Jake Stratton Kent has died
Jake Stratton Kent has died

Jake Stratton Kent has died

One of the more important researchers and practical magicians of the 20-21st century Jake Statton-Kent has died after a long illness.

Jake was important to me because his books and frequent chats on Facebook were instrumental in fixing a hole in my training and moving me more confidently into a pagan approach to magic.  Geosophia is probably the most quoted book in any of my titles written during the last 15 years and I listed him as one of my life’s biggest influences.

Jake’s sub-lunar approach to daemons, demons and the like was of huge value. The occult world is full of time-wasting bastards and Jake’s books were like a breath of fresh air.

There will be many people out there now who will be frantically trying to claim to have known the “real Jake”, and I would say good luck with that.  Jake was extremely good at presenting different sides of himself to people.

Jake was one of those rare breeds of occultists who were into wargaming (like Samuel Mathers and me), so we talked about that along with Ancient History. He was extremely amiable, but like many real magicians, was not someone you wanted to piss off. Others saw other things.

While many would think Jake and I were at odds because I am supposed to see a use for occult orders, and he didn’t. It was a little more complex than that. On that subject, we tended to agree – that the magical path is ultimately conducted alone and based on your own efforts.  We both believed in “real” magic, which was edgy, riskier and cost you something. My history and training included orders, and his didn’t. Both of us had bad experiences in our paths because of that.

What Jake will be known for is bringing grimoires, particularly the True Grimoire, alive and into a workable philosophy and tradition.  I am pissed off that he did not get the chance to release more of his books with that take on the universe, but it looks like the fates would not allow it.

Saying he will be missed is obvious. During his long illness, it was possible to see the vacuum which was already being created and now that will be with us always