What if Secret Chiefs were real?
What if Secret Chiefs were real?

What if Secret Chiefs were real?

As I am waiting for a visit from physical Secret Chiefs (see earlier blogs), I have been wondering what the impact would be on the Western Mystery Tradition if one of them actually showed up and gave me the passwords to prove they are what they say.

The doctrine of physical Secret Chiefs has been carefully mapped out over the last couple of hundred years.  The idea is that people who have evolved in life enough have developed a form of immortality and can exist both on the earth and on the astral planes.  While many claim to have spoken to secret chiefs astrally few have claimed to have seen them in the flesh.
One of the most documented Secret Chiefs was that of Master R who apparently met BOTA’s Paul Foster Case.  In fact Master R rarely spoke to Case “in the flesh” and most of the information which came from him was channelled through a medium.
Case’s successor, Anne Davies, never met Master R in the flesh, but did say that he once aported a cheap statue of Madonna (the mother of god not the singer) to cheer her up when she was down.
If secret chiefs were real, and remember I am waiting for THEM to confirm this, then it would create a very interesting change in Western occultism.
1.    All occult orders who do not have a Secret Chief who can meet them on the physical, will have to shut.  After all they just playing at it. This would mean 99.99 per cent of all esoteric movements in the last 200 years would be ruled as bogus and have to shut.  Name an order.  Does it claim to have a Secret Chief who its current leader has met in real life?   If the answer is no, then IF secret chiefs exist than, then that group has no spiritual rights at all.  Please be aware that Astral masters do not count.  They have to be perfect humans in flesh to be classed as Secret Chiefs.  So if you like Crowley, Dion Fortune, Israel Regardie, Chic and Tabatha Cicero, Nick Farrell, Pat Zalewski, Marian Green, Alex Saunders… none if whom met secret chiefs in the flesh, their work is gone.
2.   All occult orders would have to be subservient to a human secret chief who acts most of the time like an absentee landlord.  While this chief talks to chiefs of orders, most of the time it lets those chiefs get on with it even if those leaders take their group to ruin.   In all the stories about Secret Chiefs they never intervene in the running of an order.  They just withdraw from it if the order starts to go tits up.  As someone who runs an order, this is not particularly useful. A secret chief does not have to do anything to assist a group.  They just have to be there and in charge.  There are few cases of Secret Chief Material ending up in the studies of an order.  All of it was part of channelled sessions and most of it has the fingerprints of the person running the group.  Case is the same.  Very little material from his channelled sessions with Master R made it into the course material.  So a secret chief does not have to write new material.  The might inspire stuff, but they do not fix errors.  They also do not use their financial wealth to back their orders.
3.   All material which is made public has to be censored by the Secret Chiefs. Secret chiefs appear to be very big on secrecy, I guess it goes with their handle.
4.   The Universe and the magical world is run exactly like a masonic lodge. 
5.   The Mysteries are only for males. The only people who can be Secret Chiefs are males.  The only recorded meetings with secret chiefs in the flesh are universally with males.  It appears that females do not qualify.  There is no racial bar; they are allowed to be Indians, Native Americans, Chinese, Arabs, Jews, Etruscans, Egyptians.  There have been few recorded secret chiefs who were of African descent.  If you were hoping your secret chief could be a black woman you could be out of luck.  If this is true then it tells us something very important about the universe. It also means that if you are a woman you can never aspire to being a Secret Chief, you will always be a second class citizen spiritually.
6.     Group leaders become very important. Secret Chiefs are the spiritual elite of humanity.  They are deemed “just men made perfect.”  Their decisions are supposed therefore to be correct and right all the time. This means that those who they select as leaders are supposed to meet extremely high standards and be nearly perfect themselves.  Since they are the only ones who can talk to the Secret Chiefs, then it goes without saying that without them the group will be spiritually cut off.  It also goes without saying that it is the Chiefs view of a person that counts, and not their spiritual development.
7.    Humans are not allowed to be magically creative until they are Secret Chiefs or have been instructed to do so by them.   One person, who claimed to have had a connection to Master R once said that I was not allowed to write anything, not even papers to my chiefs.  So if you see someone writing a book or a blog, it has to be with the full approval of your Secret Chiefs. 
8.  Humans will be divided into those who are suited to be occultists and the rest of the world who are lesser beings.  If an occultist aspires, they might achieve through their merits the ability to be a secret chief, but the rest of the world will always be cattle.
9.   There is absolutely no individuality in such a system or any free will.  You are either surrendered to the Secret Chiefs or their agents on earth, or you are not doing true spiritual work.

Still it must be a world worth having, if it really is like that.  So I am still open minded about the Secret Chiefs arranging a meeting.