Day Three of the Secret Chiefs Challenge
Day Three of the Secret Chiefs Challenge

Day Three of the Secret Chiefs Challenge

Behold! The Secret Chiefs stand at the
Door and Knock
Still no one has shown up. 
There are those who say that I am being unfair on insisting that the secret chiefs who knock on my door should respond with the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea password of the Aeon and the 7=4 grade signs.
However this sort of thing is expected of Secret Chiefs, particularly in the Golden Dawn.  Indeed the 5=6 oath demands that:
Finally, if in my travels I should meet a stranger who professes to be a member of the Rosicrucian Order, I will examine him or her with due care before acknowledging  him or her to be such.”
Now the reason we have “secret passwords” is apparently to make sure that people who are not connected to our order, or who have left, cannot gain entrance.  So the password of the age, or Aeon keeps out those who should not be there.  Obviously there is much to this, but I would be breaking my oath if I told you.
Anyway for a Secret Chief to be of any real use, they would have to know the details about my Order.  It seems reasonable for me to expect them to know the details which even a neophyte should know.
The 7=4 grade signs are equally important.  This gives them some rights over our Second Order.
Should a physical chief know these things?  Of course they should.  They should know everything about the Golden Dawn system and beyond it.  For these passwords to have any meaning at all they would need to be registered in any astral library or divine memory.  One of the things the secret chiefs are supposed to have access to are the akashic records, or whatever title they gave it.  Since they are secret chiefs they would automatically be tuned to read that information.

If they cannot read these things then their function in the universe is completely redundant.   All they could do is provide yet more intellectual information, which is not particularly difficult for any being to do.


  1. My friend Alfonso Benguria.
    For 18 years almost every Saturday after dinner Alfonso came to my house and talked to my ex-wife and me a lot of subjects interesting, sometimes watched a movie or documentary or just chatting, he had been responsible for marking exams of all students of the Arcane School in Spain, no one knew but the tube that responsibility for many years, until he died.
    I remember one day we talk about Inner School and he said he believed that if they were physical men but an organization as we know he thought he was a state of consciousness and had members of the Inner School who worked for her but even they do not knew. At first I struggled to understand but then I thought that maybe Karl von Erkahausen referred to that in “The Cloud Over The Sanctuary”.

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