Day Two secret chief’s challenge
Day Two secret chief’s challenge

Day Two secret chief’s challenge

There was a storm, but nothing spoke to me from it.  I also did not have a dream where I was told to meet at a coffee shop at a certain time.  In fact my dream was about the Taumarunui train station and was not connected to this challenge at all.

So far then it is fair to say that if the secret chiefs exist, then they are not quickly responding to the challenge.
If you know a secret chief you might want to nudge them to get in touch.  After all if they exist, that knowledge should be one of the first lessons we teach students and their are huge implications for magic generally.


  1. If the Secret Chiefs exist they are choosing (up to Nick’s invitation) to remain SECRET.

    Therefore we cannot say anything about them with certainty.

    Those folk who (claim to) have met them all appear to be unable to prove they exist, in the same way I prove my work colleagues exist to my partner – by inviting them around to dinner.

    Knowing this, there is NO POINT in folk who (claim to) have met them blathering on about the SCs.

    They just look stupid, cos they can’t prove their existence. I feel for them, I really do. The most compassionate thing to do is to encourage them to learn the fourth power and REMAIN SILENT.

    Because all we are getting is second hand subjective info. A court of law would not even look at this as ‘evidence’. And nor should we.

    Pointing to documents, meditations, techniques etc and stating they are ‘the work’ of the SCs is equally flawed as evidence.

    The value of the docs, meditations etc, is dependent on the docs themselves, not claimed authorship. They may be awesome or crap, but the determining factor is the material itself. Not claimed authorship to someone who will not put up his or her hand and say, “well, yes that’s mine! Good ‘ennit?”

    If we think something is better just cos it’s from a SC we are being foolish.

    If we think something has come from the SCs just ‘cos someone says it has… well… really?

    Until we have something all parties can look at solidly, like Nick’s possible future meeting (no doubt it will be recorded), their forenames, surnames, addresses, documentation, the Secret Chiefs function as a MAGICAL MYTH.

    Myths serve valid spiritual functions. But they also become dated and sometimes problematic. The SC myth has no legs anymore and serves to inspire few modern magicians.

    We therefore await the SCs as solid, concrete shared space-time FACT – which is what Nick is looking for.

    In the meantime, saying what the SCs think about Nick etc, is equivalent to saying we know what God feels about gay folk, abortion, left handed women etc. It’s the same misapplied logic. Think about it.


    THANKS 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Light shine in darkness and darkness comprehended it not…
    Even if the SC were before Nick, Nick must deny he saw them because of his faith that they don’t exist. The observer of the experiment influence the experiment.

    Nick lives in his own sphere of illusions.

    Continue the Great work.

    Free from your own limits. There is no limits.
    Magic is Hermetic science and it cannot be put into bottles or books.
    It is wider than it’s parts.
    Human die, books can be burned, temple set destroyed, lineage killed but the pure knowledge is Eternal offered to all the seekers of Truth.

    There are two ways : connect oneself to this infinite source, or find someone who can.
    Unite oneself with the Whole and the Whole will be within you.

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