The Magic of the Angels
The Magic of the Angels

The Magic of the Angels

I have been out of things for a while I concentrated on my latest book The  Shem Grimoire.  The book is exactly what it says on the tin.  It is a collection of my Kabbalistic notes and essays on invoking the 72 Shem Angels.   It is a process that I started to investigate several years ago and built up momentum until it started teaching me more about Tarot and the angels.
This book was compiled from my notes and diaries and so is not exactly orthodox.  It uses the Golden Dawn system of magic in its highest aspects and includes papers on consecrating tools for this particular work.
What I found interesting was that besides requiring me to tinker with the Tarot system, the Shem Angels suggested that they were the key to not only understanding your chart but how to work with it to be who you are supposed to be.
The Shem system I worked on says that the 12 areas of your life are controlled by 12 Shem guardians.  Understanding those areas of your life involves talking to them. In addition, while your life is under the authority of the seven main planetary spirits these are specialised according to the deans of your chart and have unique angels appointed to them.
This could mean some big changes for personal rituals as it is possible to get into the details of why some rituals work and some don’t  and to talk to the beings that are making sure that it does (or doesn’t).
This book has burnt me out and I am not going to do any more for a while.  There is a lot in it and it is a really serious book.  It is 333 pages and on a larger format than I normally use.  I think on that basis it is the largest book I have ever written It is packed full of diagrams, sigils and woodcuts.  This is mostly because I always wanted to create a magic book (of the sort you see on Buffy).
I have released it as a limited edition hardback and there will only be 200 made.  Many people have said that they want it and I have sent out a couple of copies for reviews.  It will be my last one for a while, I also have been thinking if this will be my last “practical” Golden Dawn book as I am more and more moving from that system.