Invocation to Nergal
Invocation to Nergal

Invocation to Nergal

Hero, majestic, awe-inspiring son of Enlil, battering like a storm and roaring against the rebel lands!,

After you take your place, your immensity goes before you and behind you surging as a flood.
Lord Meclamta-eda inspiring terrifying awe, you magnificent strength does not release the hostile land, and your luxuriant horn pierces it and strikes it with weapons.
You who were sired by Enlil, the supreme god who destroyed the world with the Great flood and he has placed you at his right hand and he gives you your heroic strength.
Raising your head, you are authoritative with a ringing voice,
You know the divine powers of the gods and the powers of the Land.
You travel through heaven and organise all.
At your command the storm flattens the hostile land and you pour dust the dust of destruction.
You pour dust over evil for as long as it disobeys.
You are the great hero of the lands, you speak where no one speaks
You walk where no foot has gone.
You are like a vessel with seven spouts. The black-headed gather together at the front. You outpace the pigeons in your flight. You outpace the black and white locusts.
In the hushed streets, your inspiring awe covers the city.
The majestic and just are crowned by your might.
Yours is the south wind that none can withstand. At the place of the queen, the most precious place, you are the supreme deity!
Directing a noble gaze, you exercise kingship in the Land! For his father he has led the people from afar. He, Nergal, has brought them to the gates of the underworld.
The minister of the beautiful place in the underworld, Nincubur greeted Nergal: “You are the lord who has made the bandits come forth from the mountains and no part of a foreign land escapes your grasp. For Enlil you piled up Enlil’s enemies in a single day. Hating evil, for you Nergal are as a fire, you rise up in the lands where the sun rises.
You are Nergal son of Enlil Praising you is sweet.


Nergal was the Sumerian God associated with Mars, it is believed that after many centuries he became the inspiration for the Hebrew angel Michael . He was associated with the planet Mars and the colour red. His worship extended to the Hittites and Babylonia. This invocation is developed from an original prayer to him which can be found here. This God could be used to replace Michael in workings of defence and to see off evil.