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13 thoughts on “Its snowing in Rome

  1. If it just started, you are lucky. We are a bit further north (Zurich) and have snow for weeks now. And the brown mushy wet stuff refuses to go away…. not funny

  2. It’s definitely a sign of the End of Days, Nick. Go tell the Pope πŸ˜‰


    Reread what he wrote:

    “I really hate snow after bulgaria”

    He didn’t say what you’re suggesting.


  3. After living in Bulgaria for six years I really hate snow… It snows a lot in Sofia in Winter (-16 degrees) and any love affair I might have had with Snow is long gone. Bulgaria as a place was fine (so long as it didn’t snow πŸ™‚ ).

  4. Hi Nick. What was you doing in Bulgaria? 6 years is a long period!? I see you haven`t been in Sweden, here it`s a real deal when it comes to snow, a lot of snow….

  5. wow nick, do you really believe in those things? magic, talismans,tarot………
    i am a christian, loving my lord Jesus. You should believe in Jesus !

  6. I said i am sorry. we are all sinners.But. you know there is always a But. We dont need to stay there. There is hope for us. There is mercy and love.

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