New review out for Shem Angel Grimoire
New review out for Shem Angel Grimoire

New review out for Shem Angel Grimoire

I sent out a couple of pre-release copies to reviewers to have a look at the Shem Grimiore so that they could give readers some unbiased insight about what it is about.  The first came from Morgan Drake Eckstein and can be seen here 
Morgan gave it five out of five stars saying that this book is meant to be used.

“One of its center pieces is a ritual  to actually get in contact with a Shem angel (one of the 72 angels created from the so-called 72 lettered name of God…which actually has 216 letters in it, but who is counting?). There is also an interesting Middle Pillar ritual, complete with head movements inspired by Abraham Abulafia (a mystic of the Kabbalah bent).”

Meanwhile Jeffrery Lee Contreras wrote: 

This is BY FAR Nick Ferrell’s best book. I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy and the content is amazing… I have read every book on Shem work that I can find and this one goes to the top of the list. The information on the Hebrew letters is all you need to know about them and how they affect tarot readings. The background on the Shem itself is very comprehensive. However the part of this book that will keep you pulling it off the self over and over is Nicks Shem ritual itself. Based on the Golden Dawn Z-formula I am completely in love with this ritual! In fact I believe this Shem ritual is actually worth twice the price of this book. Its not for beginners though. It’s long, intense and I am sure it’s effective. The only drawback to this book is it’s limited to 200 copies… luckily I ordered three.

Sales are going well and I do not think it will be around for long. You can buy it here

Here is the contents table


Introduction  10
Chapter One The Magical Language And Tarot 14
Chapter Two The Divine Name Of  72 Names 60
Chapter Three Understanding The Shem Through Ecstatic Kabbalah 69
Chapter Four The Magical Language And Tarot 77
Chapter Five Using Sigils 95

  Introduction 110
Concerning The Art 111
Concerning the Circle 112
Confession of the Exorcist 117
Of the Dagger and Wand of the Magical Art 119
Ritual Of Evocation Of A Shem Angel 133
Creation of a Talisman 146
Transformation Ritual 155
The Angels of Leo 161
The Angels of Virgo 175
The Angels of Libra 189
The Angels of Scorpio 203
The Angels of Saggitarious 217
The Angels of Capricorn 231
The Angels of Aquarius 245
The Angels of Pisces 259
The Angels of Aries 271
The Angels of Taurus 287
The Angels of  Gemini 301
The Angels of  Cancer 315
About the Author 332
About the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea 333

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  1. The Shem Grimore is a beautiful piece of the art with a great quality. Thank you that I have the chance
    to use it for my work.
    Question: How come you did not number the angels? If I include other tables ihave to search for a while,
    since the angel names are also different.

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