Secret chiefs
Secret chiefs

Secret chiefs

Gr FR LeT the secret chief behind the
Golden Dawn.  If you see Fr LeT on your
 bus or train you might want to remindhim about
my challenge.  Of course he should already
know about it, but Secret Chiefs in the
Flesh can be so forgetful.
The issue of whether or not secret chiefs exist in real life is perfectly simple to prove or disprove.  So I am going to conduct a scientific experiment.
I am giving the secret chiefs a chance to get in contact with me by August 5.  They will have to physically contact me in a meeting or something similar (phone and email can be faked on the astral).
If they do they will, have to submit to the 5=6 test, which I am required to do because of my oath.  I am prepared to make it incredibly easy.  All they have to do is tell me the current password for the Aeon of theMagical Order of the Aurora Aurea and give me the grade signs for the MOAA 7=4. While this would be difficult for a mortal, it should be jolly easy for a Secret Chief.
If they do show up in the appointed period of time, then I will dedicate the rest of my magical life building the concept of physical chiefs into anything I teach or write about.   I will also tell everyone I talk to within the Golden Dawn community that their concept of secret chiefs was wrong and that they have to factor in the idea of physical ones.  If they want to assume some degree of responsibly over the work of the Magical Order of Aura Aurea then it would be irresponsible of me to not let them have some say.
If no one shows up, and face it they should know where I live, or at the very least phone me for an appointment, then I will assume that the status quo on secret chiefs exists.
So if your Order happens to have a physical secret chief, and you have been telling your members that you are somehow superior because you have secret chiefs as contacts, this is your chance to prove it to your members with an independent witness.  After all you don’t want to try and create sheep, who rely on faith in you alone.  You want to create magicians who believe in truth.   So get on the phone to your secret chief now and get them to take part in this experiment.
You can trust in my discretion that I will not name them, unless they fail to come up with the correct password and grade signs of course.
Either way taking part in my experiment will reveal ONCE and for ALL if secret chiefs exist or not.  This is an important experiment which has not been attempted since Helena Blavatsky invented the modern idea of secret chiefs.  I am completely sincere about it all and I will be watching closely just in case some street bum slips me the password in conversation and does the grade signs before walking away.  


  1. Or I got it from the original Aurora Aurea scroll which was found by Caesar Augustus when he visited Alexandra and founded the original order on the Palatine Hill. But the secret chiefs will know that.

  2. Anonymous

    You look like a kid who want to stay during the whole 25 December night to met Santa Claus and expect to get the gift you asked yours parents.
    Secrets chief :
    – don’t show themselves,
    – don’t give theirs gifts to kids
    – if they give one, they give it to someone who can understand it.

    The only way you can obtain these gifts is to behave as an adult and do your Great Work…
    And having faith is an important point of the Great Work.

    1. Faith…. yes. “Blind Faith” no.

      Apply antimony to your faith, does it hold true?
      Does the faith you hold prove to be of the Gold standard to which you have committed your Work?

      If it is Gold and tests true, then it should be retained in order to find the Solvent and Elixir.
      If it proves to be more of a Fools Gold, then it is impure and must be removed…by repeated cycles of crushing crystalised ores, intense heat, and strong acids if necessary. As the major component of the Work is to remove the impure and unnecessary, not to add a patina of fantasy.

      True faith never fears testing.

    2. The whole point of Alchemy is the experiment. If you have the “true faith” you are describing, there is no need to do the experiment, you just have to accept that a secret chief or a master has told you what took place on Faith.

  3. Faith is not part of the magical tradition. If we were all sitting waiting for a good father figure to distribute blessings and knowledge we would not be doing magic at all. The magical path is about finding knowledge and constantly testing existing information against reality. Over the years I have accepted or rejected a lot of information based on trying it and testing it to prove the validity of it according to my own experience. To me that is what the Great Work is all about. Now if you want a universe where you get told what to think, and have to believe what you are told, by all means go ahead. I had enough of that when I was a teen fundamentalist christian. There can be no escape clause for a secret chief. If the stories are true, then they have been remarkably uneven in the distribution of their “gifts” and given them to some jolly unlikely candidates. Anyway the proof of their existence would be just a primary magical truth then it needs to be established and verified. It needs to be built into the philosophy of all magical orders so that people know “I cannot waste my time teaching or training people because I do not have contact with a secret chief.” I am not asking for them to give me any secret information (unless they really want to) so I am asking them for nothing. Just to confirm their existence by providing me with my own order’s password and the 7=4 signs. If they cannot do that then we are talking about asking some of the best occult minds to accept the existence of Santa Claus by faith. In which case they might as well stay in the church of their religion.

  4. “I slept with faith and found a corpse in my arms on awakening; I drank and danced all night with doubt and found her a virgin in the morning.”
    A. Crowley

    That said, I think there is a place in all Spiritual Work for Faith, but it must be “Faith based on Understanding”, not “Blind Faith”. Faith based on Understanding is where after doubting as much as you can, testing a hypothesis as much as you can, and, finding that all evidence available appears to be pointing you in a certain direction, towards certain “facts”, then you have to (for the sake of avoiding stagnation), put trust/faith in a plan of action, God/Goddess/Universe, Archangel or whatever and trust that the plan of action will work in your favour and you will be guided to next step you need to take. This kind of faith comes after a long period of systematic doubting, questioning, research and experiment. On the other hand, the other type of faith (blind faith) is simply believing whatever you are told without even questioning it, or believing in what is comfortable for you or strokes your ego. The problem, of course, is that a belief in a physically-present Secret Chief so often appears to be based on the latter type of faith and not the former. I think I can feel a blog article coming on!

  5. Anonymous

    Didn’t Mathers refer to devoting himself to a “blind and unreasoning obedience” to the “secret chiefs”? It was the perfectly reasonable refusal of the GD’s adepti to submit themselves in turn to the same “blind and unreasoning obedience” to Mathers that sparked a revolt. Blind faith is for the gullible.
    Anyway, the problem with the idea of physical “secret chiefs” is that they are simply people, and therefore imperfect. I’m reminded of Pierre Plantard and his Prieuré de Sion. I’ve seen many instances of “adepts” who claim exalted grades and seem blissfully unaware of – or rejoice in – their character flaws. It would come as no surprise if such “adepts” choose to subordinate themselves, and their orders, to other people with superficially better knowledge who are prepared to pander to them. But they are still just subordinating themselves to other people.

  6. I’ve met people, a few who have claimed to have met “the secret chiefs”. When I asked if I could come along some said yes, others looked at me if I had just murdered their teddy bear. Still haven’t met “The Secret Chiefs”. Maybe I have & just don’t know it because if I did they would no longer be “The Secret Chiefs” but only “The Chiefs”.

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