Organised religion who gets involved?
Organised religion who gets involved?

Organised religion who gets involved?

I generally have a problem with organised religion as prefer not having to outsource too much of my thinking to someone else and being a triple leo I don’t like the idea of being told what to do.  It is not as if I hate any religion.  I actually find them fascinating, it is just that settling on one Organised one gives me a headache. All religions as having an element of truth in them, but they also contain huge amounts of bullshit which appears to come from the fact that their original founding premise was a little screwed.
I was watching a BBC programme about religion and it touched on several of the points I find weak about the whole experience. Religions seem to identify problems which we may not have and offer solutions that we don’t actually need.
The Christian problem “solved by Christ.  But sin requires you to believe in
it even more than you believe in Christ,
For example, Christianity creates the problem that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. This sin can be removed by a faith in Jesus Christ who died so you can be forgiven. But surely the real answer to this is not to think “how can I escape from this terrible sin problem?” but rather to say that the whole concept is rather silly. It requires me to first believe in a God that punishes me for the actions of a mythical ancestor and then states that I need to be forgiven. If someone tries to lock me away because the British did bad things in India, I would fight the unjust nature of the thing. I would not buy into a system that would allow me to be forgiven for the blame.
The Wheel of Birth and Death only keeps rolling when you see it as a problem
in the first place.
Hindu and Buddhism strikes a similar problem. Those faiths say we are trapped in a wheel of birth and death and must re-incarnate until we become enough like god. The cure is to remove all those desires and things that make us human so that we can transcend the wheel. But a much simpler approach is possible. Since the problem has been created by the idea that the wheel of birth and death exists, it is better not to believe in it at all. Who was it that came up with a silly idea in the first place… er the Hindus who invented a religion to over come something that might not exist. Buddha simply came up with another way to escape that wheel.
Judaism was created on the premise that a particular god had chosen one tribe of nomads and was going to look after them and give them a promised land. All they had to do was lop their foreskins off and obey some rules.
The only problem was that the God had decided that this Promised Land happened to be on a part of the world which was the main road for almost every blood-thirsty empire that the world created. Egyptians, Hittites, Persians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Mongols, Christians all have past through the area and left their boot marks firmly on Jewish heads. Not only did the Jewish god seemed to forget to protect his people he claimed it was a punishment. As a result, Jewish believers who have piously followed the original premise have spend several thousand years being kicked around the world. When they get their Promised Land back they have placed their faith in arms and nukes which sort of defeats the purpose.
Obey or die and you will get to live in the arse end of the
world where everyone will want to kill you.
It would have better off if they said actually this Promised land is not that great and if you are not going to protect us we will go to another God. They should have known better as the first act of their new God, after giving them the law was to slaughter huge numbers of them who happened to be worshipping Apis and his next few acts involved making them walk around the desert in circles for forty years.
These problems are those which monothestic religions face. This was a problem with the Greco-roman state religions too. They were based on the fact that if you did not respect the Gods then they would make life unpleasant for you. It was also possible that if you did them a few favours they might look after you. This seems logical, but then when you release that there were a lot of Gods it was difficult to find out which one you have pissed off. It was easier to belong to a different religion where that God was not recognised so you couldn’t hack one off.
My point is that most of the organised religions were founded to solve problems that they themselves created. They all, to some measure, reflect the fears of the society at the time they were created and as we say in the Golden Dawn “fear is failure.” This fear was one of the reasons why Christianity defeated the more heady mystery cults and Neo-Platonism. Ordinary people found them too hard and they were desperate for something simple that would provide them with some security.
Anne Davies: You can tell an adept by whether they
 accept all races  as part of the One Thing.
Of course that does not apply to gay people
 they need fixing.  I need a chicken sandwich is there a place
I can get one? 
This is why modern occultists need to find their own answers to religious questions and why it is impossible to judge another person’s solutions. It is also why you cannot spit hate at another person’s religion and use it as a definition of “other.” Anne Davies once said that a good test of whether someone was an adept or not was how much bile they spit at another’s race. This was good counsel only for the perfect as Anne had a problem with homosexuality and believed that gay people were broken and could not become adepts until they were healed!
But Davies’ point is correct. You cannot experience state of unity that an adept is supposed to have and claim that another human else must be separate from that. Nor can you claim that your race or religion is superior to another because they are all an expression of the One Thing.
More negatively they are all pretty silly when contrasted with the reality of that which is ultimately unknowable. How you approach that unknowing is your spiritual path. Practically it does not require you to sign up to any religion ancient or modern.  It just requires you to form your own ideas and relationship with the One Thing.


  1. Anonymous

    Although I would say that all organised religions pose problems if their teachings are taken at the most basic literal level (which is, sadly, the level that the vast majority of adherents are taught them), you are absolute spot on with this one.

  2. I agree with the above commentator. But in my opinion, the rules of the organized faiths are there so that everyone within that faith are on the same page, as it were. The point of organized religion is that its essence is communal. You can’t have a group of people all doing what they want, and have organization. Spirituality on the other hand is not communal, but rather personal. Both are very important in my opinion, and perhaps two sides of a coin. But yes, people mistake the stories as literal truth and thus miss the point. That is the major problem with organized religion.

    As for whether or not someone can be an adept while also being a separatist, well I disagree with you. As a neoplatonist who firmly believes in the many emanations and divine hierarchies, I have no doubt that separatists can in fact rationalize their ideology while being an adept in the mysteries. Each idea has been expressed within the physical world, including the idea of each of the many races that walk upon the earth. Now I would question an adept who believed in racial superiority, but not one who would rather allow each of the racial groups to realize their potential and express their idea alone without meddling or intermingling in such a way as to preserve each of those expressed ideas.

  3. It can be said that Organised religion is simply the mainstream face of cult and sect behaviour. Organised religion is nothing more than an element of control, it has been this way for centuries.

    Great Blog by the way 🙂

  4. The part on the Jewish G-d was hilarious.Although if you look at it from the kabbalistic teachings which states that the G-d of ancient Israel was the Zauir Anpin ( shortness of face or shortness of temper) who was considered as a kind of divine immature teenager you will understand his actions. But that aside I still believe that organized religion is a form of social control and I too am weary of it. Design your own salvation I say!

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