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The Path of Peh

Cabbalists have long warned of the dangers of lateral paths, those of the 27th, 19th and 14th , on the Tree of Life. Spiritually people are jumping between extremes, something which is never good for someone trying to progress.This problem is represented by one of the most misunderstood tarot cards in the deck, the Tower. In cabbalah this card is represented by the Hebrew letter Peh, and its lessons are one of the hardest that a person has to face.This card appears to be one of doom with destruction of structure emphatically expressed. On the face of it we are saying who ever walks this path is about to lose everything they have thought was true.The card, and the path's

Rosicrucian Tradition of the Golden Dawn: Revealing the Alchemy and the Theurgy of the RR et AC

For the last couple of weeks I have been going through Samuel Robinson's book Rosicrucian Tradition of the Golden Dawn: Revealing the Alchemy and the Theurgy of the RR et AC. It is a bit of a tome, but there is a lot in it.After a long training by Pat Zalweski, Robinson moved to Europe where he made links with many different Rosicrucian Orders and formed his own Hermetic Order of the Nascent Dawn. This is a Golden Dawn Group but appears to have lineages with other German Rosicrucian groups. The book shows a lot of his thinking about the Second Order work of the Golden Dawn.It is possible to see a lot of Robinson's roots coming out in the book

Occult couples

“Fear is failure, so be thou without fear, for he that trembles and the fire and the flood hath no part of God”Most occultists believe that they live without fear. They claim that within its teaching, they find that their fears, particularly of death, are washed away. While this might be true, one of the biggest problems we find within the Golden Dawn community stems from fear – the fear of being alone.The study of magic is such a minority activity and is divided still further into different strains of teaching. Even within a single group, magicians vary in what they believe so that the chances of you finding someone who thinks like you

Temples of Humanity

Below is an unpublished Whare Ra document. It is has close similarities to a paper written by Dion Fortune and is related to what I call the Inner Temple method. Fortune said that she acquired the Inner Temple method from the AO Chief Maiya Tranchell-Hayes where it was a Second Order AO proceedure. Since this paper was written after the split and is an ST document, it indicates that the idea had a common source and that both sides of the divide used Astral Temples for ritual and teaching. You can see hints of it in the Flying Rolls and the Z-documents.The idea of using the astral counterparts of important landmarks was very important to Dion

Tohunga: Hohepa Keropa

There are few moments where I have picked up a book and found things that "spoke to me" and this one is one of the rare ones which should be on every Golden Dawn magician's reading list.Written by Paul Moon it is based on interviews he carried out with a Maori  magician, or Tohunga.Kereopa was a Tohunga amongst the Tohuoe tribe.  I went up there once to do a feature and I can safely say it was one of the rawest moments I had with Maori spirituality.  I never met Kereopa and it is on my list of things I can kick myself about.   His blunt approach to people was legendary and he felt compelled to say stuff which