Communicating the Darkness (example of Z2)
Communicating the Darkness (example of Z2)

Communicating the Darkness (example of Z2)

Below is an example of how you use the Z2 documents to construct a ritual. In this case it is a talisman to assist a person who is suffering from a Pluto square Pluto transit. Rather than invoking more Pluto it uses Mercury to communicate what the transit is trying to do so that they can co-operate with it. Pluto and Saturn transits can be bothersome because the person may want to change but it is not clear what they are supposed to do.
The Z2 documents provide a skeleton outline for a Golden Dawn Ritual so that they can be bolstered out and adapted. In modern terms they are a bit of a cut and paste. 
The version of Z2 which I have used here is an original Golden Dawn one, rather than that printed by Regardie. They are in bold so you can see them and the result I wrote alongside it. The invocation to Mercury is Thomas Taylor’s translation of the Orphic Hymn to Mercury. The Talisman is a four world’s design which I describe in Making Talismans. The outer ring is King Scale of Mercury the next ring is queen scale etc. The only colour which is out of sequence is the central one which is the colour of Scorpio in Malkuth. This is because Mercury is acting on Pluto to have its effect.
Anyway this is designed to give people an idea about consecration of talismans using the GD method and how to construct rituals using the Z docs.  Have fun.
A- The place where the operation is done.
This ritual is a talisman of Mercury which is designed to aid the communication of the forces of Pluto during a tricky transit.
B – The Magical Operator.
The Magician is dressed in his 5=6 robes and cross and has the lotus wand, ceremonial sword and dagger.
C – The Forces of Nature employed or attracted.
The ritual calls the forces of Mercury namely
Elohim Tzaboath, the God Mercury with his seven names; Mercurus, Hermes, Khthinios, Thoth, Raphael, Angelus Macaron and Hermenteutes The Intelligence of Mercury Tiriel with the God Pluto
D – The active Telesma or material pentacle itself.
E – In Telesmata, the selection of the Matter to form the Telesma; the preparation and arrangement of the place. The drawing and forming of the body of the Telesma.
The temple is arranged as the 0=0. The room must be prepared by the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram, and the Supreme Hexagram of Mercury. It should be done on the hour of Mercury on Wednesday The magical image used is of Mercury journeying to the Underworld and receiving a message from Pluto.
F – The Telesmata winding a black cord round the Telesman or material basis employed. Covering the same with a black veil, and initiating the blind force therein. Naming aloud the Nature of the Telesma or Operation.
The Talisman is placed in a black bag and tied three times with black Chord.
G – In Talismans the pentacle is now placed towards the West, and duly consecrated with Water and Fire. The purpose of the
operation, and the effect intended to be produced is then to be rehearsed in a loud and clear voice.
Stand in the East and look between the pillars. Have a clear visualisation of Mercury going into the Underworld to communicating with Pluto. Try to see this visualisation taking place between the pillars through-out the working.
State: “The purpose of this working, if it pleases the Divine is to create a talisman which will help aid the process of transformation of N by allowing the deeper aspects of her unconscious to be expressed so that (s)he may better understand what action she needs to take to assist the Pluto transit.”
Take the talisman to the West and draw the symbol of Salt over it.
Say: “Creature of talismans. Your purpose to be simple of paper. You are dead to that purpose now and will become the physical body for a Talisman of power.”
Consecrate and purify the talisman. Above the bag should be seen an egg of blackness with a white flashing light above it. You should attempt to see floor pillars.
H – In Telesmata Placing the Talisman at the foot of the Altar, state aloud the object to be attained, solemnly asserting that it will be attained, and the reason thereof.
The talisman is placed at the foot of the altar.
This talisman shall use the powers of the Eightfold Mercury to allow expression of the forces of Pluto to be articulated to the conscious mind of P. This will assist the process of transformation which this transit creates with less pain and physical discomfort.
I – In Telesmata announcement aloud that all is prepared and in readiness, either for charging the Telesma, or for the When the role of a good Telesma or is for good purpose it is to be placed within the White Triangle on the Altar and the magician places his left hand upon it and raises his right and invokes the charging force holding the sword or other implement erect.
Stand in the East of the altar place the talisman on the white triangle with your left hand on it. See the magical image of Mercury in the Underworld and draw it’s energy down into the talisman by holding the Gemini part of the wand.
J – In Telesmata the performance of an invocation to attract the desired spirit to the Telesma describing in the air above it the lineal figures and sigils, etc., with the appropriate instrument.
Then, taking up the Telesma in the left hand, let him smite it thrice with the flat of the Sword. Then raising his arms to their full stretch and holding in the left hand the Telesma and in the right the Sword erect let him stamping thrice upon the Earth with the right foot). The same is to be done with the material basis of for the meteorological phenomenon.
Invocation of Elohim Tsaboath

O LORD God, Holy Father, Almighty and Merciful One, Who hast created all things, Who knowest all things and can do all things, from Whom nothing is hidden, to Whom nothing is impossible. Oh thou who is the Splendor of the Universe. I ask you to use this talisman to enable N to transform (him) herself by the powers of Pluto by understanding the process which is taking place and being able to articulate the transformation required.

