Save Aaron Leitch’s eye sight
Save Aaron Leitch’s eye sight

Save Aaron Leitch’s eye sight

Occult writer Aaron Leitch is losing his sight and will soon be blind unless the Magical Community steps in to help him.

On September 18, 2013, Aaron Leitch was diagnosed with cataracts.  According to the doctors, he is legally blind in his right eye and will lose sight in his left eye within months. 
Aaron is one of the good guys in the occult world who puts his teaching and his magic out there for those in need so it is time that the community gave him something back.  His eyesight is a pretty good gift. 
If Aaron has surgery in time, his vision can be permanently restored.  The not so good news:  The procedures he needs cost over $5000 and, due to the high deductible on his medical insurance, that price is beyond his reach. 
If he was a UK occultist he would have this operation for free, he would be able to raise his family and have a career without difficulty. Unfortunately he lives in a nation where helping people is considered Communinism and the Christians in charge have forgot what it means to care for people.
It is time for the occult community to show that it is BETTER than that and help one of our number carry on his magical work. It will not take much.  If those who Aaron has helped donate a dollar or two it will go a LONG WAY to protecting one of our own.
Our fund raising target is $5,500.00, which includes the cost of surgery (right eye $1527, left eye $3515), plus $450 to help with secondary expenses including PayPal fees for processing donations, medications, etc.  Your gift will not be tax deductible.  Give a little, give a lot, do whatever you comfortably can.  Any funds received over the target amount will be donated to The Himalayan Cataract Project. 
Click on this link for more details  and donate cash  LINK


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