The Path of Peh

Cabbalists have long warned of the dangers of lateral paths, those of the 27th, 19th and 14th , on the Tree of Life. Spiritually people are jumping between extremes, something which is never good for someone trying to progress. This […]

Occult couples

“Fear is failure, so be thou without fear, for he that trembles and the fire and the flood hath no part of God” Most occultists believe that they live without fear. They claim that within its teaching, they find that […]

Temples of Humanity

Below is an unpublished Whare Ra document. It is has close similarities to a paper written by Dion Fortune and is related to what I call the Inner Temple method. Fortune said that she acquired the Inner Temple method from […]

Tohunga: Hohepa Keropa

There are few moments where I have picked up a book and found things that “spoke to me” and this one is one of the rare ones which should be on every Golden Dawn magician’s reading list.Written by Paul Moon […]