K – The Talisman is to be placed towards the North, and the Operator repeats the Oration of the Hierophant to the Candidate in the same form as that employed by the magician in evocation and commands the mystic circumambulation in the path of darkness.
Take the talisman to the North and say:
The voice of my Higher said unto me, let me enter the darkness, there I will find the light of my purpose and my reason for being. For I have slept awaiting a reason to be. And the voice of my purpose said unto me. I formulate in the darkness. I am thy light which shines in darkness and the darkness cannot over come it. Let us journey together to use the powers of Mercury to express the transformation of Pluto in the life of N.
L – The Operator, taking up the Light and the Telesmata within its black casing carries it to the South, places it on the ground and then goes to the West of it and turns, facing east, he then consecrates it afresh with Water and Fire, lift it with left hand, turns facing West.
Circumambulating once around the temple stop in the south. Place the bag on the floor and draw the symbol of Sulphur over it.
“Creature of Talismans, having died to your old purpose your spirit is now attuned to your new one. Like phoenix you have arisen from the dross of the old.”
Purify and consecrate with fire and water. This time you should see the darker sphere above the talisman become even clearer. You can faintly make out the same seen which is between the pillars.
M – He now passes to the West with Telesmata and the Telesmata within its black casing in his hands, faces the South East opens
covering but without entirely removing the Telesma once smites it once with the flat blade of the Sword. The Operator repeats the Oration of the Hierus to the Candidate in the same form as that employed by the magician in Evocation to physical form and commands the mystic circumambulation in the path of darkness. He says “Take on therefore manifestation without fear before me, for I am he in whom fear is Not.” This being the sigil of the Telesmata.
Go to the West and adopt the Godform of Horus. Project the divine name Elohim Gibor at the talisman and perform the sign of silence.
Open the bundle so that you can see the talisman and say:
“Creature of Talismans you are blessed with the power to change the universe in accordance to the Will of God. Therefore Take on therefore manifestation without fear before me, for I am he in whom fear is Not.”
N – Same formula under section L.
Circumambulate once and stop in the North. Draw the sign of Mercury over the black bag.
Creature of Talismans like a Phoenix you have arisen from death to life with your new purpose. You have intelligence and are a fit vehicle for the breath of life.
Purify and consecrate with fire and water. This time you should see the darker sphere above the talisman become even clearer. You can faintly make out the same seen which is between the pillars.
O – Similar to section M and what is to be laid down for the Evocation section O.
Take the back to the East and become Osiris. Project the divine name EL at the bag.
Creature of Talismans you cannot pass on to your true purpose without understanding the power of the Mercu of God. You are blessed with the power to change the universe in accordance to the Mercy of God and to save N from un-needed pain. But act in accordance with the balance of the scales of truth and never allow N to suffer from an extreme of experience. You have known the truth, pass on to infestation at the cubic altar of the universe.
P – Similar to what has been laid down in Section P of the Evocation to physical appearance.
Take the bag and place it on the altar then proceed to invoke the following.
In the name Elohim Tsaboath I ask the God Mercury by his eight fold name to empower this talisman.
Invocation to Mercury
Hermes, draw near, and to my pray’r incline,
Angel of Jove, and Maia’s son divine;
Prefect of contest, ruler of mankind,
With heart almighty, and a prudent mind.
Celestial messenger of various skill,
Whose pow’rful arts could watchful Argus kill.
With winged feet ’tis thine thro’ air to course,
O friend of man, and prophet of discourse;
Great life-supporter, to rejoice is thine
In arts gymnastic, and in fraud divine.
With pow’r endu’d all language to explain,
Of care the loos’ner, and the source of gain.
Whose hand contains of blameless peace the rod,
Corucian, blessed, profitable God.
Of various speech, whose aid in works we find,
And in necessities to mortals kind.
Dire weapon of the tongue, which men revere,
Be present, Hermes, and thy suppliant hear;
Assist my works, conclude my life with peace,
Give graceful speech, and memory’s increase.
I Invoke thee by thy name Mercurius(draw Mercury symbol)
I Invoke thee by thy name Hermes(draw Mercury symbol)
I Invoke thee by thy name Khthonis(draw Mercury Symbol)
I Invoke thee by thy name Thoth(Draw Mercury Symbol)
I Invoke thee by thy name Raphael(Draw Mercury Symbol)
I Invoke thee by thy name Angelius Macaron (Draw Mercury Symbol)
I Invoke thee by thy name Hermenetes(Draw Mercury Symbol)
You should see Mercury appear on the other side of the Altar and draw his symbol over the bag.
Q – Similar to what has been laid down in Section Q of the Evocation to physical appearance only in the case of a Talisma there should be a faint light around it.
Invocation to the Spirits
In the name Elohim Tsaboath and through the power of Mercury I call upon the Intelligence of Mercury TIRIAL and his spirit TAPH-THAR-THAR-ATH to work through this talisman to help aid the process of transformation of N by allowing the deeper aspects of her unconscious to be expressed so that (s)he may better understand what action she needs to take to assist the Pluto transit.
May you aid the God Pluto, by communicating his messages to N clearly and directly so that she may know what to do to understand his transit.
R – He then takes up the Telesmata, stands to East of the Altar, and faces West. Then shall he rehearse a long conjuration to the
Powers and Spirits immediately superior unto that one which he seeks to invoke, to make the Telesmata powerful. Then he places the Talisman between the Pillars, himself at the East, facing West, then in the sign of the Enterer, doth he project the whole current of his Will upon the Talisman. Thus he continueth until such time as he shall perceive his will power weakening, when he protects himself by the Sign of Silence, and then drops his hands. He now looks toward the Talisman, and a flashing Light or Glory should be seen playing and flickering on the Talisman. If this does not occur, let the Magician repeat the Conjuration of the Superiors from the place of the Throne of the East. And this conjuration may be repeated thrice, each time ending with a new projection of Will in the Sign of the Enterer, etc. But if at the third time of repetition the Talisman does not flash, then be it known that there is an error in the working.
Final Invocation
In the name ELOHIM Tsaboath (sign of the Enterer and silence) I call upon thee Great God Mercury. Take this talisman unto thy heart so that it will be a doorway to the underworld. Let it communicate the will of Pluto to N so that (s)he may make the necessary changes in her life and not need to suffer from his power.
Take the Talisman and place it between the pillars. Project all your will at the talisman in the form of the sign of the enterer while vibrating the divine name ELOHIM Tsaboath. Use this power to fuse a link between the magical image between the pillars so that the two become connected. Do this until the talisman itself begins to flash.
Now as soon as the Magician shall see the Light, he shall quit the station of the Hierophant and consecrate afresh with water and with fire.
Take the godform of Mercury and say the following:
Talisman of Mercury. You are my living representative on Earth. You will work with N to aid communication between N and the dark forces of Pluto in the Underworld. You will help him/her understand that God’s purpose for him/her and teach her his lessons clearly so that they do not need to be learned as a result of pain and ill-health. You will do this without harming anyone and when the work is done you shall return to me and bring me back your experience before peacefully ending your time on Earth.
Close as normal.


