Pre-orders now open
Pre-orders now open

Pre-orders now open

Check out the latest press release from Kerubim Press. Golden Dawn and Enochian – what more could you want?

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Limited Hardback Editions available for pre-order.

The Kerubim Press launch titles, King Over The Water by Nick Farrell and Enochian Magic In Theory by Dean F. Wilson, are now available for pre-order. Both books are set for a late February launch, which is only weeks away, and there are only 100 copies of the Limited Hardback Edition of each title. All 100 copies will be signed and numbered by the author, and each copy will come with a Kerubim Press bookmark that is sure to be the envy of whatever it is you’re currently using as a bookmark. If that wasn’t enough, the Limited Hardback Editions also feature a different cover design compared to their paperback cousins, making them a true collector’s item.
Paperback editions will be available from online retailers like Amazon in late February. Ebook versions will also be available within the coming months.


King Over The Water is Nick Farrell’s controversial prequel-come-sequel to Mathers’ Last Secret, the exposĂ© on Samuel Mathers from Golden Dawn fame. This book is set to rock the magical work just as much as its predecessor, with a thorough look at the ousted King of the Golden Dawn and how things went in his post-rebellion group, the Alpha et Omega. There are also a number of previously unpublished original GD and AO documents, such as the original Z documents and the Book of the Tomb, the secret and much coveted text that was required for making a Vault of the Adepts.


Enochian Magic In Theory is Dean F. Wilson’s long-awaited tome on the theoretical elements of the powerful Enochian system of magic. The book provides an indepth look at the history of the system and answers many of the questions about the puzzles left behind by Dee and Kelley. Using a unique mix of scholarly critique and personal insight, Wilson provides a thorough understanding of a system that has beguiled many. As a magician who has worked extensively with Enochian magic for many years, Wilson prepares the foundations required for using the system – the necessary steps before delving into the practical guidelines of Enochian Magic In Practice, the sequel expected later this year.

Remember that there are only 100 copies of these Limited Hardback Editions. Make sure to pre-order your copy today to avoid disappointing both yourself and your bookshelf.


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