Helios Unbound is finally out.
Helios Unbound is finally out.

Helios Unbound is finally out.

People have been asking me when my ‚ÄúPagan Abramelin‚ÄĚ is coming out for about three years now. The PGM based system with its nod to the Picatrix (and the Golden Dawn) ¬†in finally in its official print run and is packed full of different pagan magical techniques which are designed to contact your Higher Genius.

From the back:

The Western Mystery Tradition is based on a bedrock of pagan magic, yet too many important developments are over-influenced by post-pagan Judeo-Christian-Islamic dogma. One of these is the concentrated “storming of the gates of heaven” technique known as the Abramelin system, in which the magician attempts to contact a spirit called the Holy Guardian Angel after an intense six- or 18-month programme.

In Helios Unbound, Nick Farrell liberates the Western Mystery Tradition from its Christian past by adapting modern ceremonial magical techniques with pagan practices to provide a working system to contact a person’s divine self. The Ancients called this divine self their Higher Genus, and Farrell sees this sprit as the key to understanding your spiritual and material destiny and working practical magic.

The book takes you through the practical information you need covering a wide range of magical subjects including Ceremonial Magic, Hellenistic Astrology, Astral Work, Meditation, Theurgy and Philosophy based on Ancient and Modern sources.

Magicians who do not see the need to follow the mainstream religions but wish to return to more ancient symbols will find many of the answers they are seeking in this book.

There are some differences between this and the Alpha edition I released last year.

Firstly it is better laid out and more tightly edited.  I also corrected some of the layout and other mistakes I found in the Alpha edition and answered a few questions that the the beta testers had when they approached the system  The cover (while the same idea has been redone by professionals.

It can be found on the link

and there is a review written by  an expert on Greco-Egyptian magic Tony Mierzwicki here

Review of Helios Unbound: Pagan Theurgy to Connect to Your Higher Genius by Nick Farrell