Occult(ish) lessons Coronavirus lockdown taught me
Occult(ish) lessons Coronavirus lockdown taught me

Occult(ish) lessons Coronavirus lockdown taught me

Being locked down during the Coronavirus and having your life being put on hold has taught me a couple of things which are important for the occult path. Some dismantle a few esoteric myths; others were just things I learnt on along we way.

  1. It does not matter how experienced you are in magic, or how good, there are somethings which are bigger than you and you cannot deal with (or are meant to) magically. Even if I were able to do a ritual to eradicate the Coronavirus I would not be allowed out of my house for a couple of weeks. No amount of magic will change that. If you look at this issue wider, it means that other things must be out of your (often washed)  hands too and means that there are some blocks to magic which cannot be overcome. No god, angel or pious living is stepping in to save anyone.  The religious are being killed along with the atheists (in some cases more so because the religious are insisting on public gatherings to worship their gods).
  2. You do not entirely create your own universe from your own desires. Modern magic has been damaged by a new age belief that everything that happens to you is because of your own actions. For ages I have thought “that is bollocks, shit happens” but the Coronavirus is proof. For it to work, everyone must have wanted it to happen. You might be able to make this argument for one person but when you look at the whole world desiring this it beggers belief.
  3. The idea that an entire human population is simultaneously going through some past life karma process also cannot work at least at an individual level. We cannot all need the same lesson. It means that if karma exists, then there is a karma for the whole human race as well as individual karma. It does not matter if you are a Buddha you are going to accrue the karma of all humanity (and unless you can lift the karma of all humans you are not going to be truly enlightened and escape the wheel of birth and death.
  4. This is a good argument for at least a partial acceptance of fate suggesting that something bigger than the Gods makes absolute decisions for the plot-lines human life.
  5. There would appear to be a collective consciousness for humanity which causes people to respond to their highest and lowest level which the concept of individuality. At some point, the individual, no matter how evolved and developed they think they are must consider collective needs higher than their own. When people insist that their individuality is more important than others a time of crisis become the weakest link. Humanity’s future then rests on a balance between the individual and the collective with the latter’s rights prevailing.
  6. Humanity will prefer a lie which re-enforces their prejudicial status quo and enables them to avoid blame even when it is a matter of life and death. The Coronavirus will be removed when a vaccine appears… “but I believe that Bill Gates is involved in a conspiracy to make us take a vaccine so I will not take it and will make sure my family don’t either.” This does have a knock-on effect on occult thinking. People will continue to insist on esoteric fallacies even when evidence proves otherwise.  When dealing such people it is important to realise they will not allow themselves to be educated, it is better just to let them discover the truth on their own.
  7. A person who considers themselves “woke” is slumbering in their own self-delusion and is among the least aware people on the planet.
  8. A face mask fogs your glasses when you breath out. (this has an esoteric meaning, I just can’t be arsed explaining it).
  9. When you realise that you are powerless in some situations, even the most mentally well will get depressed and want to play computer games rather than writing stuff.
  10. America really is in trouble as this has been a perfect storm for everything that cripples the US.

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