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Magic, the hero and the others

For a while it has nagged at the back of my mind that the magical path tends to focus on the needs of the individual rather than wider society.   It was not that most magicians did not care, it is just that no-one really came up with a good reason why they did. Lately though this void of a reason has led some magicians to adopt views which are so individualistic and self-serving that they make Ayn Rand look like Karl Marx. It was often espoused by people who felt that magic groups were evil and you were better off working alone. It was actually a problem for pagan magic and one which Christianity was able to exploit. The central ‘bible’ of


Occult groups can't let everyone in. They have to be exclusive clubs and there are good reasons for this. One of the difficult issues that a modern occult group faces is “who do you let in” which actually comes out as “who don’t you like.” The modern “new age” theory is that everyone should be let in unless you can find a damn fine reason not to.  However his is not entirely true.  There are some people who should not be allowed into an esoteric group until they have mastered some fairly basic skills and some will find the work actually dangerous. Mental illness On my Facebook group were talking earlier about being excluded from occult groups for mental illness – and it


There is a lot of nonsense distributed on the world wide wibble about what an Adept will and will not do. Unlike some people I do not think an Adept is a superman or woman but is someone who is most themselves. They also have to be good at the magic system they use. However, for a laugh I have composed a list of 20 things an Adept would not do.     A ‘REAL’ Adept has NEVER: owned an iPhone or any device made by Apple: Buying an iPhone is submitting your true will to that of the Apple Cult... a strangely inverted world where good is bad, bendy is strong, and you claim that you get what you pay for when you clearly