longer
So with the Shem Angel book I have given details of the 72 “base angels” from which you can create an infinite number of angels to suit whatever magic you are working on.  That is more than you can get onto the head of a pin.
 There is a lot in this book which could provide you with a very detailed and simple way of working with Angels.  It is selling quite well so you might want to get in fast.  I am only releasing 200 of them.  You can see more about it by clicking the link  


  1. I would challenge that quite heavily Morgan. What you are creating are doorways, not the angels themselves. And working this way, particularly without a full understanding of the complex working of Hebrew simply creates doors for parasites to use. To say this is reductionist is to be polite. And then to try and use these doorways for mundane reasons “Say you wanted to do a ritual so that you could express your feelings of love for your partner better” is to really invite the parasites to dinner. To attempt to create a focussed interface to work with such powerful beings in such a combination, to simply smooth the way for better partner communication is like wanting to build a nuclear reactor to turn on one lightbulb. And this just encourages the base use of magic to circumvent growing up and maturing.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m failing to see how working with angels/hebrew letters is any more ‘dangerous’ or likely to attract ‘parasites’ than any other serious religious, spiritual or magical action (perhaps if one is hostile to Judeo-Christian egregores? and that is a big perhaps). Simply by living in a cationic state of normality we attract parasites; bad habits, destructive thoughts, selfish actions, disregard for others — these are the true gateways of the Qlippah! The problems begin when we become aware of these parasites and are forced to take action in the ‘real’ world to deal with them. One’s life is forced to change.

  3. Hey Nick!

    Astounding. 🙂 I experimented with the exact same principles several years ago. I made a set of 22 rune-like stones with the Hebrew letters on them, and came up with a method of casting them. The resulting cast would be the name of an angel, to which I would add El, Yah, or On.

    Once the name was fashioned, I used Golden Dawn techniques of talismanic imaging to form a picture of the angel. Then that angel could be worked with in any of the myriad ways one might work with an angel. Skrying, evocation, divination, etc.

    I have used the method for practical magick, and it worked impressively well.

    Each Hebrew letter is an angel unto itself. (See Ginsburg’s “Legends of the Bible” where the letters each present their cases for being the letter to begin the Torah. The winner was Beth.) And as we see in the Sepher Yetzirah, God created the universe and everything in it by combining the letters in different combinations. We humans doing the same thing to formulate unique angels is merely following suit. 🙂

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