  1. Nick,

    I like this, innovative Adept use of colour, good choise of invocations, powerful use of repetition, all around excellent work.

    I would personally invoke more Pluto, and whatever other positively-aspected planet was kicking around at the time.

    The classic colours for a talisman like this are in the Flying Rolls. One could use the Kether, Chokmah or Fire (path) Square on the Mercury wall, depending on where you attribute Pluto sephirotically or if you prefer to use the path. Then it would be a plain solid colour, and the corresponding sigils in the symbol colour, just like on the wall.

    I usually would close with the purification, consecration, circumambulation and ‘holy art thous’. Sometimes I use the entire hymn to Hermes instead of the four-liner from the 0=0.

    Good job.


    1. Hi
      I think the point here is that if a person has a pluto transit they have more than enough of it kicking around. Invoke any more and the person will be left with a pile of smoking shoes. Normally however you would be right… just I wouldnt do it with this particular talisman. What the talisman does is allow the person to have a talisman which communicates that pluto energy effectively. The Pluto is in the middle (in a star to indicate that it is radiating outwards. The rest of the talisman is a Septagon to make sure the energy is given a mercury containment.
      I have got a colour system based on the walls of the vault too… placing a scorpio screen over a normal mercury talisman would do it. I am thinking of writing a chapter on this in one of my future books.
      I would not bother with a purification or consecration of a talisman (nor for that matter a communion) you will have done enough with the fourth and final consecration. It is a good idea to do a reverse circumamulation with the new talisman though as it is bringing it down the levels to earth/ The talisman appears to give dreams to the person so far…

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